at she couldn’t get anything done until Marin came to call her.


 Originally, Yulan did not visit Violette every day.
He may have visited more often, but even so, he had his own social relationships.
Violette has never heard Yulan talk about his interaction with other nobles, but it was easy to imagine how fluent he would be with them, considering his communication skills.

 During the test time, Violette was next to him almost every day, but once the test was over, things weren’t the same as before.

 Violette never imagined that she would feel so much relief and so much awkwardness about it until …… yesterday.


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 The sighs that overflowed from her mouth were unexpectedly loud, but Violette is the only one in this place right now.

  The gazebo, where Violette is sitting is always chilly because of the lack of sunlight, and many people do not know it exists because it is not easily seen by others.
Above all, the gazebo itself is beautiful, but the surrounding area is left natural.
The landscaping is well maintained and beautiful from afar, but the atmosphere is not one that one would want to get too close to.

 Violette didn’t want to think of it as a way to avoid Yulan, but she couldn’t deny that when she chooses a place that is not popular and she doesn’t usually use herself, because she wanted to avoid others.

 Now, she just wanted to be alone and sort out these feelings.

 Guilt and self-loathing.
Two things she had felt many times before, but this time, these feelings are more suffocating than usual.

(…… There’s no such thing as a solution.)

 In the first place, it’s not that something happened.
It’s just that she noticed something sprouting inside of her, and she became discouraged on her own.
The only way to solve this problem for Violette was to take care of it.

 The only thing she could do was to avoid Yulan, even if she was wrong,…….

“You’ve been a little too lenient,…….”

 The smile of self-mockery that unintentionally leaked out drifted in the empty space.
The sky was blocked by the white ceiling, but Violette could still see the sky.

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 The wind that ruffled the trees was a little cold, and the sun was slightly hidden from view because of the white clouds, making the sunlight dimmer than usual.

 It was like a prison somewhere.

 Violette could still remember her time in prison.
The wishes and regrets that she vowed to keep that day are all etched in her heart and will never fade away.

 But it’s still not enough.
Her resolve was still weak.
Greed was outpouring from her heart again, and it will not disappear so easily.
That is why she must strengthen her resolve to control it.

 Violette is sure that she isn’t under any illusion where the world changes with a blink of an eye or with a single breath.
Because just how feelings change, they can easily drift away, too.
If you still want to cherish it, you have to cling to it desperately.

 She couldn’t let this feeling, this greed, hurt her, again.

(I’ll do my best.
…… I promise)

 Violette would control it, her greed, her expectations.
She will make it disappear.
Someday, somehow, she will make it disappear.

 She swore, clenching her fist firmly and pretended she didn’t notice the slight sadness that was growing in her heart.


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