”Inter-arterial anastomoses take place between the adjacent arteries by their trunks, branches, and sub-branches. The anastomosis may be actu… ”

Before I could finish the entire sentence, I heard a knock on the door and someone stepped into my room. I assume that person is currently standing behind me silently for a stupid prank. I was ignoring it and started studying for the next anatomy exam, but I can just ignore it because just when I started reading, the person behind me started laughing silently, and I don know why, but this is making me angry, so I couldn help it but turn my face to see what exactly was going on, and then I saw…

I saw a boy with black short hair but not that short ; it is perfect for his oval-shaped head; brownish eyes connecting with mine ; pale cheeks lifted upwards as he looks at me, and he has a shaggy beard. Then my curious eyes get stuck just when they search for his lips, imagining light pink or periwinkle, but the imagination passes out, crossing my mind because all I see now is dark lips, almost dried up due to slackness of touch, mostly burned by smoke. His nose is sharply detailed & his face is so easy to read as he touches his head with his hands while looking at the corner of the ceiling & smiles while he says, ”So this room is too small for me, but Ill adjust. ”

What does he even think of himself? I was talking to myself in my mind, which I haven done for so long, but Im enjoying it right now. Perhaps this new stranger brought a little change to my daily routine.

”Excuse me! Who told you to even adjust? For your kind information, this is my room, so please pack your shits and go away. Don bother me; Im studying, you understand? ”

I said as I raised my left eyebrow & rolled my eyes as I turned again & started reading, thinking that he would leave eventually, but hell no he didn . He is so stubborn that he pushed himself on my bed & pretended as if he was so **ing tired & needed extreme rest, so I didn say much & made him think that I didn care.

”Do you study this hard or are you just pretending? ” he says as he grabs the pillow and places it behind his head.

”No, but Ill make you have a hard time if you don shut up!! ”

”I don think that its important to tell you, Do we even know each other? ” I said that rudely but not exactly rudely because I was telling the truth and it might offend him, but still that doesn matter to me. He gets up immediately from the bed and slides onto the chair as he sits beside me and starts introducing himself as he begins with his name.

”Well Hi, Tasin here, and Im your new roommate. Sorry for being late in saying it. I should not have irritated you in this way. It would have been better if I had said it earlier, right? ” He says while narrowing his eyes & thats when I realized that studying for more than 4 hours continuously made me so angry that for some so-called reason, I vented it on him, which I shouldn have because he frowns. After all, he is my new roommate, so he has the right to enter, but anyway, how would I know because its not even my fault if he wasn telling me in the beginning? Maybe Im the rude one because he was being friendly, but I was just avoiding him anyhow, so I should just talk with him for a moment now. We shook hands after he took hold of my hand.

His gentle fingertips lightly rubbed the back of my hands unintentionally since they were warm at the time and he sensed it, which made me question why and how after a long voyage his hands could still be so chilly as if they would start freezing. My palm nearly feels lightly warmed.

Personally, in my perspective, I don genuinely prefer communicating to new people and I never shake hands with anyone. In fact, Im worse than that because I sometimes slap my pals in the butt to get them to laugh and that is how we crack jokes, so why am I appearing so formal today? Perhaps its because this is our first time meeting. Well get to know one another better since we already share a bedroom.

” Anyway, it doesn matter whether you said it earlier or later. ”

”No, it does. ” Why do you think that it doesn ? ” Tasin says while he widened his eyes with confused face.

He was sitting in the chair, but I could feel his right leg bouncing up and down as if he was having a serious conversation with me. Maybe he was a popular kid in his school time & now that Im not giving him that attention, he gets bored of it.

”It doesn matter because we
e not even that close, so go because you stink. Don mind me, but please sit away from me because you
e stinky and gross, and I want to poke on you. ” As these words come out of my mouth, he stands up quickly as if he was embarrassed. Then he raises his arm & sniffs, then he tries to assure me that its not it. He told me that he takes a shower every day and all that, which made me laugh so hard at him because he was so funny. Whenever I said that I don trust you and you smell like shit, he would get mad and then shout like a stubborn kid, but I just made a stupid excuse to shut him up because he is so talkative.

”Why were you even laughing at me while I was reading? ” I said while I gave him a glare.

”Its because you looked more like my ex-girlfriend from high school. She is boring like you. Always busy with studies, ”he says as he laughs out and squeezes his stomach to stop himself from laughing because he saw me with a blacked-out face.

”Im sorry, I know this was a bad joke. Never mind Ill stop laughing, ” He says as he still couldn stop himself from laughing but I just can find it funny anymore.

”Why are you even telling me about your ex? Im not even interested in knowing. Im not like any of your exes or whatever. Why am I even talking about such things? Ahh!! Forget it. You are such a funny weirdo. ” Then he leaves for the bath and takes a towel in his hand, and I was shocked by his stupid joke. It sounded more like he was a Kindergarten student who would crack jokes like that.

”Tasin, wait. ”

”Yes? ”

”I forgot to tell you my name. Its Imon. ” The words come out of my mouth breakingly, but then they form together, and his eyes sparkle.

”What exactly took you so long to just say it? ” He says laughingly & I also join him. He seems to be a nice person. This actually sounds more fun because we met only for an hour and now Im praising him, which is totally strange because I was also being rude to him at the same time. My mind is spherical. It constantly keeps spinning & carries all the emotions around it.

”Nothing. You
e one lucky person because you know my name. ”

”Oh wow, seriously? That is a really funny joke. Oh my God, you see? Im laughing so hard. Bullshit. ”

He started mocking me. But I try to keep up with his outgoing personality.

After that, he goes inside the bathroom and tries to lock the door, but he is unable to do so because the door was already damaged by my previous roommate, so I got up from my chair and went there, attempting to repair it, but it still does not work. In fact, I wanna trying to fix it but I think I damaged it more. So he looks at me, his face giving a reaction that could turn into a voice telling me that, ”Is this how Im supposed to shower? while leaving the door wide open? ”

”S..so. ” I say with a voice almost crushing like flower petals under a truck. So low that it can reach his ears.

”So what now?! Don tell me that Id take a shower with this broken door. This is absurd. ”

”I..Its alright. Ill leave If your uncomfortable with it. Just let me know when you
e done and Ill be right back, okay? You have my phone number. Its right here. ” I said with a voice almost opposite of my reaction and he seems to calm down with a large sign.

Although it should be typical for me because ever since I was in high school and college, I took a bath in a dorm with my friends, and we frequently made fun of one another and played with water, so why does this sound so uncomfortable? My phone suddenly starts ringing, and Im extremely thankful to that person for breaking the awkward silence between us. I finally found an excuse to break the silence, and there she was, my mother.

”Just a moment ,please. Actually my mom called. ” I said this as Tasin nodded and began blinking multiple times before unbuttoning his black shirt, and I could see him in three dimensions, but I pretended I didn see what I saw.

”Hello Imon. ”

”Yes Mom. ”

”How are you doing? You haven called me for so many days. I missed ya.. ”I could probably hear my mom sobbing so hard but I had my reasons for not calling her.

”Im better than before. At least I don get to see that stupid person anymore, ” I exhaled sounding relieved by the burden that I was carrying for 3 years.

”Its not appropriate to say something like that about your father. He pays your tuition. He went above and above for our family. He adores you tremendously. Please return home. ”

”Not father, but stepfather.

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