I weep and i still do

First love and affection part 3

She suddenly questioned me why? I said next week you will come here again so you will again take these she said yes by glaring at me and I because of fear said ok.

The fear in my heart was not because I was scared of her but I was scared that she might get sad from me.

I took her to her apartment first and she put her stuff back she took her college bag and books without talking to anyone her father told her Jenny are these your manners that you will not even say hello to any of us?

Did money make you feel proud that… she suddenly said no papa I am in a hurry I am getting late for college I am sorry and she hugged her father.

Her father said next time if you are in hurry still you have to greet everyone.

I greeted her parents and they asked firstly did Jenny showed any bad manners if she did we are sorry I was so much shocked and said no need to apologize she is my wife and if she do something bad I will cover up for her.

However she is an adult she didn act badly and also everyone felt happy that they get to know Jen.

After chatting I asked for permission of leaving their home and they said you may take your leave. We got out and went straight to our college.

I kissed her on forehead at the main gate of our college and I said meet you in a while.

She didn respond and left. After leaving her I went to my own destination. But before leaving I had a talk with our college dean and I told him to give me proper report of how Jenny act all day and what she do? And also I told him to do me a favor of increasing security around Jenny as I was scared that someone may hurt her.

From the dean I get to know the rumor about me wooing Jenny and me wanting to marry Jenny was actually spread by someone else who felt envious against Jenny therefore they did bad things to her for weeks but Jenny herself was unaware anything about this matter.

It made me so much angry that all this time I was doubting wrong person and I hurt her really bad I felt sorry towards her but I am still thankful that I married her.

Although I didn want to leave her I still had to. It was start of another week after our marriage and me being a cross dresser. My driver picked her up from college and dropped her in front of her home and she was in shock when she saw me standing outside her apartments door.

She asked me what am I doing here so early? I answered why coming here early is a sin ? She laughed while opening the door. She told me not to cross dress because her parents get back home late and her sister comes home with them because she takes classes and she remains alone at home.

I agreed to what she said to me. She giggled and said she is tired so will take a nap first. I was like so what am I here for? I thought that my wife is an ignorant idiot she is ignoring her husband and what was that all wait about that I did so I will meet her?

I entered her room without permission and when I entered I saw a naked body of my wife which was because she was changing clothes.

I was getting all horny and stuff but when she turned she slapped me saying I am a pervert. I said it was just a mistake I didn mean to. Her one slap made me even more willing to do her while she was hiding her body with only a single shirt.

I pulled her nearer to me and kissed her it was a lovely feeling meanwhile she was pushing me away. I grabbed her more tightly and closely to me and threw her on her single bed.

She was looking at me with a confused look and tears in her eye so the fear of her getting sad from me and leaving me made me to help her in getting dressed. I helped her in taking clothes from her cupboard and dressed her up.

After doing so I kissed her again and left her room saying sorry to her. I left in such a hurry that I didn know where am I going? but when I held back my senses I was already inside my company. I was shouting at my manager and she was looking down. I also said sorry to her and said explain the criteria she explained everything in detail and we had a meeting and after meeting I went to the bar and got drunk. While being drunk I don know how I reached back at Jens apartment?

How I entered her room? And also how I had sex with her? In the morning when I woke up I saw her lying next to me with swollen eyes and a lot of hickeys on her body. She woke up after me entering the bathroom. I took a bath directly without any jogging and workout and got dressed when I came out she was weeping while grabbing my handkerchief and was winning about last night watching her weep was only hurting me more.

When I sat next to her she suddenly started trembling saying get out. I stared at her for a while and the thought made me cry that how much I wanted her to be safe and happy the more I hurt her.

I started weeping too and she suddenly stopped she was dumb founded due to a critical moment. She was looking blankly at me and I hugged her saying sorry several times. She hugged me back and said what happened to me last night and why did I not give it a stop and I was doing that things to her which were hurting her and she was stopping me continuously. I said nothing but was crying while keeping my head at her shoulder with guilt.

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