The scary man II

”Im sorry. I might have scared you. You happen to remind me of a woman from my past. You have the same brown hair and blue eyes as her. She is called Juliana. Im sure she was just like this when she was your age. I may be intruding but how old are you my dear? ” The scary man asked staring at her as if he was making some kind of analysis in his head. Julia smiles at him.

”What a coincidence my mum is also called Juliana and people use to say l look just like her, ” she rumbled.

”And how old are you again? ” he asked again.

”Well, Im 19 years. Why do you seem so interested? You must have known my mum. If that is the case you should know my dad as well. Mr. Harry Dacoster, do you please hear from him or when was the last time you were in touch with any of them? ” She interrogated. She didn waste any time finding out any information about her father.

The strange man realized it was the same person he thought of. The man was silent looking at her facial expression. How she was using her hand to communicate and how she rolled her eyes.

He couldn help himself but remember the day he and his friend Umar ran into a woman called Juliana at the supermarket and how his friend forced himself on her in the ladys washroom because she turned him down.

They had a bet and the woman was rude to him, he was rude first you know he touched her butts in public.

Who will bet on a married woman? She was still beautiful even after giving birth to two children.

He blamed himself for it. He should never have made such a stupid bet, he thought since she was married she will certainly reject his friend which was what he wanted but never thought his friend will commit such a crime. Their foolish bet ruined a girls life.

”Excuse me, weird man, ” she waves her hand at the scary man, he was lost in his thoughts.

”Please answer me Im desperate. I need to find my dad. Do you know him or not? ” She questioned again.

”Calm down little girl, lets sit and talk, ” He tried to calm her down. She was agitated.

”Im Rocky Bruce. Im a businessman and you are? ” He introduced.

”I don have time to chat sir, just tell me if you know my dad. ” She shrugs. He smiled knowing whose personality she took.

”Lets make a deal, you tell me your name and l will tell you all about your mum and dad is that fair? ” He made a deal with her.

”Alright deal, Im Julia Dacoster, ” she answered sharply

”Now its your turn. Tell me what you know about my dad, ” she added.

”Yes I do know your dad, ” He replied and she was excited. Finally, she was going to get some answers. She started asking a whole of questions at the same time.

”Calm down girl, one question at a time. I will tell you all that I know. Is that okay? ” He whispered.

”Yes sir, ” She replied.

”About 20 years ago a friend of mine and I met your mum at a supermarket downtown. That was how I got to know her. Later I made inquiries about her and got to know she was married and had two daughters, ” He paused, took a deep breath, and continued.

”I got to know your dad through a friend of mine months later when your mum was pregnant with you. Then I had to leave the country. That was the last time I heard from them, ” he expounded as Julia nods her head waiting for him to go on and tell her the part she was most interested in. Julia was disappointed, she frowned her face and scoffs when she didn hear what she wanted to know from him.

”Thank you, sir, but what you are telling me is not going to help me find my dad, ”

”How about you tell me where your dad left too and it will surprise you how I can use my contacts to find him, ” he tried to cheer me up.

”That is the sad thing. I don know, we have not heard from him for 19 years. He disappeared right after my birth, ” she said sadly.

”Don get me wrong my mum is a wonderful mother, she is amazing but l know she will be happy if we were a complete family. Im doing this for her and maybe myself as well. I just want a chance to meet him once and ask him why he left us, but it seems I will never get to do that, ” She groans.

”Have you thought of the possibility that he might had pass away or involve in an accident and probably lost his memory, ” He suggested looking at her with a compassionate smile

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