Yang Luoyang took a deep breath and turned to the physician, who was also kneeling on the ground, along with Xiaowei and the Senior Maid, ” You!! Give her strong medicine and make her wake up by tomorrow morning. She needs to attend an important banquet tomorrow. Make sure to wake her up by tomorrow morning. ”

” My Lord, Pardon me for my impudence. However, Her ladys condition is very serious. She needs rest to get well soon and only then will she be able to go anywhere. If it continued like this, she would not be able to attend the banquet tomorrow. ”

” Did I ask for your opinion? I said, do whatever you can and make her wake up by tomorrow morning. She will and she has to attend the banquet tomorrow. Its not an option but a command. ” He said coldly, making the physician shiver in fear.

How can he make her well in just a night? No, he doesn even have a full night anymore, only a few hours to make her wake up from this drowsy, sickly state.

” LORD!! PLEASE SHOW SOME MERCY ON MY LADY. SHE IS VERY SICK. A WHILE AGO, SHE WAS CRYING IN PAIN SO MISERABLY. PLEASE DONT DO THIS TO HER! ” Xiaowei placed her head on the ground and begged the Lord to not make things hard for her lady.

How can she attend the banquet in this condition when she cannot even stand on the ground?

”How dare you!! Do you think you have been spared for your impudence for allowing stranger men to enter the household without anyone knowing? I will deal with you and your lady after the banquet tomorrow. Till then, make sure she will wake up by tomorrow morning and attend the banquet. At any cost! ” He announced, causing the young maid to shiver in panic.

” MY LORD! MY LADY DIDNT DO ANYTHING. YOU CAN PUNISH ME, HOWEVER, MY LADY IS INNOCENT. SHE IS NOT AT FAULT MY LORD. ” Xiaowei rubbed palms in front of him and pleaded to not do any harm to her lady.

Yang Ning is sick and the only thing she did was receive treatment for her sickness. How can he count her accountable for something she didn even do?

Yang Luoyang sneered at Xiaowei for speaking up for Yang Ning, ” She sure knows how to keep useless people by her side. Thats why I never liked her. She is always weak and sickly. How can she take over the name of the Household when she cannot even look after her health? ”

” Go and serve your lady. Dress her up prettily in the morning for the banquet, don let her wear those dull and plain dresses. She is going to be the Crown Princess, she has to look the best among all the ladies tomorrow. ” He said and waved his hand at Xiaowei to stop kneeling on the ground and go away.

Its useless to punish this girl right now. His priority is tomorrows celebration banquet. It was the first time that Yang Ning would attend a banquet as the fiancee of the Crown Prince. Not only that, tomorrow will be the day when Crown Prince and Yang Ning will be seeing each other for the first time.

Of course, she has to look the best among everyone.



After dismissing Xiaowei, who was kneeling on the ground, Yang Luoyang was about to leave the chamber with Chang Ah, when he heard a low and emotionless voice that was almost inaudible.

However, since the room was so eerie silent, the deep voice was enough for him to halt in his steps.

His jaw stiffened in an instant upon hearing such daring words of a man. Who is bold enough to speak to him in such a crude and nonchalant manner?

He is the Head Minister of the Finance Department in the royal court and is soon going to become family with the royal family, which lowly human dares to speak informally to him?

A deep frown appeared on his forehead as his eyes immediately fell on the physician who was on the ground. Who else could challenge his words other than him?

He is the only stranger in the room after all.

”It was not me, My Lord!! NOT ME!! ” The physicians eyes widened in panic as he explained his stance to him. He doesn want his neck to get cut for a crime that he hasn even attempted.

” If not you, then who else is there in the room to stand up against me? ” Yang Luoyang glared at the mere physician and stomped his feet on the floor in rage.

Only if he wasn there to treat his daughter, he would have punished him right away. However, he needed him at the moment to wake up Yang Ning from this sleepy state. Otherwise, how will she attend the banquet tomorrow?

” IT WAS ME! ” Just as the physician was about to cry for being wronged, a man walked out from one of the corners of the room, where he was standing behind the large pillar.

Yang Luoyangs expressions darkened immediately to see another man in the chamber, other than the physician.

This insolent lowly maid. His gaze fell on Xiaowei who was trembling on the ground already.

” Who are you to be standing in my daughters chamber at night? From which family…. ” Yang Luoyang halted in his words as he stared at the fine face of the man.

The man was wearing a royal blue-colored robe that is quite ordinary. But if one looks at it carefully, the material of the outfit doesn seem to be normal among the commoners.

Not only that, his ethereal face was making him puzzled. Are his eyes betraying him? Was he seeing things incorrectly? He wondered.

Why does his face look so similar to….THE CROWN PRINCE?

However, why would the Crown Prince be at his daughters chamber at night?


Xiaowei, who was kneeling on the ground, bit her lower lips hard until they started to bleed, and could feel her doom approaching in front of her bare eyes. Why did this man come out and made things even more difficult for her?

The Lord will not let her go alive after this. He will never forgive her for allowing a stranger into Her Ladys chamber at night when everyone was sleeping. The physician was still forgivable, however, this man is neither a doctor nor is she aware of his identity.

This can cause big trouble for her and Yang Ning.

Its highly inappropriate and the biggest mistake on her part. However, at that time, she was also lost and didn know any good.

How could she have rejected him to enter the household when it was because of him that the physician came along with her? Wouldn that be rude and selfish on her part?

While Xiaowei was expecting a tsunami of emotions and anger, Yang Luoyang didn shout at the stranger as she had expected. Instead, there was complete silence, causing everyone to stop breathing for a moment in the fear of making noise.

No. There is no way that he is the same person. Yang Luoyang was speechless as he squinted his eyes to look at the mans face clearly. Is he mistaking him for someone like him? How can that person be here?

The man who was standing in front of him in ordinary clothes was resembling the Crown Prince. Its been more than three years since he had seen the Crown Prince because he was sent to the southern border to control the rebellion out there and establish peace in the territory.

He had heard that the Crown Prince had been back to attend the banquet that was going to be held tomorrow. However, no one has seen him since his return.

The Celebration Banquet that is supposed to be held tomorrow is not only to celebrate his 25th birthday but also to celebrate his return to the capital in succeeding after establishing the peace and law and order on the southern border of the country as well.

However, even if he is back in the capital, why would that man be at his house? That too at night?

There is no reason for him to be here.

While he was trying to understand if his eyes were playing a prank on him or not, Chang Ah, who was standing next to him was growing impatient to see him silent even after the man was being rude to him. ” How dare you? Why aren you going on your knees in front of the Lord? ”

” Do you hate your life so much? Do you want to die? ” She threatened the man who wasn showing any emotions of fear or remorse in front of Yang Luoyang. In her whole life until now, she hasn seen a man talking back to her husband even once.

His prowess and charisma were enough to make anyone go mum in front of him. Because he is not just a Minister in the royal court, but a man with power and royal support.

Who is this mysterious man who is standing high and confident in front of her husband and not lowering his eyes?

The man who was standing there tall and confident glanced at Chang Ah momentarily and smirked to see her shouting at him like a madwoman.

However, rather than saying anything to her, the man casually crossed his arms in front of his chest and stood there lazily.

He turned to Yang Luoyang who was standing still and confused. ” Hmm…Thats interesting. Minister Yang, Do you want me to kneel in front of you that much? THE CROWN PRINCE OF THIS COUNTRY? HUH? ”

Everyone: ”… ”

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