Seeing that, Leonhard was a little choked up.

“You know that I am the commander of the Imperial Knights, right?”


“You know that I’m a Sword Master, right?”

“Yes, yes.”

“I am very powerful!”

“That’s why you’re not powerful.”


In response to Aris’ firm answer, Leon kept his mouth shut like a mute.

At the sight of Leon, which was no different than usual, Aris was blown away.

Although she had high expectations, Leon, as expected, was nothing more than her younger brother.

After all, spending the night with her younger brother like this would be absurd.

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She doesn’t know if it’s her older brother who she can’t help but admire…….

She thought she would try writing to Evan again tomorrow.

Now, it seemed that there really was no one who deserved it other than her older brother.

She was initially reluctant to spend the night with her older brother, but after several failed attempts, she wanted to do it.

Just once.

I wanted to do it just once so that she could join in when talking with other people.

“I’m going to sleep.
Good night Leon.
Turn off the lights when you go.”

Leon caught Aris, who turned her body and headed to bed.



Leon grinned and grabbed her by the wrist and held her in his arms.

Surprised, Aris blinked her eyes and looked up at Leon.

Leon leaned over her body, placed his arms under her knees, and held her up.

Then he strode over and laid Aris on the bed.

Aris struggled to calm her pounding chest at Leon’s sudden action, but it was thwarted when Leon kissed her on the forehead.

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“Good night.”

“Uhh, yes.”

Leon looked at her blushing face and heard her pounding heart.

It was worthwhile so that his sister would say he doesn’t lack power.

But he turned off the lamp next to her door and left the room because of his sister’s long habit.

After the door closed, Aris, who had regained her consciousness, muttered in a small voice.

“…… Should I have stopped him?”

Actually, Older Brother sent him to her, she should have pretended she couldn’t win and took him.

‘He had very strong arms…….
That’s why there are ladies looking for knights.’

Aris thought about whether she should go out and call Leon right now.

It was kind of sad when he left.

Among the ladies who were married to knights, there were many opinions that knights are much better than gigolos.

They have different stamina.

‘It was to that extent a knight, how about a sword master!’

Knowing nothing had happened to Aris, Leon decided he was going to go to the night ball and get some drinks as originally planned.

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