Chapter 1 - Secretary Esmeralda

d the drink in one go. Victor immediately stood up worried when the girl seemed to choke, but thankfully, she managed to swallow the drink.

He chuckled helplessly. ”Silly woman! ” he thought. When the woman turned the page of the newspaper she was reading, Victor saw that she was browsing a Classified Ad. Perhaps this girl is looking for a job. He then grabbed his cellphone and immediately dialed his secretarys cell phone number.

”Hello, boss. ” Madelyn is curious. Why does her boss call her using his number, and not the office phone?

”Know the woman in table #5, she might be looking for a job. Offer her yours, ” he said directly.

”What?! But Boss Victor, how about me? Im your current Secretary. Did you just fire me? ” Madelyn exclaimed while she holds the phone tightly. Why? Whats her mistake this time? Why is he going to fire her?

”Of course not! If you can do the things I have told you just now, I will make you manage this restaurant and give you a bonus at the end of the month. I trust you, you can do it. Of course, your salary will increase ten times! How about that?! ” He said while chuckling.

”Wow, boss! Really?!! Hehehe okay, then I will do it right away. ” Madelyn exclaimed happily. After many years of working with Victor, its only now that he ordered something absurd. ”Know a woman ”?

”Make her his secretary ”?

Well, she thought that it was not her problem anymore, so she quickly sprang into action.

Esmeralda just put down the newspaper shes holding when she overheard two girls talking loudly about a secretarial job they found on a certain Facebook page.

”Ive seen an ad, that the Manager of this restaurant is looking for a secretary. The chosen one is very lucky since the boss can bring her with him to any country he goes, ” the girl in blue shirt said while she put her bag on the nearby table, and was about to sit.

The two girls talked more about the job vacancy while they were looking at the menu. She accidentally eavesdrops on the girls conversation. She smiled and browsed the page they have mentioned. Oh wow! it was posted a few moments ago. They
e looking for a secretary.

With the qualifications listed, she thought she is qualified. So she sent her CV immediately to the email address mentioned in the ads. Not long after, she was called for an interview.

When she went in, she saw a very busy man browsing his laptop. Esmeralda was very surprised and at the same time, she was awestruck since the man before her was like a roman god of war statue who came to life.

He has a perfect and well-built body which can be seen even with his formal suits on. He is a mature, and handsome man with well-shaved facial hair. His lips are thin and always seems smiling even though he is seriously browsing his laptop. His eyes are as deep as the ocean. The very desirable man, as she described in her heart, appears to be very busy and doesn want to be disturbed. So she waited patiently. After some time, he raised his head and look at her in the eyes.

”Miss Esmeralda Martin? ” Victor returned his gaze to the laptop, pretending that he was reading her CV which was sent by email. He was astonished to see that this girl is more beautiful up close.

Even though she ate too much, as he has seen and watched for an hour, its not obvious in her tummy. Her waist is still so small and her thighs are too sexy. Shes wearing formal attire with a mini skirt with a length above the knee. Shes not even wearing stockings but her legs are flawless. For the first time, he got nervous.

”This..this interview is urgent, ” he is a little bit stammering. ”..but it seems that you are well prepared since you are wearing formal attire with short notice. Are you willing to accept this job? ” He managed to say in a clear voice.

Hahaha! she nearly burst into laughter. Is this an interview? Is this man know how to interview? How funny! Its like a priest saying ”Man, are you willing to take this woman as your legally wedded wife ? ” She was laughing very hard inside, but she just answered: ”Yes Sir ”.

”So how long do you want to stay in this company? ” Now, his nervousness is gone.

”Really Sir? I can choose? ” she asked with slightly raised eyebrows. ”Well, I will stay here as long as I am challenged professionally. ” She can hide her amusement anymore so she smiled sweetly. His eyes seems like smiling at her by the time she entered the room, until this very moment. It eased her nervousness.

”Well, don call me Sir. Im just an assistant here. Just call me Victor. Hehehe Do I look like the big boss a while ago? ” he made up an idea to excuse his stammering voice a while back.

”Uhmm maybe. haha! ” Esmeralda could not hold back her laughter anymore. See? I am right, this is not the boss, she said in her mind.

”Congratulations! You are hired! ” Victor then closed his laptop and stood up to shake hands with the newly hired personnel. But instead of shaking hands, Victor bowed and kissed her hand. She was surprised but she thought, maybe this is their way to welcome a newly hired employee. She shivered when she felt his soft and warm lips at the back of her hand.

”If you
e willing to start working at this very moment, you can start now while the boss is not around. ” He chooses to continue his lies.

”When will I meet the boss Im working with? ” she asked curiously.

” Hmmm, I dunno either. Hes very busy with his other companies. Perhaps he won come here anymore. By the way, hes in his 50s, bald, and with a big belly. Why ask? Are you very eager to be with the old man all day long? ” He said teasing her as if they have known each other for a long time.

He can smell her alluring mild perfume since they
e just centimeters away. It makes him want to hug her and bury his face on the crook of her neck. ”Ugh! what am I thinking?! ” He shook his head and returned to his seat.

”I felt bad because you badmouth your boss too, So hes our boss. Would you mind respecting him even though hes not around? ” Shes disgusted with the way this assistant talks about their employer.

”Im sorry. I am an Assistant Manager, and I will be happy to assist you. Now let me introduce you to our Manager, Madelyn. ”

Just like that, she was fired and was hired on the same day.

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