Chapter 3 - New York Times

ks to Victor. She just shrugged her shoulder and thought that they are just happy seeing their co-employee.

When Victor went to the couch to wait for her, the Manager and the Spa employees chattered excitedly. ”Did you see the girl? They are perfect together ” ”Boss V already found a woman he likes. This is the first time he introduce a girl to us. My gosh! The girl is so lucky to have Boss V! So to the one who chases Boss V, dream on! ”

”Yes, Madam Jo-ann Glenn will be heartbroken for sure. Good for her. I don like her for Boss V. ” Thats the employees conversation. Their faces have changed upon mentioning Jo-Anns name. Shes a flirty girl who always comes to their spa, demanding free and special treatment because shes allegedly Victors childhood sweetheart. But they never saw him treat her well. In fact, when Victor is around, that Jo-ann girl is well-behaved and super kind to them.

After the spa, next is a shopping spree. They went to various brand stalls, and everything they shopped is for her.

”Hey, Vic! I thought you said we? ” Why do we only buy things for me?! Uy thats enough, you
e increasing my debt huh?! ” She said, thinking of repaying him when she receive this months salary.

”Vic? Well, I love that! it sounds like music to my ears. Please say it again. Hehe ”

Esmeralda thought of teasing him again while they walk to the next stall in Alisha Mall. She put her arms around his and sweetly said ”Vic my love, would you mind stopping buying things for me? Its time to buy for yourself. Our savings might run out. ” She acts like a loving wife.

Her words have impacted a lot to Victors heart. His heart goes ”labdub, labdub,labdub ” rapidly. He can stop looking at Esmeraldas beautiful face full of smiles until they reached the E.M.Fashion store.

Esmeralda was reluctant to go with him inside. Victor thought that she was reluctant to go inside because it was pricey and she think they couldn afford anything from there.

”Don worry I saved my salary, to buy you something from here. I guess you like this brand too since all the girls in the office save money to buy E.M.Fashion garments and shoes ” he said while he hold her hand which was in his arms, and then he lead her inside the store.

”Do I really need to wear a high-end dress at the wedding? We will just attend there, they won notice us anyway, hmmm why are you doing this for me? I don think its necessary Victor ”. She said while pulling her hands away.

” You will know later. But please believe in me, don mind others words. Just me please. ” He tightened his grip on her left hand while he looked at her lovingly and then he intertwined their fingers.

” Okay ” is the only word she can utter now. In her mind, she asks a question. ”Is this my boyfriend? He acts like one. ” His palm is so warm against her, it made her comfortable

Esmeralda took a picture of the E.M.Fashion Store facade, using her right freehand, and posted it on Instagram.

The post shows its branch. It created a huge scoop of news over the internet in just a few minutes. She forgot that she hadn yet logged out of her companys official account so the post was shared a million times by the user and admirer of the brand, with the caption below.

”E.M.Fashion CEO is in Centaurus City. ”

”Will the owner of E.M.Fashion attend the wedding? ” ”For the first time in history, owner and designer of E.M.Fashion will be attending a wedding. ”

”Tan Company collaborates with E.M.Fashion? ”

There are too many speculations about her, but she doesn know about it. She just turned off her cell phone immediately after uploading the photo. Even the famous New York Times Magazine joined the news. The very first person who got excited is Greta. Its a dream come true for her. And Christine, shes over the moon. She thought, at last, her daughter will come out of her den and socialize.

When Victor saw the post that went viral, he regretted that they checked out from the store immediately. They could have met the owner of E.M.Fashion. They could have seen how does she look like.

The hour of the wedding is fast approaching, the entourage will begin at 2 pm. So they are very busy. All branches of Apple blossom restaurant and the Spas will be closed, so they can attend to the Grand Wedding of the year. They are all invited because Victor Tan values every employee they have. In return, they
e all respectful to him and the girl he values. They also work for him wholeheartedly.

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