Are they really mafias?

**next day at 3.00 am – near the street**

I just got ready and came to the street after getting ready. I was standing there and saw a black Rolls-Royce coming in my way. Then it stopped in front of me revealing Mr. Jung-Hyun. His bodyguard opened the door for me and I got in.

I suddenly felt his gaze on me so I turned back to him but he quickly turned aside. Wait…He was looking at me! How sweet! OMG! I was blushing the whole ole time on way to the building and I almost fell as I was thinking about him.

*Jung-Hyun pov*

I was looking at Ellianas face and as she suddenly looked at me making me come to reality. I saw her blushing the whole time. She looked kind of cute. Wait! What am I thinking!?

I don like to show many emotions to people because they use them for themselves and dump us just like my parents. I was a really happy and cheerful kid but my parents acted as if they love me but for money, they left me in an orphanage and they got divorced as they both were cheating on each other.

I just don want to remember it.

We arrived at the building and we went inside my cabin.

-*End of Jung-Hyun pov*-

Elliana was following Jong-Hyun to his cabin.

*Elliana pov*

This company is huge. As I went inside Mr. Jung-Hyuns cabin, he started to explain about my schedule management and my work.

After a huge explanation, I went to the office receptionists desk to ask about the work he have to make his schedule. And finally! The mission is going to start! In the evening Mr. Jung-Hyun and his sisters cousins are coming to their home and Im invited to the family meeting too. Mr. Jung-Hyun said that they
e having a family meeting about his business.

**In the evening – in Mr. Jung/Hyuns house**

I was simply sitting on the couch and I saw Mr. Jung-Hyun and another girl coming in a red revealing dress with Jung-Hyun.

What is with that girl?! She was wearing full makeup and she had crystal-themed nails done.

Now, Im pretty sure that this must be his sister, Jung Yuxi. She looked like a nosy slut to me. They both came and sat on the other couch which was in front of me.

”This is my new assistant Elliana. And Elliana, this is my younger sister Yuxi. ”

”Nice to meet you Yuxi, ” I said trying to act nice,

”Umm… I think you need to learn more, miss assistant. Its Maam for you. ” She said with an irritated look on her face.

”Sorry, M-Maam…. ”

I heard the doorbell ring and the maid opened the door revealing 2 girls and 3 boys with another old couple.

Mr. Jung-Hyun and Yuxi got up from the couch and I did the same.

”Long time no see Jung-Hyun! Whos she!? ” the old lady asked looking at me.


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