After putting Yang Ning down on the bed, the man didn get up immediately as his pendant got stuck around the button of Yang Nings nightdress.

He was struggling to pull away the pendant when he noticed that her pale face was only a few inches away from his. His lips twitched when he saw her haggard breathing and heard her almost-inaudible murmurs.

” What is she saying? ” A frown appeared on his forehead as he tried to hear what she was trying to say.

” This is not real…I am sleeping….. sleeping.. ”

” No! Please save me….I…don want to….die like this. Dad…I want to go home. ” Fang Li cried in her half unconscious state.

She doesn want to die as someone else. That too as a villainess in a novel.

What about her family? Do they even know that she is here? Is she even alive in her world or not?

Or will she disappear from her world? Like she never existed.

Or will everything go back to normal once she wakes up from this bizzare dream? What if all of this will be a nightmare of hers?


His eyes widened in shock when he heard her pleading to save her. Save her? But from whom? Isn she the pampered and the most treasured eldest daughter of Lord Yang Luoyang?

Why is she talking as if her life is in danger? From whom her life is in danger?

Seeing the man leaning close to her lady, Xiaowei pursed her lips in a thin line and had to intervene to help him unstuck his locket as she doesn want him to stay longer near her lady.

If anyone finds them in this compromising position, they will surely misunderstand the situation and the rumors will spread in the city in no time.

In such moments, she cannot even trust the physician for this matter who is gawking at her lady and the man as if watching a folk play in the market.

” Here. Its done. ” Xiaowei sighed in relief after helping the man to unstuck his pendant around Yang Nings dress button.


Even after Xiaowei helped him with his pendant, the man couldn help but think about the words of Yang Ning that he heard earlier.

He stared at her dreary state and clenched his fists as he tried to understand the meaning behind her words.

As the eldest daughter of Minister Yang Luoyang, she is entitled to the wealth and power that many people in the village are envious of.

How come she is in such a dreary state and yet nobody calls for an Imperial Doctor and the maid has to go to a local physician to ask for his help?

Why does the rumors that he had heard about her and her current condition don match up at all?

” Ugh…. ” While the man was staring at Yang Nings pale complexion to understand how come she ended up in such a dreary state, he saw her groaning in pain and discomfort.

” What are you looking at? Are you going to stare at my face the whole night? Do what you
e here for. ” He turned to the physician who was standing in the corner and was looking at the things happening in front of him as if he was here to watch the play as a spectator and ordered him to get on with his work.

” Ah! Yes. Yes. ” The physician hurriedly moved and stood next to Yang Nings bed and pulled out some herbs from his bag that he was carrying on his shoulder and put it in Yang Nings mouth directly.

Although it would have been better to make a decoction of these medicines but since Yang Nings condition was serious and was having a very high fever and headache, he decided to give her some raw herbs as it is that will help to soothe her pain and discomfort for now.

After she gets a bit better, he can continue her treatment by making medicine for her and giving her a few sessions of acupuncture to cleanse her body and smoothen the energy flow in her body.

While the physician was treating Yang Ning, Xiaowei and the man were standing on the side since there was nothing they could do at the moment.

” Master, Thank you so much. If it was not for you, I wouldn have been able to convince the physician to come along with me. Thank you so much. I will never forget what you did for this mere servant. ” Xiaowei bowed to the man and thanked him sincerely.

She doesn know who he is and from which family he belongs but seeing his fine clothes and controlled body posture, she can be sure that he is a noble who belongs to a rich, aristocratic family.

The man was silent at first but upon seeing Xiaowei standing straight and stiff, he sighed and waved his hand, allowing her to stand at rest. ” Don mind me. I wasn intending to help your lady. I was simply passing by and heard you wailing as if someone had died. ”

” I helped you to restore the peace for my ears. ” He said indifferently. It was true that he helped her to stop her from crying aloud.

Because for him, it was one of those gloomy nights when he doesn want to hear anyone crying, at least not in front of him. To him, it was sounding as if they
e mocking him for not being able to cry his heart out to grieve for his loss.

Xiaowei noticed the mans expressions turning somber and didn say anything further. Serving an aristocratic family for years she is aware of her boundaries.

Never speak a word if you
e not asked to. However, seeing the way this man helped a lowly servant like hers, he doesn seem to be like a cruel nobleman.

At least there are other people who don help others on the basis of their rank and status in society. Just like her lady!

Soon Xiaowei also started to help the physician in the treatment of her lady by passing him the things that he needed from his bag when the entrance gate of the chamber was flung open, ” YANG NING!! HOW DARE YOU BRING STRANGER MEN IN THIS CHAMBER? ”


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