In the middle of the night in her room (1)

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“Haaangh! Sir Le,onha…rd! Haaaannggh!”

“Ahng, good! Haahhnng! Sir Leonhard!”


It started again.

Aristasia shook her head and came out of her own room.

It was because the explicit moans that flowed along the thin wall tormented Aris.

She eventually had to give up her own room facing the wall with the source of the disturbance.

Her younger brother Leonhard Verdick, along with his good looks, had the honor of being a sword master, who were fewer than ten in the Empire.

It was perhaps natural that he captured the hearts of many women.

The problem was that Leonhard, a growing young man, called courtesans to his house every day.

She endured it once or twice, but they are still courtesans.

In many cases, even four people came at a time.
She couldn’t help but get angry because the courtesans came every day.

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So, she would rather kick Leonhard to a high-end bar with courtesans, but the knights who had gone to buy courtesans were also weeping because Leonhard took all their attention.

In the end, at their earnest request, Leonhard had no choice but to start calling the courtesans back home…….

“Then what am I doing wrong?”

Although it has been a long time since she had her debutante, she had no lover.

There was someone visiting the mansion one day to marry Aristasia.

But the courtesan, who was holding Leonhard’s arms, greeted her suitor warmly.

Evanstein Verdick, Aristasia’s older brother, and the head of the Duchy of Verdick, in which Aristasia and Leonhard are the members, saw it and kicked him out with a single stroke.

The reason was that he couldn’t afford to give his precious little sister to a man who wallowed with courtesans.

However, it was impossible for the nobles of the Empire, where it was common to mix bodies with courtesan or gigolo, to cross that wall.

The suitors tried to sneak in when the courtesans weren’t there, but there was not a day when the courtesans didn’t visit Leonhard.

In the end, they almost got kicked out by Duke Verdick, and they stopped coming to ask Aristasia about marriage.

‘Still, they will feel unfair.
Because there are few people who don’t visit courtesan or gigolo.’

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Not to mention, their father has often introduced courtesans to his adult son.

It was just that Duke Verdick, who had an overly determined personality, was unique.

So Leonhard always had many women around because they felt like they could reach him, but Evanstein’s surroundings were full of eyes watching from a certain distance.

Somehow, since then, the only men left around Aristasia were her brothers, Evanstein Verdick, and her younger

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