I’ll teach you chemistry

His hands around my waist


”Gigi! Whats taking you so long to get down! You
e going to be late for school again! ” Mom yelled from downstairs.

”Just a sec! ” I responded while fixing the collar of my school shirt. I had woken up late again after long hours of staying awake solving chemical equations. I really had a rough time connecting and catching up with the rest of my classmates. The class clowns couldn wait for a chance to offend me whenever I failed the chemistry test, calling me eauty without brains.

I picked up my satchel from the bedside table and walked out of my untidy room. Everyone was having breakfast and I didn see the need to join them. I picked an apple from the bowl and was about to walk out when Dad called me back.

”Im taking you to school today. ” It was final. He got up, put on his jacket and we both walked out of the house.

I thought of protesting but now that my chemistry was at the verge of messing up my other grades, the best thing to do was to shut up and follow Dad. He yanked the door of his truck open waiting for me to jump in. I didn like his truck, while my fellow classmates drove Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti and SUV brands to school, I was the only one commuting or stuck in my Dads old truck.

”The reason why Im taking you to school is that I need to talk to your chemistry teacher. ”

”What exactly are you aiming at Dad! ” I almost squealed.

”You need a tutor and I was hoping your teacher would get me a good one. ” He said confidently and I hated the fact that everyone in my family was ganging up on me. They only saw me as a stubborn mule, a useless brat for the record.

”You know that isn necessary. What will happen with the house expenses? Were you not planning to sell part of the ranch to Jordan? ”

”Were you eavesdropping on our conversation earlier? ” His pupils dilated for a split second wondering how I came to know about his struggles to fend for the entire family.

Paying my levies provided that I had enrolled in the most expensive private high school, was really a burden to him and he found it hard to tell me. My two brothers were jobless and there was a baby on the way….Jeez! There was a lot at stake.

”Dad, lets cut the chase, I know that we
e running out of cash and getting a Chemistry tutor won solve anything. ” I persuaded him and he sighed heavily perhaps letting it slide.

As his truck pulled over at the reserved parking lot for students, I stepped out biding him goodbye as he pulled away immediately. I turned around to leave and saw Jax, the bully with some other guys.

”Hey! Tell your so called Dad that wretched trucks aren allowed in school! ” He mocked as the others laughed, making fun of me. As if that wasn enough, I bumped into Harper and the papers she was carrying in her hands flew away.

”B*itch! What are you waiting for, fly and get them! ” She snapped her long polished fingers.

Harper was Chevys girlfriend, the cute guy in school but a vain playboy. Since the wind was so strong, the papers flew to the flower beds and I tried my best to pick them up. It was hectic and Harper was pissed off when I took so long to get them. I stuck my hand carefully into the thorny flowers to grab the remaining papers. I closed my eyes feeling the thorns bruising and piercing my hand until someone pulled me aside and got the papers.

Looking up, a pair of ocean blue eyes were shooting daggers at mine. It was Chevy. I quickly stood up and took the papers from his hand while gritting my teeth, I don certainly need your help! ”

I knew the games guys like him played, he pretended to offer his help so that hed watch me later getting a scolding from his little b*itch. He would try and flirt with another girl and Harper would smack the lasss face and accuse her of seducing him. I wasn going to fall for his tricks and he didn deserve even a little bit of respect from me.

”Hey, your hand is bleeding. Cmon, lets get it cleaned up. ” Harper pulled Chevy away but he pushed her and left on his own.

”Im not done with you! ” She grabbed her papers back and tried to catch up with Chevy.

”The show is over! ” I shrilled when prying eyes couldn stop staring at me perhaps pitying me. Well, I didn give a damn about any of them. They knew nothing about my **ing life.

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