After school, I hanged out with Blade and Ace at our usual club and ended up getting home with a stranger in my arms. She was beautiful but Gigi was the most beautiful girl in the world. Nothing and no one could match up to her. I know she hated me but if only I could get her to like me even if its just for s*x, I was willing to woo her.

I didn want her to get suspended so I promised to give Harper a good orgasm so that shed let the matter slide. She agreed without giving it a second thought and I knew there was nothing special between us other than those cummings she nagged me to give her. She called me earlier reminding me to meet her at our usual spot but I didn bother to, tonight I felt like seeing my boys and have a great time. Harper was becoming more annoying especially to Gigi, a girl who I couldn get out of my mind.

Even with that alcohol haze, Gigi was controlling my mind for a moment I thought the girl in front of me was her. I could imagine Gigi telling me to be gentle since it was her first time. Looking at the fragile girl standing in front of me, she was sure but I could tell that she was scared, was it her first time?

e trembling, ” I whispered softly. I lifted her hands and noticed that, indeed they were trembling. I took one of her hands into mine and kissed her palm. She moaned a little, surprised by the sensation. I chuckled lightly because I could make any girl go crazy, like father, like son. My father had cheated on my mom several times and every woman he had slept with couldn complain because he had forbidden skills in bed. I guess I took after him. The way girls were throwing themselves at me, I couldn resist but give it a shot, some could even come back for more and I gave them my all. This was one side I hated even though I screwed many girls.

That one touch was already making her horny and she bit her lower lip inviting me to munch her hot lips. The alcohol buzz had worn off long time ago and now I wanted to be in control.

”I plan to do a whole lot of things to you, princess. And trust me, youll like everything I do to you. ”

I licked her earlobes and her breath became haggard. I kissed her and she opened her mouth involuntarily and I took that opportunity to slide my tongue into her mouth. She moaned as I sucked her bottom lip, then bit it slightly, giving the pleasure a tinge slight of pain. ”You taste so good. ” I rasped then trailed down her neck and kissed her collarbone.

I knew every girls sweet spot and so I sucked her nape and she let out a loud gasp. ”Do that again, ” she whispered shakily and I was surprised at how brazen she was becoming.

”Your wish is my command princess. ” I assured her. I sucked on that spot again and she whimpered softly and placed her hands on my broad shoulders to keep her balance. I kissed her neck then moved to her collarbone placing small kisses all over her chest. I was done with foreplay and now I wanted to explore her inner thighs. I didn need permission from her because she pulled down her dress, exposing her bra-clad boobs. I pulled down the bra and gasped, ”My God, you have such beautiful tits. Her chest was heaving and I generously held her breasts in my hands, bent my head and sucked her nipples. I could see her hands move to my broad chest , touching the small part that was exposed tentatively.

”Don be shy, touch me. ” I encouraged her.

She started unbuttoning my shirt slowly. She touched my nipple with her finger and I let out a groan. It wasn enough, she couldn make me feel like a man who I was soon becoming. I wanted her to do more than that, render me helpless perhaps. Thats what I liked, being the king of groans and moans and I loved orgasm, spilling my semen on every girls tummy.

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