” So….you
e telling me that my name is not Fang Li but Yang Ning? And I am the eldest daughter of the Lord Yang Luoyang who works at the royal court as a Minister, right? ” Fang Li recalled the information that Xiaowei told her to make her remember the memories that she might have lost because of the high fever.

” Yes. And I am your personal maid, Xiaowei. Do you remember everything now? ” The young maid asked while staring at her with her expecting-curious eyes.

” Ha….Ha….Hahaha!! What nonsense is this? You….You guys are playing a prank on me, right? ”

Xiaowei was startled when her miss suddenly started to laugh hysterically, causing her to shiver in fear. ” Miss, why are you acting like this? You
e scaring me now. ” The young maid trembled in fear. Did she really get possessed by the evil male ghost?

” Who is scaring WHO? Why are you crying? I should be the one crying. Because I can see my life turning upside down in front of my bare eyes. ” Fang Li shook Xiaowei by her shoulders and said in a shocked-trembling voice, trying to differentiate between the dream and reality.

The ridiculous dream that she was taking lightly a while ago, doesn seem to appear as a dream anymore. Everything is so f*cking realistic.

And scarily familiar!!


Is she in a fcking novel? For real? Fang Lis eyes widened in shock upon realising that every single piece of information that the young girl had just told her, everything matches to the contents of the novel that she was reading the last night.

Last night she was reading a novel that she found at the riverside after she was returning to the dorm after buying cans of beer for her. She started reading the novel to pass her time but she soon got into it. It was strangely so good that she finished in just a few hours.

The novel titled Eternally Together was melodramatic and had a cliche story but she needed something to keep her busy.

As she didn want to unlock her phone and ruin her day because of the sh*t people were talking about her. She is not even a celebrity, so why the hell is everyone taking so much interest in her life?


In the novel that she was reading last night, the male lead, the Emperor of the country, fell in love with a hardworking and caring female lead. The female lead used to work at the Imperial Medicine Department as a nurse. She caught the attention of the Emperor and their love started to bloom despite the many social restraints and difficulties.

When there are protagonists, there is always a place for an antagonist as well. In this case, it was the Empress who was married to the Emperor but their marriage was nothing but a political arrangement between the elders.

After the wedding ceremonies, the Emperor never visited her chamber once in the one year of their marriage. Their marriage was nothing but a political arrangement that he had never wanted. However, since he was the Crown Prince of the country, he couldn avoid this marriage alliance as well.

Who would have thought that that marriage alliance would become the biggest mistake of his life?

The Emperor kept his distance from the Empress as he knew that she was nothing but a puppet of her father who was trying to keep watch on all of his actions. Giving her attention means giving unconditional power and support to her greedy father who was controlling the court politics.

He ignored all the evil deeds that her father committed under the encouragement of the Empress, using the name of the royal family. However, he still tried to keep the reputation of the Empress by not revealing all of her and her fathers deeds to the world and punishing him in front of everyone.

Because it would ruin the reputation of the Royal Family in front of the people.

However, his thread of patience came undone when the Empress and her father targeted his woman, His Love.

The Empress not only tried to ruin the reputation of the Female Lead by spreading the disgusting rumours in the village but also tried to poison her to death. How can he allow her to kill his woman in front of him?

In the end, the truth and the love won over the evil and the Empress received a well-deserving punishment. The Empress was forced to stand for a trial in the royal court where she was proven guilty of her crimes and was given the death penalty.

After the passing away of the Empress, the Emperor married the female lead and gave her the title of the Empress of the country. The Emperor and the Empress lived happily after with their adorable twins, the royal babies.

That was the Happy Ending of the novel that she was reading. But it doesn seem like a happy ending to her anymore.

How can it be? When she is going to be the Future Empress, the Villainous of the novel!

” Hmm….So you
e telling me that I am engaged to the crown prince and will soon get married to him, is that so? ” Fang Li asked in a low voice while looking at the young maid with emotionless expressions.

” Yes. Not only that, your wedding with the crown prince is due in just three months. ” Xiaowei said excitedly. After the marriage, she will finally get to leave this hell-like household along with her lady.

Her position from a lowly maid will be promoted to the personal maid of the Empress of the Country. This way, no one will be able to look down on her or her lady.

” Please tell me you
e joking with me. I beg you, Please!! ” Fang Lis voice choked as she looked at Xiaowei expectantly.

Please let it be a nightmare!! Please!!

” Miss, what are you talking about? You should be happy about it. You will get to leave this household after all. You will become the Empress of the country. ” Xiaowei said excitedly to make her happy about her wedding that is due in just three months.

” HAPPY MY FOOT. I DONT WANT TO BECOME THE EMPRESS!! ” Fang Li shouted in frustration, causing Xiaowei to stare at her in worry.

The problem is not only that she miraculously wakes up in this novel world. In fact, after reading so many fantasy novels, she always wished this kind of thing would happen to her at least once.

It was like a dream of hers.

However, who would have thought that the childish dream of hers will turn into reality? She also wanted to get super rich without doing anything, did that dream of her come true?

Ah, well. It kind of did. She pursed her lips upon realising that once she becomes the Empress, she will be the richest woman in this country. The Empress of the Country.

It does sound cool as the plot of a novel, but not in reality. NOT AT ALL.

Not only that she became a character in the novel world, rather than the female lead or any supporting character, but she f*cking became the Villainess in the novel who is destined for a painful, humiliating death penalty in the future.

Out of all the characters in the novel, she woke up as the future Empress of the Country, Yang Ning. The Villainess!!

After reading the novel, she was satisfied with the ending and was even clapping hard after reading the part where the Empress drinks the poison and dies miserably. At least in the novel, the evil was being punished and not the innocent ones.

However, it seems like she won be able to appreciate the ending of that novel anymore. Because in this case, she has woken up as the Villainous Empress.

Even though she is not the Empress yet. But she did become the Male Leads Fiancee.

Dang, it!!

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