”Emily, I am not singing at the school festival. ” Like every other day at school, Emily decided to try to persuade me to go to that stupid school festival held near the end of the year.

”But your so good at singing! Cmon. ”

Ugh…shes so persistent.

”My aunt wouldn let me anyways, plus I need to do well on my exams you Chihuahua. ”

Maybe that was too much, but honestly, she yaps so much for a dog, she must be.

”Fine. ” Must she always give this pout every. Single. Day.

”Uff ” **, whod I run into… please don be

Josh Keep

I might as well slip away now but-

”Hey! Don just walk away! ”

As much as I hate him, he has looks. And definitely some firepower. Last year he beat a kid black and blue because they cleaned their glasses after looking at them.

So, as per usual, not wanting to get beat, I scrammed. Blurring out Joshs words, which I realize aren as aggressive as I thought.

”Well talk later Emily! ” Maybe.

However, I think shes already begun praying.

However, I forgot that Josh has much longer legs than me, with two strides his hands have already wrapped around my chest, making me have to completely stop.

God please get me out of this, haven I suffered enough?!

Apparently not, I could tell just by Joshs sigh he wasn done. Is it so bad though, hes so muscular, his hands feel like iron feathers, smooth and soft, yet it had weight.

As I looked up I could see his perfect jaw line, those dark green eyes could just swallow me whole.

Shit! Hes staring back!?

”Gulp-umm J-josh? Can we perhaps have a conversation about this? ”

Yes. A conversation with this handsome brute would be a miracle.


(Joshs prospective)

”See you at practice kiddo! ”

Coach Trey…. Never calls anyone by their name, hes really pissing me off lately.

Todays started off shitty, I can find David and Im beginning to think he hasn come. I need something. No, someone to make me relaxed.

But I can find Ash anywhere…whered that wolf run off to.

However, it seems life wants me to suffer.

A kid, probably about 57 crashed into my shoulder, stopping my thoughts.

Ugh… I just want to see the solution to my problems, whats so wrong with wanting something so good?

Waiting for the kid to apologize, I notice hes ge

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