Chapter 2 - The Heir

” Can I take a look at his picture? Or what his profile account in social media so I could see him and add him? ” she said while she sits down with him on the bed.

”He never wanted to show himself publicly, even his name as an heir. He removed everything from the search. So the successor in a net search is just my name, not his. ”

The light in Gretas eyes got dimmed. She told herself, ”So you
e not the real heir! What a waste of time being with you dirty old man! ”

Shes 25 years old, and hes 50 but despite his age, he still looks extremely handsome and good-looking. But Greta is never satisfied. She just wants fame and wealth.

Now that Alexander revealed that hes not the real successor of their company, Greta got a new plan. She must find Alexanders son no matter what. She seductively embraced him and kissed him passionately until they fell on the soft bed and made love. When their lust subsided, she took the chance to ask him once again about his sons complete name.

However, Alexander remembers the words his son told him before ” Dad, never ever mention my name to any of your women. Otherwise, I will break up our ties and forget that you are my father. I don like anyone to look for me for your sake. I don recognize anyone to replace my mother. ” Its been 5 years since he said that but Alexander still remembers it clearly. It was a rainy afternoon when Victor came home drunk. Its his first time seeing his son drunk. That day is the 3rd death anniversary of his late wife, the mother of Victor. Hes planning to introduce someone to his son, but the moment he stepped out of the car swaying, he changed his mind.

Its only now that his son lived with his own that he dare to show his girlfriends. Greta is his favorite and most beloved woman. He even planned to stop flirting with those crazy rich women around their socialite circle and made up his mind to marry Greta. He thought for a moment, then decided to propose to her now. He has his diamond ring prepared anyway.

”Greta darling, will you allow me to love you forever? I carefully thought your suggestion back then, lets get married, ” he said while he put his clothes on, then opened a drawer of the bedside table.

He held up a big diamond ring and attempted to put it on Gretas ring finger even while she was under the blanket still naked. ”Its about time to let my son know that we must move on. I need you with me, ”

Greta hesitates at first, but thinking that their company plans to expand in Adelaide, She said yes, and allowed Alexander to put on the ring to her delicate ring finger. They kissed, and then Alexanders clothes were stripped off once again.

They really need Tan Industry to stand tall again. Even though hes not the real heir, at least they have benefits. All Alexanders assets will be hers too, including his son. With that in mind, she smiled sweetly after their second round of passionate lovemaking. ”So when will we have our wedding? We must invite every prominent business person in the world. Im planning to invite the designer behind all my favorite shoes and cosmetics -the E.M.Fashion ”

”Theres no problem with that, as long as you will be in charge of sending invitation cards to those whom you want to attend, thats fine with me. Can you send it out by next month? ” He said while he was kissing her head and stroking her hair as they lay in his bed.

” Of course Alex! ” She said excitedly.

She began to dream. Once the owner of E.M.Fashion attended her wedding, she will befriend her and flaunt it on social media. She will collaborate with her and endorse E.M.Fashion and for sure, she will choose her to be an ambassador.

She has heard that the owner of E.M.Fashion is 25years old just like her, but she became so successful at an early age. When she was just 20 years old, she put up a brand that is known worldwide.

She also heard that she never showed up in any events. Thats how exclusive her presence is. She automatically turns down every offer she doesn like no matter how prominent the celebrant. She doesn care about any occasions. Nevertheless, those businessmen who were turned down still respects her and still try to invite her in any celebration they held. She just gave out generous amount if it is charitable event. This made her very famous, even though no one knows her real name, they admire her even more.

Her designs are excellent that even the Princesses in various lands visit E.M.Fashion buildings in each country to buy a dozen pairs. Only her employees know about her, but they have signed a contract not to disclose her identity. Anyone who will disclose anything and any information about her will be imprisoned for 20 years. Thats what they signed in the contract. If only she could manage to invite her to her wedding, that would be very wonderful. They might gain media attention and their company will be known worldwide too.

What excites her more are the guests, not her wedding with Alexander. Greta also remembers that she could also meet Alexanders beloved son in person. Perhaps he is more handsome than his father, and of course younger. He learned that Alexanders son is 3 years older than her. Can he call her mommy after her wedding with his father? She was excited! Very excited that she couldn wait for the day to come.

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