I feel so much better now!

I also came up with a foolproof plan overnight, theres simply no way I won escape this place by the end of today.

I stand up and pick up some stuff, firstly some money, which totals to 5 godfreys and 17 salvatores, its not much, but it should be enough to start with.

Then I also grab whatever spell schematics I happen to have on my desk, they are , , and , they are basic spells, so the schematics easily fit in one of my pockets.

Im fairly proficient with these spells, and all of them will be extremely useful to me.

On top of that, Im also really good at using one of the signature spells of my Paprika clan.

Im really hungry though, so Ill eat something first, it won change my plans either way.

I open the window and leave through it.

Hah! I did it perfectly this time.

Ill keep this in mind for the future, being properly rested is important!

”Fufufu~ ” I hear a familiar laughter nearby.

I turn around and see aunty Quarta, shes my cousin and Sextas and Novenas mom.

The family tree is quite annoying…

She has black hair curled into a bun, her eyes are always half closed for some reason, and if Novena is motherly, then Quarta takes that to the extreme, motherly squared, shes also quite tall, almost as tall as Septimus is.

Shes not wearing a uniform like us, but she is wearing a comfy looking dress with similar colors.

Quarta has always been nice and kind to me, my own parents have been dead for as long as I can remember, so shes always taking care of me. Im very indebted to her.

Im still planning to leave though, I haven heard of any birds that stay in their nest forever!

”Whats so funny? ”

Quarta comes closer while chuckling to herself, ”Oh nothing, Its just that I saw you leave through the window and you looked very proud of yourself, but you still had that bored face you always have. ”

Forget what I said about this old lady being kind!

This old lady is so mean, what the hell.

I know I don emote a lot, but its not funny!

Hmph, I walk left and then left again into a hallway, however, Quarta is following me now, I think shes also hungry.

To my left is the door to my room, and in front of me is the door to the dining room, I open it and go inside.

The dining area is very large, the walls and floor are the same as in my room, but there are 2 long tables spanning across the room, this place smells like smoke for some reason, I look around, theres very few people in here, I wonder if I woke up too late?

The disciples have a pretty tight schedule, and Septimus and Novena are nowhere to be seen, the only people here are some servants and Claudia, the source of the smokey smell and my cousin-in-law.

Shes Septimus mother, she married my cousin Tertius, though he died when I was young.

Claudia has blonde hair tied in a ponytail, and her eyes are sharp, I get the feeling shes always paying attention to her surroundings, her body is similar to Quartas, though shes more slender and slightly shorter.

Shes always smoking from a pipe too, that can be great for her health.

”Claudia, how many times have I told you to not smoke in the dining area? ” Quarta sits in front of Claudia as she reprimands her, and I sit near them too, though not too near, Im still profoundly hurt from those demeaning comments from before.

”Its fine, its fine. ” Claudia just waves it away ”Besides, Master just went into seclusion last night, so he can get mad at me. ” She laughs to herself after saying that.

Quarta sighs ”Thats no good, you at least have to set a good example for the disciples… ”


Master went into seclusion?

Hehe… this is perfect!

Ill execute my plan after this meal then.

Not that my plan wasn already perfect, but this just makes it even easier for me.

Its not too long until a maid brings us our breakfast, its some sort of stew, though Im not sure exactly what it is, it smells delicious though.

Before eating, Quarta looks at me ”So how are you feeling, Octo? I was told you hit your head pretty badly. ”

Claudia also looks interested. ”I heard about it too! Did you get some sort of brain damage or anything? ”

I shake my head. ”Im fine, I just tripped. ”

Claudia leans a little closer ”Are you sure? I have some medicine if you
e still feeling bad. ”

Damnit, that wouldve been amazing yesterday…

Oh well.

I shake my head again. ”Don worry about it, though Ill go outside to get some air. ” I start eating my stew.


This is my master plan, Ill simply go outside, then not return.

Completely foolproof.

Im so smart.

Claudia nods. ”Very well, just make sure to not trip again Octo, that kind of thing looks bad for the clan. ” After saying that, she starts eating her breakfast.

”Fufufu~ ” Quarta chuckles a little ”Id go out with you, but Ill be busy today, and besides, I doubt you want to go out with an old lady like me, fufufu~, Ill tell Sexta to go with you. ” She also starts eating.


With Sexta around escaping will be impossible, not only is she very strict about the rules, but she has a Pattern of the apprentice, you get patterns in your ether core as you advance your cultivation, the first pattern that appears when an Ether core forms is the pattern of magic, thats the one I have, then you can get the pattern of change, and then theres the pattern of the apprentice.

Each pattern generally makes you much stronger, gives you more abilities, and some other stuff.

Basically Sexta is way stronger than me and can kick my ass.

Should I just jump out of the building from a window?

No, thats a bad idea.

I got really **ed up from tripping into an anvil, and the clan building is 5 stories tall, and this is the top floor…

Not only that, but these two are no slouches either, both of them have a pattern of change, either of them would be able to catch me before I even make it to a window…

See, this is why having a face that hardly emotes is a good thing, Im in complete panic and no one can notice!

I finish my stew quickly, and excuse myself.

If I leave before Quarta can call Sexta, then it should be fine.

I leave the dining room…

”Young master! ” Sexta calls me and skips over here with a beaming smile. ”I heard you and mom talking! Lets go! ” She seems very happy for some reason.

”Sure, just let me go to the bathroom first. ” Everything is falling apart!

I hurry to the bathroom, and Sexta follows me, though thankfully she didn come inside, I wouldn put it past her.

I wash my face with some water.

Everything that couldve gone wrong, went wrong.

What do I do now?!

I look around me, and see a window.

It leads outside, so I won jump through it, but maybe I could sneak through the roof?

Things surely can get any worse.

I look down the window and see some trees very far down from where I am, I gulp and get on the roof.

Its not much trouble, I can be quite athletic when Im in top condition!

However, stealth has proved to be impossible.

I can see Sexta clear as day from here, and shes looking straight at me…

How awkward.

Sexta jumps onto the roof. ”Young master! What are you doing up here? Novena told me you were delirious yesterday, are you alright? ” She spoke to me in a gentle tone, as if I was crazy.


”I am 100% serious! ” I take a step back.

Im going to leave this place before today ends!

Sexta looks a little sad. ”Young master, I don know how to help you with your sadness right now, but Im sure we can do something about it! ” She then becomes very flushed. ”and about making s- love, maybe we- ”

I jump backwards and out of the building.

Sexta is surprised and quickly rushes to grab me, but shes one instant too late and I fall down.

I see tears forming in her eyes as shes further and further away, and the air pressure becomes stronger.

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