In the vast expanse of the universe, countless stars are shining brightly.

In an inconspicuous corner, a silver-white flying saucer faintly appeared.

In the cockpit.

”Senior, i can infiltrate the planet, become a player and capture the position of planetary ruler for us to enjoy! ”

”Hehe, see how happy you are. Idiot! Its just a planet ruled by incompetent creatures. It will take you at the very least 15 years to complete the tutorial, the speed is still too slow. ”

Incompetent creatures, that is, species in the universe that do not possess any innate powers.

”Then the plan is finalized? ” Before the prospector could reply, the alien called Senior asked directly.

”Senior must be joking, I haven heard of how to deal with the incompetent creatures. ”

”There is no need for tricks, just crush them through sheer force when our fleet arrives in three years, act as you see fit ”

”Understood senior, i will not disappoint ”

Celestial dynasty,Yan Uehara.

At night, the stars are especially shiny.

On the roof of a private house, Su Yang was lying lazily on his back chair, looking up at the starry sky.

This is Blue Star.

A planet similar to Su yangs.

And him.

He is just one of the countless teenagers in the celestial dynasty.

Last night I was still thinking about what industry I should work in in the future, but I didn expect to transmigrate in a blink of an eye.

In front of his eyes, there is an interface that only he can see.

”Ding! The system is binding— ”

”Ding, the system is bound! ”

”You get a novice reward: 3 luck points. ”

Then the interface disappeared.

”system? ”

Su Yang was shocked, ”I got a system? ”

The next moment, all the information about the system slowly flowed into his head like flowing water.

Gently and comfortably.

This is a system called ”Good people get rewarded ”. As long as he does good deeds, he can get an indefinite amount of luck fragments.

100 luck fragments can be combined into 1 luck point.

He can then use said point for a chance of extreme luck.

For example, the lottery catches whatever you want, a coin toss is always on your side, and a card draws is always the ideal one for you.

Even with a miniscule probability, you can encounter it again and again after using a luck point.

”Hiss…Although the function is simple, it has to be said that the effect is very powerful. ”

After understanding the system functions, Su Yang seriously commented.

But he didn have much joy.

Instead, his face was full of worries and doubts.

”The traversers usually get their gold fingers after conflicts with the natives. ”

”But I didn mess with anyone? ”

”Furthermore, gold fingers can help the protagonist reach the top. Can I realy reach the top by luck alone? ”

He got a golden finger inexplicably, which made Su Yang puzzled and even a little nervous.

This thing will definitely not appear for no reason, since it appeared, it has its meaning.

Thinking about it, a scent of fragrance came from behind.

Smelling this familiar fragrance, Su Yang instantly broke his thoughts.

”What are you thinking about? ”

A mature and gentle female voice came from behind.

Tang Wuyue, the landlord of the house rented by Suyang, a well-known big beauty, with an unknown age and a mysterious background.

I heard that she has a real estate certificate for a large building nearby.

Su Yang looked back at her, then stood up, shook his head and said:

”I was wondering what wish to make later. ”

News reported that there will be a large-scale meteor shower that happens once a century at 12 oclock in the evening on June 11, lasting about six hours

Now the time is almost up.

There was hustling and bustling in the park down the road. Su Yang walked to the edge of the roof and saw that the park was full of people.

Tang Wuyue followed Su Yang to the guardrail, and followed his gaze to see the crowd below.

”There are so many people. ”


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