Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (5) – unedited

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He shoved his own cock into the pink flesh that was visible between her legs, as she was down on her face.
Leon, who had been waiting for Aris’ voice to rise after a few thrusting, took something from his pocket.

“I brought it just in case, wait a minute.”

Leon meticulously applied an aphrodisiac gel to his fingers.
Then he opened her hips and carefully poked his gel-coated knuckle through her anal.

Aris was startled by the exhilarating feeling she felt in the unexpected place, and unknowingly turned her back and shouted.

“Huuk! What, what!”

“How is it?”

Leon laughed casually.
Then he slapped his back and carefully rubbed the inner wall with his own finger that had been driven into the anal.

Each time that happened, Aris’s sense of resistance grew stronger, but in reality, as she felt that she was gently stimulated, power entered her body by itself.
What’s certain is that she doesn’t hate it at all, contrary to what she thinks ‘she should hate it’.

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“Ahk! It feels weird! It’s really weird!”


He pulled his finger back out and applied a little thick layer of the aphrodisiac gel.
And while repeating the pounding, he shoved another digit into Aris’s anal while she lost some tension.

“Ha, hahk! Ahng, nooo!”

It was only one finger difference, but it was so much in how Aris felt.
It was Aris who shouted no because her body was so tight, but the vaginal wall underneath her holding Leon’s genitals tightened incomparably with the previous times.

Leon wanted to develop her anal and get rid of everyone and covet her first.
Her back greedily eats his fingers off as if to cut it, and his contentment rises at the thought that even Aris, the master of the body, has never touched this.

Leon, who had been clenching his teeth and resisting pleasure, put his finger up to two rows and pulled it out, slowly and without haste, carefully applying the aphrodisiac gel.
Then, after a while, as the gel started to take effect, Aris’s voice gradually became more and more watery.

“Ha…… hah…….”

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Aris, who had been resisting, was still stiff in her body, but her hole was waiting for his finger.
Seeing her reaction, Leon shoved his finger all the way in.

“What, what are you doing, Leon!”

“To make Sister feel good.”

His sister was getting angry, but that didn’t seem to mean she didn’t like it.
It was because the vagina, which had been soggy, could not handle the continuous flow of love juice and was spitting it out.
And there was no way Leon, who was facing her, could not have not noticed it.

Leon moved his fingers a little faster in response to Aris’ changing reaction, but Aris couldn’t stand the unfamiliar sensation and wriggled her back.
The more she did it, the more Leon’s fingers caught up with her and only made her a little more immersed in the pleasure.

“Sister, it’s awkward at first, so don’t worry too much.”

“But, but!”

“If you put a plug in the back and a cock in the front, you feel better.”


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“Or should I put a vibrating stone in the front and put mine in the back?”

Leon spoke monotonously as if nothing was happening, but just imagining it made her love juice flow down her legs more and more.

Leon recognized her reaction immediately.
He had so many things to teach her.
A hum came out of his mouth as he wanted to tell her everything he had experienced in the past, ‘from this to that’.

“Please be satisfied with this for today.”

If he put the plug in right now, it would definitely hurt.
He had to widen it a bit and put it in.
First of all, his sister had to get used to using anal.
At that thought, Leon moved his thumb in her anal in a circular motion, widening her inside.

He widened it very little, but Aris must be feeling it very sensitively.
So Leon made her forget the pain as pleasure.
He poked the veined cock in the area where Aris felt it, from his experience.

“Ahhk, uht! Leon, Leon! Uuhht!”

As Aris’s scream-like voice burst out, the love fluid that had flowed from her vagina was not transparent, but turned into a pure white and opaque.
And her vaginal walls were wriggling as if literally squeezing his cock.

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“Sister, you are so pretty.”

“…… Are you kidding me?”

“No, I need to prepare more to satisfy Sister.”

Leon continued pounding weight, holding Aris’ pelvis with one hand and still stimulating her anal with the other.
Although Aris shook her head at the excessive stimulation, Leon forced her to climax and climax again.

“Le, Leon…… Please stop…….”

Aris, who turned her back on the moonlight, was weeping at the pleasure.
The woman who begs him to stop while feeling pleasure was so contradictory, and it was so beautiful.

What an unrealistic sight.

Leon withdrew his hand in consideration of her first time with anal.
And with her body turned to face him, he put his cock in her.
Although Aris wasn’t of a short stature, Leon was too tall, so when Leon put a cock in her, Aris’ one leg did not touch the floor and floated.

For Aris, who felt anxiety about the unstable posture, Leon hung her leg on one of his arms and moved his back in a very stable position.

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