Immortal Evolution

Epoch 2 Afternoon

[ D day – 2 ] [ 41 H :39 M :20 S ] [ State capital H ]

Vinod looked at the new instructions his brother sent. Another ten lakhs arrived in to his account, almost shocking Vinod.

Its an essay length e-mail.

On top of the essay length e-mail, his brother sent more instructions to keep Virat home on the third day, even if he had to truss up his brother like a thanksgiving turkey.

Human rights ?! such things did not exist for your youngest sibling. At least in Asian households.

He might raise infernal mess, but for the sake of his ten thousand and bonus, his brother could sacrifice a little. Thats what Vinod decided at the end.

Though he told himself that, he had a feeling of impending disaster.

Otherwise, why would his brother collect all these strange things?

First, the government is discussing imposing section 144, which is breaking news this morning.

Almost all news channels are reporting it, the entire city is in panic. Thankfully, he bought all the food items yesterday, long before the food shortage hit the supermarkets.

Today though, his brothers instructions are to go to a weapons shop, the only weapon shop in the state capital, to buy crossbows, arrows, armor and all the relevant material.

His brother is even more generous today, he had two lakhs in his deposit, and his brother has given him the locker key, so that he could also take his brothers credit card, with a maximum purchase limit of a million rupees.

Vinod arrived at the armor shop as his brother told him.

One of each type, no matter how useless it looks, his brother has informed him. On top of that, versatile, simple and strong weapons are to be obtained in multiples of three.

Thus, Vinod turned up at the armor shop, and listened to the shop owners explanation of this is good, sir, that is good sir, wow.. Your choice is great sir.. Etc.. a lot.

If the curfew of section 144 really gets imposed, this shop has no promise of going anywhere.

So, the owner is more than eager to sell.

Spend more, its alright! is what his brother said.

So, Vinod reached an agreement with the boss to buy out all of the shops inventory, at one and half million.

For a country that looks like it does not take public security seriously, India is extremely cautious and careful about any and all kinds of weapons shops.

You want to buy a hunting knife ? Its almost an expedition.

However, it also makes sense. Other countries at least need to sell meat knives, but India has no such need. Thus, the weapons available en masse are coconut breakers at most. Thus, Vinod thought himself very lucky to have bought out the inventory, along with a sword making and sword sharpening machine in the back.

The bows and machine fit perfectly within the pick-up truck, given how much he spent, theres not much to see. Even this single armor shop only existed because an archer from their state won an Asia pacific medal.

If not for that athlete, he wouldn even be able to find such a shop in hundred miles any side.

Then, like his brother instructed, he went to the gun shop, and bought all safety items he could, and bought a single gun and ammunition, for the owner said he would forge a certificate, as long as he paid in cash.

Vinod came straight home, and moved all the items by himself. The gun was locked in the innermost case of the steel safe, to make sure Virat never finds it. The bows and arrows, he moved to Vikrams room, which filled up so much, they had to stand the bed vertically.

Thankfully, the bow cases are light enough, and the machines are very weighty, but the pickup truck came with a trolley, so he could move it by himself.

When he came back, Virat was looking at the piled up supplies in Vikrams room curiously.

”What are you doing? ” Virat asked.

The supplies are eclectic enough.

There are mounds of rice bags, oil, medical supplies, all kinds of antipyretics, a full set of everyday surgical equipment, lots of rubbing alcohol, and all sorts of over the counter diagnosing equipment, iron rods, some unidentifiable boxes.

”You have come at a good time. Come help me. ” Vinod called, as he brought up the machines.

He could manage them, but having two people did help.

”Vikram bought them. ” he explained, looking at the stuff.

” Mom nagged about them all morning, but then, little aunt called and complained they couldn find any rice bags at all. All the items prices went up by four times. Now she is calling all our relatives, telling them we have stocked up. ” Virat explained.

”Little uncle would be here to borrow some in a few minutes. ” he explained.

”Damn it ! Vikram told me to keep it secret, its not like I did not explain it to mom. ” Vinod grumbled.

Its impossible for their mother to keep it in.

”I stopped her after she called our little aunt. ” Virat looked at Vinod expectantly.

The expression clearly said I did a good deed, praise me. While you are at it, also pay me!

”How did you stop her? ” Vinod asked.

” Turned off her phone, and now, she could only do emergency calls through my phone. ” Virat explained.

” Well done. We have more to do. Vikram sent money for both of us to get tablets. I saw many of the electronic stores selling their goods cheaply. Lets get some. ” Vinod added.

Someone needs to put together videos that his brother wanted.

With how the government is reacting, Vinod is finding each and every one of his brothers ideas are almost coming true one after another.

”What should we do ? ” Virat asked curiously.

”We need to put together fighting videos. ” Vinod told his brother.

”Fighting videos? Seriously ? Why ? Does Vikram think riots will happen? Wait… ! its not impossible. ” Virat agreed, with growing concern.

” Yes, thats why, stay home tomorrow. Download and put together all the stuff Vikram asked for. Soon, the prices might go up. ” Vinod told his brother.

”So, fighting skills like martial arts ? ” Virat asked, as they pushed the last machine into the room.

The room looked more and more like a warehouse, but Vinod caressed the gun in his back, and sighed.

His brother explained what they needed to acquire, and looking at the mood of the city, he was really scared something bad might happen.

” Do you think we should have little aunts family come live with us? ” Virat asked.

”Never mind that. Lets wait till Vikram comes back first. ” Vinod opined.

The next item on the agenda is an antenna, and also negotiation with the owner of the apartment upstairs for renting the place.

That couldn be done right away.

He checked the inventory he has on hand, and compared it to what Vikram asked him to buy.

Wait !

He is missing fly zappers.

Vinod asked him to buy a lot of those bats too, and ones with good spec. Also, a taser used by rangers.

He had no idea who in the world sells them, but he could search .

First, solar panels and inverters, second, planters and seeds, and renting an apartment upstairs.

Thats all on his agenda.

Now that he is done with at least a days work, Vinod settled on the couch with his mother and watched the news.

There was a report about the people who entered the portal.

” In the city of Ayodhya, the portal opened right at the door of the controversial and newly built Ramaalaya, attracting droves of believers to enter.

Though a person could enter the portal, it is believed live broadcast from inside the portals is impossible. The scene inside the portals is filled with lush foliage, and a view of the area quite different from what it should physically be, making scientists scratch their heads.

Here is a video our newsagent, Hanuman, has taken from the portal at Rama temple.

You could see the lush foliage, which botanists identify as the nandini trees. They are considered favourite flowers of Lord shiva, even today, these flower trees are found all over the country.

We could see the path the devotees made through the jungle, as pilgrimage progressed. It is believed a true temple of rama alaya exists at the end of this path. ” The video clip ended.

” In the Town G of State A, the vanishing of a portal has caused much surprise for the world. This is the first event of its kind, followed by vanishing of another portal in central africa, Which makes us believe portals could be destroyed if need be.

The leaders of the world, including G-8 countries, SAARC nations and the commonwealth nations are due to hold an emergency meeting through video conference, to deal with the aftermath of opening of portals.

While the leaders are breaking their heads open, amidst the talk of imposing Section 144, life in the city continues.

The youngsters of the city are partying harder nowadays, given partying could be banished any time now. Drink now, repent later, seems to be the motto of these youngsters who are flocking to pubs, liquor shops of any kind.

The citizens of city H started storing up on every day supplies as the rumors of Section 144 increased. Many of the families are returning to their hometowns, fearing travel might be the most affected once curfew begins.

Riots over buying of food occurred in various areas of the city, namely in county X…

The TV is entirely full of news about portals, and subsequent accidents and riots.

Vinod finally felt happy he moved faster and had everything stocked before they could get affected.

All the same, he worried for his father, because it looked like the city might be locked up any time, and his father is still in their home town.

[ D day – 2 ] [ 36 H :09 M :24 S ] [ State capital H ]

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