Chapter 5 - Bullet

hen Greta, the wife of his father visited. ”I will take care of her while you
e busy. ” She told him with a smile on her face.

Since the matter in the restaurant is really urgent, he left hurriedly after saying ”thank you ”.

Greta and Esmeralda were left alone. She leaned closer to bed and talked to Esmeralda in a very soft voice. ”Im sorry dear. But why did you sacrifice yourself? Are you that stupid? I really hate you, but now, I don . Im not that heartless you know. Its your fault. You might die early. You cant enjoy being pampered by my stepson. ”

Shes about to pull away from the bed when she noticed something in Esmeraldas left jaw. ”Oh, how come tomato ketchup was smeared on your jaw? Are you eating when nobodys watching you? Okay, since you
e in a very pitiful state, I will just wipe it for you. ” Then she pull out a wet tissue from the corner table and wiped the said dirt.

But it did not wipe off, so she take a look at it closely. She exclaimed ”wow what a beautiful tattoo! Heartshaped? ”

Suddenly, her phone rings. ”Darling where are you? Have you forgotten that today is our schedule to have a portrait? ” Said, Alexander. He called his wife immediately after their conference.

”Im at the hospital, watching over Esmeralda while Victor went to a meeting ”, she told her husband.

”Don worry about her. There are so many nurses there, we also hired a personal nanny to take care of her every need, remember? So you can just come over here. ” They already treated Esmeralda as Victors wife although they never met her family yet. They don know how to contact them.

”Okay then, you have a point. ” Then she went out of the hospital to find her husband.

It was 6:00 PM when Victor is done with his conference. He was about to return to the hospital, but along the way, he remembered to buy Esmeraldas favorite flower which is Pink Carnation. He hurriedly turned his car in the direction of a flower shop and bought a bunch of pink carnations.

When he arrived at the hospital, he heard the rumbling sounds of helicopters flying away. He thought that there was a high-ranking official who visited the area, or maybe a member from the royal family came to have a checkup.

He continued to walk towards the elevator, he pressed the top floor to his familys private hospital room. His mind went blank when he found that the room was empty. It doesn have any traces that a patient in a coma stayed there for at least a week.

He panicked. He immediately called the management to ask what was just happened.

”Mr.Tan, her family came and picked her up. Im sorry I forgot to inform you. They said they have more advanced equipment in their country for the patients faster recovery. ” The President of the Hospital told him with the utmost respect.

Victor was really puzzled. He never mentioned her family, their name, and where do they live. He planned to encourage her to go visit her parents after his fathers wedding, but the unexpected happened. How could he find her now?

”What car did they use? ” perhaps he could follow.

”They lift her by air. Several Doctors also came with them. ”

Victors mind is full of questions. How? who? how come a simple employee gets that treatment? Just who is Esmeralda? But, what if its just a trick? He remembered that he left Esmeralda under Gretas care. So he called her up immediately. But the latter told him that they have a schedule to do their portrait which should not be delayed because the artist has very limited time.

He weakly leaned on the wall, then slowly slid until he was completely sitted on the hospital floor. The bouquet of carnation fell instantly the moment the call ended.

His world was shattered once again. But this time, into tiny pieces. He almost got crazy. It affected his work, his appearance, and later his attitude towards everyone.

Ever since Esmeralda disappeared without any trace, Victor became more and more cruel in words, and in action. Gentleness is eliminated in his vocabulary. Until such time, he turned into a Victor they never knew.

Madelyn is also doing her best to locate her boss gf by the Curriculum Vitae she has submitted. She wanted to help him find her because almost all of them in the office were terrified by the new Victor they are with. The presence of Esmeralda might change the whole situation. Madelyn saw the address, her hometown is Fermi Country, but the address is incomplete. Fermi Country is too wide to search. Its like looking for a needle in a haystack. Her hope to find the girl her boss loved had died. So she decided to stop searching.

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