” Is it that important? Aren you a Doctor? ” A cold and manly voice interrupted the conversation between the physician and Xiaowei.

Xiaowei sniffled and took a glance at the man who was standing behind him. He was clad in a royal blue color outfit and even though the clothes were not very extravagant, it looked very elegant and sophisticated and regal on him.

How can someone make simple clothes look so graceful and refined when he is doing nothing and was simply standing there.

” As a doctor, shouldn you follow this girl to save the patient rather than ask about the patients family background? Is this how you serve the people of this country? ” The man questioned the physician, causing him to go mum in front of his intimidating personality.

Xiaowei swallowed her saliva nervously and sobbed hard upon the assuring words of a stranger. She was so grateful to him that she couldn even turn around to thank him and continued to kneel in front of the physician, begging him to come along with her.

Right now, her lady needs her the most. She cannot be late in bringing the physician back to look at her and let her suffer so vulnerably in pain.


” This way please. ” Xiaowei ran in front as she led the physician to the household. At first, the physician was reluctant to help the young maid but because of the intimidating aura of the man, he couldn help but follow her.

The physician hesitantly followed the young maid but while he was walking ahead, he could feel the chills on his back. He was following the young maid and the man whose identity is still unknown was following him for some reason.

No matter how much he asks about his name or identity, he doesn utter a single word and is simply following them from behind.

Who is he? Why is he acting like a savior of this country? Is he a prince or what? The physician humphed and gave a side glare to the man who was following him behind. However, rather than saying anything, the man chuckled and continued to follow the physician from behind silently.

” I was sleeping peacefully at home. What am I doing here? ” The physician grumbled while walking behind the young maid. If not for this man, he would have easily ignored the young maid and would have gone inside for a good nights sleep.


” Here. Please come inside. ” Xiaowei stopped when they reached and turned around to face the physician, gesturing towards the large household behind hers.

” Ah!! So you work at the household of Lord Yang Luoyang? Why didn you say so earlier? I would have hurried here then. ” The physician was surprised to find out that the maid works at the household of the Minister of Finance who serves in the royal court.

If he had known about it, he would not have questioned her and would have hurried to come over. How can he miss this Golden Opportunity to fill his pockets with silver coins by saving the young lady of the household?

While the physician was elated to see the household of Lord Yang Luoyang, the man who was walking behind him, his expression turned gloomy upon hearing the familiar name that he dislikes the most.

” Lady of Yang Household? ” The man frowned and murmured in confusion. Knowing her respectable status, shouldn she receive the treatment from the Imperial Physician? Then…why would her maid go out in the middle of the night to bed in front of the household of the local physician?


Xiaowei pursed her lips upon hearing the elated voice of the physician but didn say anything. Her priority right now is the wellness of her lady, she cannot bother about saving the money at the moment.

She didn hesitate even once before pushing the entrance gate of the household to open and leading the physician to her ladys chamber.

Since she has already taken this bold step, she cannot be a coward and back out of this. Even if she has to be flogged by a whip a hundred times for this action of hers, she will never regret it. Instead, she was feeling shameful for not doing this sooner and letting her ladys condition worsen to this point.

As a servant, her utmost responsibility was to take care of her Master. And today she has failed this responsibility of hers just because the senior maid didn allow her to do so. She was now feeling guilty and shameful towards her lady, for having such an incompetent maid like hers who cannot even protect her.

As she was leading the physician to her ladys room, she glanced at the mysterious man who was following them inside but didn utter a single word.

Should she stop this man from entering the household? However….how can she stop the man when it was because of him that the physician came along with her?

He is not a foe, but a savior!


” Miss! ” As soon as Xiaowei pushed the chamber door, she was shocked to see her lady lying on the ground in a dreary state and her complexion was paler than before. She was still groaning and sobbing silently in pain but now she didn even have the energy to cry out loud in discomfort.

She rushed over to hold Yang Ning in her arms and teared up to see her condition. She was soaking in a cold sweat and even though she was sweating profusely, her body was burning with a high fever.

” Doctor, Please do something. She has had a high fever for the past two days and her fever didn come down even after I massaged her body with the cold towel. Not only that, she didn even open her eyes for the past 24 hours. ”

” When she finally opened her eyes a while ago, she started to experience a throbbing headache that caused her to become like this. Please save her. I beg you! ” The young maid pleaded to the physician who sat next to Yang Ning and took her wrist in his hands to check her pulse.

While the physician was checking her pulse, the man stood far, in one corner of the room, and was watching the woman, who was lying on the ground unconscious. A deep frown formed on his forehead to see the pale complexion of the woman and at the moment, she was nothing but a powerless, weak woman.

He has heard many things about this woman but it was his first time seeing her in person. Since she is sick, she looks miserable and vulnerable at the moment. Something that she can never be.

After all, she has a father who dotes on his daughter so much and wants only the best for her. How can this woman be weak and pitiful? No chance!

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