Chapter 4 - The Wedding

in his eyes. Thats why she warned the secretary to resign immediately, but she was very stubborn. And now she has the audacity to show up on their wedding day?

”Alexander, the secretary you fired has the audacity to attend our wedding. Have you invited her? ” She wondered.

Alexander nods his head ”No, but I think thats the girl my son is dating. From now on, lets just accept her. I don want to intervene with my sons happiness. By the way, the man beside her is my son. ”

She agreed but deep inside, she promised herself that no one can steal Alexanders wealth from her. She thinks of a way to embarrass her and let her see that their status is compared to heaven and earth. They are the heaven(unreachable), and the girl is compared to Earth which can be stepped on.

After all the guests said their best wishes, its time for the newlyweds closing remarks and announcement.

”I am very glad to have you today. Please allow me to take this opportunity to welcome my only son, the heir of Tan Company, Victor Alex Tan. Lets give him a round of applause! ” Its Alexander. He knows, its about time to let the world know the real heir.

Victor already expected this to happen, so he was prepared. He held Esmeraldas hand tightly and pulled her up to stand beside him.

She was very surprised. She never expected that the man, her co-employee she is in love with, is her boss. Her boss! She can hear anything right at the moment.

Her mind wanders to the scene a while back in the salon. She can still recall how her lips tingled with the kiss. And now, how on earth this is happening?

Victor, on the other hand, smiled sweetly as they are standing. He planned to introduce her to everyone as his beloved woman. But when he is about to speak, his stepmother Greta speaks over the microphone while looking at them.

”We are also happy to announce that my stepson finally found someone to be with him forever! Maybe they will be the next couple to hold a grand wedding. ” She exclaimed happily. No one knows its a mask.

”As a future part of our family, would you mind rendering us a song? Or for your fiancé. Just sing for us. ” She looks down on Esmeralda. She knows she can sing. No one in the lower class has the courage to sing in front of the upper class, not to mention the huge number of guests.

To her surprise, Esmeralda agreed. Esmeralda gave a song titled ”Can This Be Love? ” by a Filipina Artist by the name Sarah Geronimo. The song is not familiar to them so they took note of the song title to play it on youtube in case it is a beautiful song. When the accompaniment was played in the air, you can even hear a pin drop.

All eyes and ears on her, especially Victor. He had paid attention to her every move. So he never noticed anyone except Esmeralda.

When she began to sing, everyone gasped in astonishment. Her voice is too good that everyone forgot to breathe.

” ..this is the first time, Im gonna say I love you.. ” when she sings the chorus of the song, she looked at Victor lovingly. Now she was sure, Victor is the man she would introduce to her parents. He is proud of her even though in his eyes, shes a mere secretary.

”..this is the first time Im gonna say love you . ”

”Is that for me? ” Interrupted Victor while shes singing.

”Yes, ” she answered back, in between the lines. After her song, everyone has dreamy eyes full of admiration for the young couple.

”I love you so much, Esmeralda, ” he said passionately while he held her hand.

”I love you too Victor ” Esmeralda replied while conquering his very loud heartbeat. They forgot that they are holding a microphone, so the huge crowd frenzied when they heard their words of love.

Everyone is chattering happily but then, a sound of a gunshot echoed through the hall, and a scream and shriek of a terrified crowd followed through.

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