(Ashs POV)

After having avoided the two jocks all day, I was exhausted but the bus doesn wait.

However, it seems I miscalculated.

Walking into the bus I greet the driver with a subtle nod, and begin to walk myself to the back.

Why the back? Because theres a one seater, meaning Emily can sit next to me.

Yet before I could lumber my way over, a tight embrace sent me crashing into a nearby seat. That is if David hadn pulled my head up from kissing the seat.

”Davi- ”

”Are you avoiding us? ” I didn realize till now that Josh was next to David, meaning I had to sit in between them if I don escape this scenario.

”N… ” I spoke nervously, slightly biting my bottom lip.

It seems my original up and leave wasn an option, as David had already buckled me in, staring intently waiting for an answer.

”No. Fine, yes. ” With the former a glare from Josh I spoke truthfully.

”Why, was it something I said babe? ” David whispered, his warm breath caressing my ear.

”Stop calling me that, my names Ash. ” I pouted, I can figure out why hes calling me babe.


(Josh POV)

I had just been trying to talk to Ash this whole time but he was evading me like I was a tax. So when David pulled him in between us I was happy, but nervous.

He tried to say he wasn avoided us but one look and his cards fell.

His pout from Davids ”babe ” remark was significantly enjoyable, teasing him is fun ok?

But my heart won stop pounding.

Why? Oh just because I want to ask him if hell attend the school festival.

Which happened to be the day his birthday is. Bye readers!

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