[Welcome to infinite battlefield, I am the battlefield system, I can answer your questions]

[Log in for the first time, please draw your lifetime talent!]

Su Yang suddenly opened his eyes and found that he was deep in the universe, surrounded by a mysterious light and flew to an unknown planet.

Looking from a distance, its as if im a shooting star.

His eyes swept around and saw countless people who were also wrapped in light, except for the elderly and children, everyone else is here.

These mysterious lights seem to bring them all into that unknown planet.

”Unlimited battlefield!? ”

There is a column of blue words in front of Su Yang, prompting him to draw talent.

[The Infinite Battlefield is an endless battle platform. Here, players can choose their favorite profession and fight with other players]

[Through battle cards, players can bring the power gained in the battlefield into their own world]

[Upgrades and shopping in the battlefield require points]

After Su Yang asked, three more messages appeared in front of him. The content of these three messages made Su Yang roughly understand the situation.

”It turned out to be like this… Players fight with each other, and then take the power back with them. ”

Su Yang touched his chin and muttered to himself.

It seems that they are not only not dead, but are about to get good fortune—in fact, it is hard to say whether it is good fortune or not. In short, the world is no longer the original world.

It was guessed right by him.

Sure enough, the world will usher in a big change!

And since he got the golden finger about luck, does it mean that luck is very important in this infinite battlefield?

[Please draw your lifetime talent! ]

”Lifetime talent…? ”

Su Yangs eyes lit up, and his instinct told him that there was a huge gap between good and bad talents.

He looked around, there was nothing else in this light group except himself and this message, and he couldn help asking:

”How to draw? ”

As soon as his voice fell, the prompt disappeared instantly, and hundreds of words appeared instead. These words were constantly changing and combining to generate words one by one.

Super regeneration, hard armor, fury, double power, power, energy tide, brave power, alchemist…

The speed of text switching is getting faster and faster, and it seems that the result will appear in the next moment!

”This is the beginning!? ”

Anyway, how should he use luck points?

This idea just came up and he instantly saw information that belonged to the ”Good People Good News ” system appeare in front of my eyes.

”Do you use 1 luck point now? ”

”Yes! ”

next moment!

[You got an SSS-level talent:Ten Times Points Multiplier! ]

After using the luck points, this must be the highest level reward!

”Check talent. ”

He said expectantly.

[Please choose a basic occupation first]

[Hint: After selecting a basic occupation, the basic occupation can be changed to other occupations of the same type in the future]

[Reminder: Each player can have up to three occupation, the other two occupations, please obtain them on the infinite battlefield.]

”Occupations? Huh? ”

Su Yang was stunned, and a hexagram suddenly appeared in front of him. The corner of the hexagram had different colors, and each corner was written with a profession.

The six colors are red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and silver, corresponding to warrior, mage, priest, summoner, archer, and assassin in turn.

He tentatively looked at the warrior corner and the introduction of the worrior appeared in the middle of the six-pointed star.

[Warrior: physical martial arts, swords, spears, sticks, sickles and sledgehammers, etc., are all classified as fighters. Dependenting on the players experience and skills. ]

”Dependenting on experience and skills? ”

Su Yang frowned and clicked on other career information to watch the past one by one.

[Mage: Junior mages can only use single spells and they are very fragile. ]

[Priest: If you don like fighting, choose it! ]

[Summoner: Calling thugs, gospel for lazy people~]

[Archerr: First, you need to shoot accurately, and then talk about output. ]

[Assassin: I walk alone in the army, killing people and stealing treasures without leaving a name. ]

Su Yang: ”… ”

Although some occupation introductions are unclear, but I can still tell the meaning.

Below these career introductions, there are also attributes growth for each aspect of each occupation. However, Su Yang, who was still confused about Infinite Battlefield, wisely chose to ignore it.

I can let those things influence my choice.

After thinking for a while, Su Yang finally chose the worrior.

If you were to ask why, I can only say that I am more familiar with this occupation, and choosing it should be the more reliable and stable choise…right?

A red stream flew out from the warriors corner and quickly rushed into Su Yangs body.

Before Su Yang could get a good taste of this feeling, he realized that he was accelerating and falling, so fast that the scenery on both sides could not be clearly seen!

Just as i was about to be smashed into meatloaf, the light ball slowed down again in vain as it approached the ground.

In an extremely unscientific way, Su Yang was safely sent to the ground.

He stood there blankly for a while before Su Yang reacted, ”Good fellow, if I didn choose a job, wouldn I have to fly in the sky forever? ”

Obviously, if you want to get down, you must choose a basic profession, otherwise you will stay in the universe forever.

”It seems that i got something but i haven changed at all. ”

After becoming awere of the surroundings, Su Yang noticed information emerging in front of him.

[You have entered the infinite battlefield, please remember the rules here]

[Rule 1: Sealing a player will give 1 point, regardless of the opponents level and strength]

[Rule 2: If the player cannot be exempt from punishment, the sealed player will return to the original state]

[Rule 3: There are 6 hours of arrival time per day, which can be superimposed, and can accumulate up to 42 hours]

It is not difficult for an average person to remember the three rules since are not that many words within them, let alone Su Yang, a genius who has received both civil and military training since he was a child.

The only thing that puzzled him was that ”original state ”, so he immediately asked the system.

[The original state is the state where the player first descends on the infinite land, that is, your current state. If you can avoid punishment after being sealed, all you get will disappear, and everything will start over.]

”Hiss… ” Su Yang took a breath, and said with a look of surprise: ”The consequences of being sealed are so serious. Being sealed once is equivalent to reopening. ”

He immediately stared and looked around.

”Nobody left or right! ”

”No one in front and behind! ”

”Nothing in the air! ”

”Underground… ”

Su Yang stared at the flaming red leaf that he had stepped on, raised his eyebrows, and moved a few pieces at random. Only when he saw the soil below he felt relieved.

”Ok! Its safe for the time being! ” Su Yang hugged his arms and laughed humbly.

[Next, please go find your opponent, come on and upgrade! ]

[Hint: Before the player reaches level 10, all points will be automatically used to upgrade. ]

[Reminder: Please reach level 10 as soon as possible. ]

Seeing this system information, Su Yang waved his hand immediately.

”No hurry, no hurry. ”

”Before acting, let me confirm my attributes first. ”

[Hint: You can call up the attribute panel by saying ”attribute ” silently]

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