r older brother, so she only said what happened today.

A visit to Madam Ash, being introduced to gigolos, disappointed that the gigolo was so ugly, and even arguing that there would be no gigolo in Aris’ eyes.

Leonhard, who had been quietly listening to her story, managed to smile softly, enduring that his expression almost rotted as the story continued.

Because his sister said confidently that she would be on his side by saying, ‘You get to see the courtesans every day, don’t you?’

However, there was no way that Leon could take Aris’ side.

The two had completely different views.

This is because, unlike Aris, who lacks ‘such’ feelings, Leon did not.

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‘To someone like a gigolo…….’

To the question of why she went to find gigolo, Aris answered with a bright smile.

“I heard the courtesans who came to the house say.”

“What did they say?”

What the hell did they say to his sister that made her want to see gigolo?

“Everyone says it’s good? So I’m curious too!”

Leon patted her head.

Please, he wanted to believe it wasn’t so.

However, it was very clear that the reason why his sister, whom he had treasured, became interested in gigolo was because of him.

But it is not too late yet.

He could not lose his sister to a gigolo, who had nothing better than himself.

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He got angry at the thought that she might have shown it to the gigolo without knowing how those pretty eyes that contained him were dyed with pleasure.

‘In that case, I would rather…….’

He had never intended to do that with his sister, so he met courtesans, but Leonhard was willing to mix his body whenever his sister needed it.

As he was looking for someone who looked like his sister, so even for just once, he wanted to hold his sister, not someone who looked like her.

‘What about the body hidden under the hem, what kind of scent would it be if I put my nose between Sister’s legs who is not wearing underwear, and I would feel a much stronger scent than now.
What would my sister look like if I licked it off with my tongue, and then shoved my cock in it…….’

Leonhard’s throat dried up.


Oh, that was dangerous.

He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he almost attacked his sister at any moment.

It was the sister that he had been holding in his heart since he was a child, and the sister that his brother wanted to have.

He thought he wasn’t interested in that kind of thing at all, but he almost moved his body without realizing it.

His genitals , which had been standing stiffly since he entered this room, had been clamoring for release, but it is not yet the time yet.

Leonhard cursed in his heart.

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