Her Day That Shouldn’t Be Caught (12) – unedited

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Evan seemed to have no idea, but unfortunately, Aris’s nerves were focused on Evan.
Because her body had not been able to satisfy the sexual desires before, it demanded more and more pleasure.
It was no longer the opera she had expected.

“Bro, brother…….”

“What’s wrong?”


Aris had never asked Leon or Evan first before.
She rationalized that it was her drunkenness that seduced Leon in the first place, but she would never really do that in her sanity.

Besides, it’s not even her or her older brother’s bedroom now, it’s an opera house with a lot of people.
Her heart wants to go back to the mansion right away and mix her body in his bedroom…….

She couldn’t even get herself to say she wanted to do it.
If this had been a mansion, she would have only had to hold her brother’s sleeve and light up her eyes.

“Do you have anything to say to Older brother?”

“That, that……..”

Evan waited patiently for her.
Aris thought it was a useless consideration.
Older brother would have known it already.
A thought suddenly ran through Aris’s head.

“Brother, you already know everything……?”

“What do you mean?”

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Evan looked like he was asking a question, but his expression was already telling it.
Tell me what.
I want to hear you speak with your own mouth.

“That’s too much.”

“Too much is it.”

When he went to pick her up as she got ready, she pulled up her big dress and shoved those pretty fingers into her own pussy.
She has shown too much disappointment because the pleasure you wanted did not come even after doing that.

If she hadn’t said it was the opera she was expecting, he would have taken off the dress right away.
Maybe his eyes would turn around and he would crave her right away without even having time to take off her dress.

But Evan bit his mouth, thinking that if he said this now, she might push him away and run away.
He was just waiting for the opportunity to come.
In the carriage he was riding with her, and at the shore of the lake he walked holding her hand.
Even in those moments when she smiled contentedly as she ate her meal.

“…… Brother, do you want to go home?”


“That is…….”

Evan almost wanted to get up right away, but he persevered.

He hasn’t been waiting for that long in vain.
After his parents suddenly died in a carriage accident and became the duke.

From the day that Aris saw the documents that his father had hidden deep in the Duke’s office back then that she was not a biological sister with the same blood as him.


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There was little water in Aris’ eyes.
But Evan had no intention of looking at it.
This time if he puts up with it, she’ll fall into his hands.
Since it was Aris who was not her sister, but a woman, she had no intention of backing down from this part.

“Yes, Aris.”

“I, I want to do it with Older Brother.”

A beautiful smile spread across Evan’s lips.
But that didn’t end there.


“…… In Older Brother’s room.”

“There are many things you can do in my room.”

Now, not much left.
Just a little, a little bit more.

“That that…… mix, mixing…….”

“You mean sex?”

Aris was surprised, how could he say such a thing? But Evan was unconcerned.

“So what do you want to do with me?”

“…… You know.”

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“I know, I knew it since before.”

From the moment I saw you this morning.

“Tell me.
What do you want to do with me?”

“……I, I want to …… have, have sex with Older Brother.”

“I get it.”

Evan smiled and stroked her hair.
Aris was embarrassed and wanted to run away, so she hurriedly tried to get up from her seat.

But she couldn’t because Evan grabbed her wrist.

“Older Brother?”

Her eyes said ‘Did you not hear what I just said? I said I wanted to go home and do it.’ But in front of Evan, she pretended that she was a gentle sheep and was loved by him so she couldn’t protest it out loud.

“Our Aris wants to have sex with Older Brother so badly, how can I stand it?”

“What if you can’t stand it…… ah, no way.”


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Aris was worried that someone might see them, so she looked around.
She had to make sure that no one was looking at her.

“Then it would be more suspicious.”

“If you know that, stop!”

“I know.
I should see the opera.”

Evan still placed his hand on Aris’ waist and turned his gaze to the stage.
She watched the stage, rubbing her legs countless times.

At that time, she somehow seemed to be looking at the prima donna.
To be precise, the Evanstein Verdick that was sitting next to her.
It was natural for her to want to be noble enough to watch in her box seats, but it was only natural that she couldn’t think of it.

In an instant, a spark burst out of Aris’s head.
It really didn’t matter.
The envy of many women always turned to her Older Brother.

However, because the stage was cool and the prima donna was beautiful, the more fundamental cause was that she was thirsty for pleasure now, so she accepted it differently than usual.

“Older Brother.”


Aris’s hand ran over his thigh and landed between his legs.

His lower body, which had already risen firmly, was placed in her hand.
Evan, who thought Aris would blush her face and ask for it or endure until the end of the opera, surprised him.
Because he didn’t know she’d get his own cock first.

Evan also rolled the dress up to her waist.
Then Aris grabbed her own dress with one of her free arms.
She was very cooperative.

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