Xiaowei, who was helping the physician in preparing the medicine for her lady, was startled in shock when the door of the chamber was pushed open with force and the person is none other than Yang Nings father.

” My Lord!! ” Xiaowei immediately fell to her knees and tried to calm down his anger, ” My Lord!! They are not strangers. They
e here to treat My lady. ”

” Treat her? What can be so serious that you invited men into her chamber at night, without anyone knowing? ” The man growled at the poor young maid, who was kneeling on the ground and was shaking in fright.

” My…My lady was burning with a high fever for the past two days and was in so much pain. Thats why I had to go out to call for the physician. Please have some mercy on this poor servant. ” She cried and begged for his mercy.

Since the Lord doesn come to her ladys chamber, she was relieved about it and thought it would be alright if the physician treats Yang Ning in secret at night. Because in a day it cannot be possible since the senior maid keeps a vigilant eye on every action of hers.

However, how did he find out about it?

” YOU BITCH!! HOW DARE YOU RUN YOUR MOUTH IN FRONT OF THE LORD!! DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR TONGUE CUT IN AN INSTANT? ” The Senior maid, who was standing behind the Lord, came forward and threatened the young maid.

She had told this impudent maid to not do anything reckless and stay in her place. Yet she dared to step out of her boundaries and called for the physician.

Xiaowei pursed her trembling lips and realized that it was the deed of none other than the Senior maid who told her to pour a bucket of cold water on her lady some time ago.

She not only tattletale her actions to the Mistress but to the Lord as well. Thats why the people who never glanced once towards this chamber are now standing here, accusing her of something that should have happened way before.

” Lord!! Please forgive me for my impudence. However, I had no choice. I reported to the Senior maid about Her ladys worsening health condition and requested to call for a physician to treat her. She not only declined my request but also ordered me to make my lady attend the Banquet tomorrow. How can she attend the banquet when she isn opening her eyes? ”

” My lady is the future Crown Princess. If something happened to her, how would we be able to answer His Majesty? Thats why I dared to go against the orders of the Senior Lady and called for the Physician to treat My lady. ” Xiaowei gritted her teeth and told the truth to the Lord.

She used the crown princess card on purpose to remind him of Yang Nings special position. If something happened to her, he would have been answerable to the royal family.

Since the Senior Maid and the Mistress didn allow her to say anything in front of the Lord, she had a glimmer of hope that he would at least not ignore his daughters serious health condition and would not punish her lady for simply receiving the treatment.


” My Lord! Please allow me to teach a lesson to this insolent maid. It was because of her that the stranger men not only entered the household but also the chamber of the young lady. What would happen if rumors spread about this incident in the village? This insolent maid needs to be punished harshly. ” The Senior maid turned to Yang Luoyang who was standing there silently but his dark expressions were clearly showing his unpleasantness about this whole situation.

” SHUT UP!! BEFORE HER, LOOKS LIKE I HAVE TO TEACH YOU A LESSON TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. ” Yang Luoyang roared at the Senior Maid who was loud and shrieking near his ears. He was trying to understand the seriousness of this situation, yet this rude maid kept shouting near his ears.

” Forgive me, My Lord. ” The Senior Maid also fell on her knees to see him getting angry like this. While kneeling, she gave a side glare to Xiaowei and mouthed, ” Youll be dead after this. ”

Xiaowei gulped hard but couldn dare to raise her head to look at the lord. He reprimanded the Senior Maid but she was not sure how he would react against her lady.

” My Lord, Please don be angry. If you get angry, it will only harm your health. ” Chang Ah, The Mistress of the Household and the second wife of Yang Luoyang who was standing behind him silently, finally spoke up.

” Were you aware of Yang Nings health condition? Why didn you call the Imperial Physician to treat her before? She is the eldest daughter of the Yang Family and the future Crown Princess, how can she be treated by a local physician who treats commoners? ” Yang Luoyang asked coldly as he turned towards her.

” Ah? I….wasn aware that her condition was this serious. I thought it was one of her excuses to avoid attending tomorrows banquet. You know how stubborn this girl can be sometimes. ” She spoke sweetly while looking at him with her clear- sparkling eyes.

” But this girl is saying that your maid was aware of her condition. What about it? Did your maid act on her own and ignore the seriousness of the situation? ” Yang Luoyang asked again while giving a side glare to the Senior maid, who was kneeling on the ground.

” She…she told me. However, I….thought it was nothing. The weather is so hot these days, that its common for people to get sick and feel feverish. It would have been a nuisance to call an Imperial Physician for something trivial. ” She gave an excuse while smiling nervously at him.

” If I had known that her condition was so bad, I would have called for the Physician from the Imperial Court right away. She is also my daughter. How can I not worry about her? ”

” Are you accusing me of not taking care of her just because I didn give birth to her? How can you even question me about something like that? ” Her voice choked as she covered her mouth and showed her fake, glistening tears in front of the Lord.

” Now stop crying! I know that its not your fault. It must have been Yang Ning. She never speaks up about her discomfort to anyone and makes everyone look bad in front of others. She is just like her mother, sickly and weak-spirited. ” Yang Luoyang hmphed in annoyance.

Even though he doesn like Yang Ning for being useless just like her mother, he cannot let her die in vain either. She is soon going to marry the Crown Prince, she needs to be healthy and fit to bear his son and gain the favor of the Crown Prince who will become the Emperor in the future.

How can he let her be sick and unhealthy when she hasn gotten married to the Crown Prince yet? This will only ruin the plans that he had made for the future.

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