I was found

We meet again.

”Where are my **ing goods ??!! ”The words echoed in Gwens ears.Two buffed men stepped in to the room.They seemed to be guards or something.She wasn scared , she just didn want to let Bain down but now shed done it and she had no freaking idea how she did it.She was able to get out of her trance just in time.One of the guards was headed towards her.She pulled out her pistol.Luckily she always carried it. She pointed it at him and he froze. Mr.Frinee raised his brow.

”Ms.Gwen,should I take it as a message from Bain ? It seems we are no longer on good terms. ” his slim lips stretched into a crooked smirk .

Gwen swallowed. She couldn create enemies for Bain. ”Give me some time. Ill get the goods. Someone may have taken them. ”

A long silence followed .Mr.Frinee took a deep sigh. He lifted his fat fingers and signaled a two. ”You have two days.And Im being extremely lenient. ”

Gwen lowered her pistol. She nodded and Left the room . Where did she go wrong?How did she go wrong? Shed never gone wrong in any deal no matter how difficult.She stood outside the hotel . She was exhausted from all the thinking.She squatted and slowed her racing heart.God!! 2.5 **ing million.

”What the hell am I- ” something caught her eye .It was the blue eyed punk she met. He was getting in to an extravagant car and what was that in his hands? A black briefcase !! It was directly identical to the one she had.Then it hit her.The argument,the dropping of the briefcase! Was it all intentional? Maybe he was working for one of the other gang leaders? She quickly ran to the car.

”Hey!!!.Hey!!! Stop!! ” She screamed her loudest but she was left in the dust. He drove away.

”What happened? ” Bain spoke through clenched teeth. He glared at her . She looked into his eyes.He looked more disappointed than angry.She felt horrible.She owed Bain so much.She still remembered when her Dad had that accident. He died . Her mom lost an eye but most importantly she lost half if her heart when her husband died. She was in a comma for six months after that. Gwen had to care for Louis . Bain was there when she needed help the most. She started off with small deals like drugs and guns . Soon she was tagging along for meetings and even got involved in some shoot outs.Now she was as good as Bains right hand.The money she got was dirty but it was still money.She was able to buy an apartment, get a car and never let her family lack anything. No matter how hard things got she always put Bain first and she never wanted to let him down. ” Give me two days. Ill have your goods. I swear. ” Gwen fixed her gaze lower so he couldn see the tears in her eyes.He touched her chin and raised her face.He stared deep in to her eyes .

”I won lie that Im not disappointed,but Ill never get angry at you .Its coz you
e special to me. ” He pushed back and took out his gun.He placed it in her hands. ”I just want to keep you safe .Im afraid this is a move y our enemies to turn Mr.Frinee against us. So keep sharp and tell me if you need help. ” He wiped a tear that had escaped her eyes.

Gwen turned to leave but she stopped in her tracks. ”Im sorry . ”Then she left.Bain kept looking at the door even after she left.

”Honey ,you look tired. Whats the matter? ”Marylynne asked her daughter .She always noticed when she was tensed but she didn like getting involved in her daughters business.When and if she wanted to open up then shed listen.

”Its nothing. I just had an awful day.I just need a hug. ”Gwen settled in between her moms arms. ” This is all I need. ” Gwen glanced at the clock. ”Where is this little punk? ” Almost like he sensed it, Louis came in.All eyes were fixed in him.He lifted his shoulders.

”Whats up? ”he asked. He kissed Marylynne and fist bumped Gwen. Hed grown a lot.Gwen and Marylynne knew this .He was at a sensitive age, senior in high school. So they tried their best not to rile him up .Gwen couldn count the number of times she wanted to put a bullet through his head. Speaking of bullets , she only had two days or shed be filled with bullets. It was a Wednesday,she only had till Friday night to get the goods back and she had no idea where to find that blue eyed idiot.

”Hows this? ”Leo held up the portrait hed just drawn.Gwen tilted her head and squinted a bit.She had asked Leo,her close friend, to help her sketch the blue eyes idiot.Leo wasn that good but he did have a knack for drawing.

”It looks like him when I look at it from this angle. she always cheered him on long since their high school days. ”I just need you to help me stick this everywhere once Im done copying it. Im gonna ask some if the guys to scan the surrounding areas fir him. ” she lifted the picture and squinted harder. ”He won escape me. ”

”Stick some over there! ”Gwen told Leo. ”Anything for you love.Leo winked playfully. Gwens hand ached from sticking posters .It felt like she was looking for a missing puppy. Argghh…How she wanted to stab this guy in the face! Leo noticed her agitated face and placed his hands on her shoulder. He gently massaged her .She closed her eyes .It felt nice.She found herself smiling . ” Better? ”

” Yes.Have you ever considered working in a spa? Youve got the looks and all . ”Gwen joked. She sighed and opened her eyes. Her hazel eyes looked up to the sky.It was pretty. She turned to Leo. ”Youd be a hit with the ladies. ”

” Well Ive got eyes for one lucky lady. Shes all I think about .Everyday, all day. ”His eyes locked with hers.His gaze fell on her lips.His mouth went dry. His heart was beating so fast.He leaned in .He could smell her scent.She smelled like lilies and spices.He couldn stop himself yet he knew he should.

Gwen tensed. Shed always known about Leos feelings for her. She always felt like the villan. She never told him no .She never told him yes . She felt like she was just dragging him along. She hated the fact that she had a hard time opening up and she didn want to lead him on.Leo leaned in and his intentions were clear.Gwen quickly moved to avoid his kiss. Leo breathed . He realized that he was holding his breath. What was wrong with him? Was he going to kiss her? He let out a chuckle and winked at her ” Look,I have no control over my body now. ” He teased. Gwen could tell he was hurt but she didn know what to do.

”Leo …..I….. ” her face went from calm to dead serious. ” Blue eyed freak! ” She ran off leaving Leo all alone . He smiled.

” Ill wait…Ill always wait for you. ”

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