I’ll teach you chemistry

Beauty without brains


He leaned into my ear tickling me by his sensual breaths. I don know why that happened. But all of a sudden as flames of burning desires controlled me, I found myself lost in between his warm touches. I had asked him to give me his worst ever. I was always tired of being the third party whenever he asked me to hang out with his one or two week girlfriends. I kept telling myself that it was over between us but offered myself again whenever he came begging on his knees.

Tonight, I was a little tipsy from the wine I had taken earlier at Livias baby shower. She was expecting my brothers child and my parents wanted the best for their first grandson.


I couldn say no…I lifted her up bridal style between my arms and rushed back to my room, locking the door so that my mom couldn get to barge in unannounced. I placed her gently on the bed since she was still drunk.

She pried my body sensually then beckoned her thin fingers to me. ”Come here Squishy, show me your worst. ”

I coughed and scrutinized her body slowly from her toes to dark brown curly hair while she was taking off her dress. I swallowed nervously almost breathlessly as I hovered over her. I stroked her lips roughly in a very passionate but aggressive way as if I was munching a mango.

She sucked for air, pushing me slightly and I pulled back, my breath hitching without taking my eyes off her.

She playfully pushed her small mounds together tempting me. Her pink nipples were now perky and pointy. She didn really have to pull strings to arouse me, my junk was already forming a bulge down in my pants painfully.

She challenged me with a grin, ”thats your worst? I thought the famous ** boy breaks the bed… ”

I don know if it was the wine spiking her up because she had never said such words to me before. All our love making before was slow, steady and sure because I wasn ready to commit myself into a relationship with her or anyone.

I swayed my head right and left and asked her, ”What exactly do you want Gigi? ”

She moved her fingers to my neck slowly yet in tickling and seductively in circles to my chest and whispered, ” I want what you give those silly girls…show me what you really like in s*x. ”

I rubbed my chin and caressed my throbbing temples confusedly wondering what I should do with her. I stared at her and my eyes landed down her ass but I snapped that idea. I didn want her to hate me because when it came to her, I wanted to be gentle as possible. I have been pondering on what I have been feeling for her for the past one year but one thing was certain, I couldn bear losing her to another guy.

She suddenly chuckled and snapped her fingers saying, ”busted! You like ass ** huh? I got you. ”

I was quick to deny and she couldn let me off the hook that easily. I didn want to give her my worst. She won be able to handle the pain because she knew nothing about weird and abnormal sexual desires.

She pulled me aside and arched her ass for me to grind her. I was just standing there with half a knee on the edge of the vast bed. With her already in position, I couldn stop myself from touching her ass and let my monster pump into her.

”Please, Chevy, give it to me…I want it…so badly. ” She moaned helplessly.

Suddenly I heard the breaking and crashing of something like a glass downstairs and I covered her with the quilt. I pulled my pants up and went for the door walking out.

Getting downstairs, I cover my eyes out of embarrassment because mom was naked with a man on top of her on the kitchen table. I turned around and went upstairs.


I heard the door squeak and pretended to have fallen asleep. I saw him move to pick an extra pillow from the bed then walked out closing the door silently. He wasn ready to give all of himself to me and that crushed me inside. I felt agitated that even in my drunken state, he couldn dare give me the s*x I yearned for.

Maybe it was time to rewind everything from where it began.

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