I weep and i still do

First love and affection part 2

My heart belonged to her at the first moment I peeped at her yet I was unable to describe my feelings.

I was such a pain in the ass and she was the one who didn complain she didn even once say to stop.

I started loving her more for that but something goes cruel every time the more you are closer to the door of happiness the more it goes away my case was same this time.

After marriage I started cross dressing and started meeting her everyday helping her in her studies and sometime had sex.

My first time with her was a cruel one she was unable to take a single breathe yet I thought in my mind she is a lowly bitch as I was in love but I was unaware of this feeling and secondly she was the bad one in my eyes as she spread rumors.

Jenny Wilson soon became Jenny Karl my wife. My name is Karl Bronze. I started to know her as the first week of our marriage started to end.

It was Saturday morning when I went to pick her up she was having breakfast with her family and I rung the bell at their door her father opened the door and I entered inside when I entered inside their home she looked at me and blushed.

I sat on the sofa in the living room of their apartment her father served me a glass of juice while I was drinking juice her father asked who am I? And why am I in their home? I guess she didn explain anything to her family so I did that job for her and make it easy for her.

Her father looked not like that sort of person who was against love he believed my every word which was lie at that time and he accepted our marriage.

While I was doing what she didn she was continuously glancing at me. I knew but I ignored her then suddenly she got up and went back to her room and I followed her saying I will help her in picking her stuff.

As I entered her room I think so Jen got scared due to my sudden entrance in her room because she jumped up in air and when she turned she was looking pale and suddenly said what are you doing here?

I said I came to help you and she said she don need help. Suddenly she said is it enough by showing me her luggage I said there is no need for this much just come with me and pick up necessary stuff.

She was too much angry she said first you scared me and while you were watching me pack up stuff why didn you stop me?

She commanded me to unpack her luggage and put everything back in the closet it was also the first time someone gave me an ordered me and I fulfilled it like I was meant to serve her.

After packing her necessary stuff I got closed to her and kissed her she slapped me on my arm and then I said lets go and her reply was ok.

We got out of her room and her father asked us it is too less stuff you are taking with yourself. I told him she don need to take a lot because in my home everything is present and I don want my wife to get tired while packing and un packing.

Her mother laughed and said young people now a days do care for their wives honey let them go and after that we left their apartment in the lift she was continuously looking at the lift door and then we got out of lift and hopped in my car driver started the engine started driving and stopped at the door of my villa we entered the villa and as she came to our home for the first time I was happy and it was a very memorial day for me.

My good looking and cute wife after entering my home and after watching my all family hid behind me like a little bunny and I felt like I am her armor yet it felt so good, that was the first time I felt I have to save her.

I took her and left leading to our room she was looking at me with eyes full of tears and sobbed a little and I felt comfortable.

For the first time I get to know I want Jen I called Jenny as Jen as I nick named her and there I get to know I truly love her and I won let go of her.

When we entered our room she peeped at me like a little baby wanting something from mommy hahahahahaha that was really funny seen she was so cute back then.

I helped her to get dressed according to our household rules and we got out of room with wide smiles. I also gave her the knowledge of how she will spend her time at my home and she understood it all.

We sat with our family and started having dinner while having dinner she suddenly got blushed fully like her both cheeks and ears were burning red it made me horny but I controlled my will of having sex with her right at that time some how.

We had our dinner and had dessert after dinner. After dinner every one gave her gifts as she was newly wed of elder son of the Bronze household.

She said thanks to everyone we greeted all our family members and than we went back to our room.

When I gave her the gift she said theres no need and I still gave her my gift by saying I am your husband its your right and she laughed for the first time for me and accepted my gift.

We had a pleasant night and she was happy the next morning. As for me I was too much happy I think so if I went back in time and I peep at myself I wouldve said I am sparkling.

We went for jog and after jogging I went to exercise room for more workout, when I came back she already took a bath and I started teasing her to point that my all sweat fell on her body and she had no other choice but to take bath with me she entered with me to the bathroom and we had bath together, after getting dressed I kissed her and confessed my love but she remained silent.

Her silence was eating me but I changed the subject as soon as possible I took her with me so we can go on a picnic and it all went well.

When we came back, she was happy we had our dinner outside so we sat with our family for having chit-chat and we talked about several things and how was our day and what we did etc.

Mom was happy that her daughter in law is happy and then my cute Jen sneezed and I got worried that may be she caught the cold I told everyone that we are going back to our room and I took her with me and she was too much tired that she fell down asleep when I was carrying her back to our room.

The next morning as we woke up she said lets go for a jog and after jogging I again went for workout when I came back she already took bath again but last night because she sneezed a lot so I didn teased her I told her to get dressed so I can take her back to her home.

I entered the bathroom and so I can take a shower when I took shower and wiped my body with towel after shower meanwhile when I was taking bath she fainted and fell down on the floor after entering the room I found her on the floor and took her in my embrace then I laid her down on our bed.

Her face was as yellow as lemon I was scared to death, when I was going to call the doctor she woke up with inhaling a huge breath I hugged her as soon as she opened her eyes.

I asked her that should I call the doctor and she said no that, that point was my great mistake if I called a doctor that day may be I wouldve saved her. I said ok to her and we left the room as it was Monday morning everyone was in a hurry we all had a breakfast together. I told her to hurry up and she said I am done. She greeted everyone and said good bye to everyone after taking her stuff I told her to leave her stuff here in my home except for her cellphone.

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