Chapter 1 - Secretary Esmeralda

”You are still here? I already told you to quit being Alexanders secretary because you are seducing him! ” Greta hissed while staring daggers at Esmeralda. Since Greta is the most favorite woman of Alexander, she can enter and leave the office whenever she wants. She stands 56 ” tall, with a fair complexion, and a very sexy body. She is very beautiful. You might fall in love with her easily if you don know her attitude.

Shes a ”what I want, I get ” type of woman. She sticks to Alexander even though she knows that other women are sleeping with him aside from her because he is the known successor of the Tan family. She looks at everyone as nobody. She bullies anyone she likes, including Alexanders secretary, Esmeralda.

”But madam, my contract hasn ended yet. I still have 1 year to be your boyfriends secretary. And correction Madam, Im not seducing him! ” Esmeralda confidently answered her. In her mind, shes wondering why a very beautiful woman is madly in love with a guy who is twice her age. Even though he is very handsome, hes a womanizer. Its a minus point to his handsomeness. As a secretary, she received countless calls from different women, asking her boss whereabouts when they couldn contact his number.

”Oh wow! Who do you think you are to talk back at me?! You
e not even worthy to wipe my shoes! look! your 1year salary can even buy E.M.foot wear! ” Greta proudly flaunts her designer shoes. E.M.Fashion is a huge company based in Fermi Country, one of the top ten largest and richest countries in the continent. Having a pair of E.M. footwear is worth a fortune.

Esmeralda was surprised to see Gretas high heels, but she secretly rolled her eyes and said ”Madam, please calm down. You
e not the one who hired me, so I think you have no right to fire me. ”

”Im warning you! If you
e still here tomorrow morning, Lets see if you can still face my boyfriend! ” Greta gritted her teeth furiously. Suddenly she widened her eyes as if a bulb sparked inside her head.

She then slapped her face very hard then slumped to the floor as if she was pushed by Esmeralda, and then she burst into tears. Her tears turned into sobs when she heard footsteps approaching.

Suddenly, the door flung open. Alexander was shocked to the core when he saw his favorite woman in such a state.

Esmeralda was tongue-tied. She has never expected that Gretas little trick is very successful. After a while, Alexander lovingly looked at Greta while she was sobbing. Then he kneeled to look at her closely. Unfortunately, he saw a red mark on her beautiful face. This made him angry at Esmeralda. He never thought that her secretary dares to lay a hand to his girlfriend.

”Darling, I told her that I will just wait for you here in your office, but she insists that I will wait outside. When I refused, she slapped me and lost my balance, my legs are painful I can stand! huhuhuuu ”

”Darling, come here and I will call Dr. Philip. ” He then dialed his phone, and while waiting for his call to be connected, he looked at Esmeralda angrily, but he calmly said ”Miss Martin, pack up your things. You are fired! ”

Upon hearing those words from Alexander, Greta smiled at her triumphantly.

”But boss, My contract hasn ended yet. Why don you look for the CCTV footage to see whether shes telling the truth or not?! You haven heard my side yet Sir. ” Esmeralda replied in a soft but clear voice.

”No need for that, just leave. Don worry about your 1year salary, I will pay you to double. Just be out of Gretas sight and there will be no problem at all. ” exclaimed Alexander.

”Ok boss, I will go to the finance department and settle my salary then. ” She bowed to Alexander and said, ”Thank you for the opportunity you have given me, even for a short period. ”

Alexander was flustered, he can stop thinking why this woman did not even beg him to keep her as his secretary.

After packing her things up, she hailed a cab and went to Apple Blossom Restaurant, one of the most prominent restaurants in Centaurus City. Of course, she must enjoy her 2 years salary which she earned without working for it. Easy money, hehe! Just because of a coquettish and materialistic woman, she lost her job.

But being jobless is not her problem anyway. She just wants to have fun and try something she has never tried before. For a change, she stepped down from her imaginary throne and became an ordinary woman.

She has chosen to sit at the table facing the glass wall. The waiter approached her and gave her the menu book. She ordered all her favorite foods because she intended to stay there a little longer to forget that she is jobless now. The chair is only one and is intended for someone alone to dine in. When her orders arrived, she laughed and thanked the waiter who served them. It seems that she is a blogger whos doing mukbang videos. She dug in while occasionally reading the newspaper.

Meanwhile, in a private office, Victor is currently staring at the girl who is eating alone. The table for one is filled with food for three. She is facing his office. They
e close to face, but the girl outside could not see him since the glass wall is tinted. Her exquisite charm captured his frozen heart.

He had never been attracted to any woman before because he view them all as a subordinate, never potential lover.

The girl has short black and silky straight hair. Her clear and innocent eyes were curtained with long and curved eyelashes. Her fair skin seems so smooth to touch. She has a little pointed nose above the delicate pouty lips with a brown lipstick..w-wait! Brown lipstick?

Victor hates a color brown shade of lipstick on a girls lips. The hatred started when he saw his mom crying while holding a polo shirt with a brown lip mark on its collar. From then on, his mother fell into depression until she died. Seeing someone wearing brown lipstick awakens his desire to confront his father and kill the girl behind it. He dislikes anyone who wears brown lipstick, but why does he was delighted looking at this girl? He continuously observed what the girl is doing, how she eat while reading the newspaper, and how her eyebrows goes up and down when reacting.

An hour passed, and she was almost done with her heavy meal. Knowing that nobody sees her, she removed the straw and gulpe

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