After checking the pulse, the physicians expression turned tense as he looked at the maid with a frown, ” If she has had a fever for two days, shouldn you have come to me sooner for this? How can you allow her condition to get this worse? ” He scolded her.

The girl was not having a mild fever but a high fever and hadn opened her eyes for the whole 24 hours according to the young maids explanation. How can they be so careless to let the girls condition become this worse? If it had been any longer, the high fever would have reached her brain and it could have been a life-threatening situation for her.

Xiaowei bit her lower lip and couldn even come up with an excuse. What can she say? She is just a mere maid. She cannot possibly complain about the Senior maid and the Mistress of the Household who ignored her pleas to call for the physician and let her ladys condition become this worse.

They wouldn have felt guilty even if something had happened to her tonight.

Getting no response from the maid, the physician sighed heavily as he let go of Yang Nings wrist and said, ” First we have to lay her on the bed. Call someone for help. ” He said as he looked at the maid, waiting for her to go out and call for someone to help.

” Ah, Let me do it then, ” Xiaowei said and tried to carry Yang Ning to the bed. However, her lady who was half-conscious and near to passing out, had no energy in her body and her body weight seems to be doubled because of a lack of strength in her body.

” What are you doing? Do you think you can carry her with your petite body? Go out and call someone for help. ” The Physician shouted in disbelief. Does she really think that she has enough strength to carry the woman to lay on the bed?

” Or do you expect me to carry her to the bed? ” The physician was baffled when Xiaowei didn move and stared at him worriedly. In serious cases, he would have helped to carry the patient to the bed but this case was different from others.

The lady seems to be a young lady who hasn even gotten married yet. In addition to that, she is a nobility. How can a common man like him carry her in his arms and lay her on the bed?

Its highly inappropriate. If anyone finds out about it, he could even lose his head in an exemplary punishment.

Even the male household servants aren allowed to carry an unmarried noble woman like hers. Only the female servants can come to help her put her on the bed.

” Then….what to do? I cannot call the other servants for help as if anyone finds out about it, Her lady and I, both will be punished severely. ” Xiaowei looked at the physician with her teary eyes.

The physician let out an exasperated sigh and when he was about to lose his temper at the young maid, he heard a deep, cold voice from behind.

” Move away! ”

The physician and Xiaowei were both caught off guard when they heard the impassive and cold voice of the man who was standing in the corner all along, as if he didn exist in the same room.

His presence in the room was almost to nothing that they even forgot that he is still standing there.

”Ah…You…You…will carry her lady to the bed? ” Xiaowei was shocked and nervous at the same time. How can she allow her lady to be touched by a stranger?

Not only is he a man, she doesn even know from which family he belongs to, will it be alright to let him carry her lady to the bed?

Wouldn it be quite problematic if anyone finds out that other than the physician some else was also present in the room, that too late at night when everyone in the Household were sleeping?

Not only that, he carried her lady to the bed, which may sound inappropriate to the ears of other people.

While she was debating with her inner self, the man didn wait for her green flag and walked towards Yang Ning in long strides.

Xiaowei gasped in shock as before she could decide what to do about this situation, the man squatted down and carried Yang Ning in a princess style in his arms.


The man looked at the pale complexion of the girl he was carrying and pursed his lips to see her half-conscious in this sickly state. Even though she was wearing clothes, he could still feel her burning body hidden under the multiple layers of clothing.

He let out an exhausted sigh as he prepared to lay her on the bed so that the physician would treat her.

Seeing how the man carried Yang Ning in a swift motion, Xiaowei finally came to her senses and hurried to organize the blanket and pillow for her lady on the bed.

” You can lay her here. Carefully! Gently! ” She emphasized and showed him with her gestures to be careful with her lady.

The man scoffed to see Xiaowei instructing him and put Yang Ning on the bed with unexpected gentleness. Even he was surprised for a moment with his actions when he put her down on the bed.

Since when did he start to treat this woman gently? Especially this woman? Is it because she is sick? He wondered.

Because there is no way he would want to have any contact with a scheming woman like hers.

Well, theres no doubt. He isn a shameless person like him. He will not let a sick person die like this in front of his eyes.

He is not like her.


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