Journey of a Blacksmith MAGNUM

Side chapter 1 - Isekai


Ive been writing new schematics and experimenting all night, and I think I managed to get something decent!

Using as a minor spell of instead of , Ill launch the fire instead!

Im so smart.

Of course, I also have to supply it with more mana and elemental energy than before, so its not a perfect solution, this consumes twice as much elemental energy as .

Not only that, but also unlike , I can only use fire energy to cast it and fuel it…

The window is still open, so I point outside with my index finger, take a deep breath and use my last bit of elemental energy to cast my newest spell!




The darn thing exploded…

Im in pain!

Physical AND emotional!

At least I didn break my finger…

I can move it just fine, it just hurts, my whole arm hurts!

And I was sure it would work this time…


This is progress!

My other tries just fizzled out without doing anything.

Now I just have to make sure the explosion hits the other guy and not me.

I nod to myself.

*Slam!* The door suddenly opened.

”What is going on here?! ” a raspy voice yells at me.


Hell, that scared me.

Its just the barmaid lady.

”Hum, you
e that weird lad? Sigh… at least it looks like nothing was broken. ” Thankfully she doesn seem that mad. ”And you
e lucky that the tavern is empty… Ill let you off the hook this time! ” the lady crosses her arms and nods to herself. ”But you did give me quite the scare, Ill have you help me move some stuff! ”

Is that really letting me off the hook?

”Sure, ” I have no reason to refuse though, I probably troubled her. ”I do have to leave before midday though. ”

”I also have to meet some people later, so you better not take that long! Now follow me! ” She leaves the room and goes downstairs.

* * *

I see some familiar boxes in front of the door, we use these in the clan to deliver our products, these ones are middle sized, but I have no idea what could be inside.

”You see, I ordered some new equipment, but the delivery guy wanted to charge me an absurd amount to move them into the barn! ” She shakes her head. ”Those guys in the clan have absolutely no respect for smaller businesses! ”

Is she talking about me too?

I have my clan uniform on, she should know Im also part of the clan.

Ah, whatever.

I pick up a box, none of them are too big, but they
e surprisingly heavy, whatever is inside is made of either lead or lycantine.

Is this really barn equipment?

”You are carrying that like its nothing, huhu, follow me. ” She leads me to the small barn and I leave the box inside, though there aren any animals in it.

We repeat this a few times while making some small talk, until Ive moved all the boxes into the barn, during this I kept looking at the tavern lady, I think shes really sweet looking, her breasts are large and eye catching, she probably noticed me staring but hasn said anything about it, so I don plan to stop.

”Lad, you moved those in no time and you
e still fresh like a lettuce! What are young people eating these days?! ”

”Hehe, Im a blacksmith maam, something like this is not much more difficult than walking ” The heavier equipment is a pain to carry, and a few disciples have been injured by it, so this is nothing.

”Huhu, I see, don worry about the assembly, Ill take care of that later. ” She moves to the entrance of the barn and closes it. ”I should give you a reward… ” She moves her dress down and leaves her tits out. ”I noticed you kept staring at these girls… ”


Her nipples are big, puffy, and they are in a delicious shade of pink…

”Call me Georgetta ” She has a sultry smile. ”You don have a lot of experience? huhu, how cute, don worry Ill lead you. ” Georgeta starts walking towards me, but I barely notice as Im too focused on her georgetas.

I can feel her breath near my ear…

”Lets see how you look under those clothes… ” She unbuttons my shirt and throws it away.

Then her hand moves across my torso, getting a good feel of my body.

This is such a dirty feeling…

”Now… Don just freeze up. ” She grabs my hand and puts it over her breast.

I feel it up, kneading it with my hand.

Its so warm and soft, I love this feeling.

”Good… Now lets see how you square up down there… ” Georgetas hand starts trailing downwards, below my pants, and starts feeling up my son. ”Huhuhu, you have something very nice down here. ” She pulls down my pants rapidly, in a practiced motion. ”You got a big ol swinger! ” She seems pleased…

Is my son too big? Is that good or bad?

”Huhu, let me take care of this. ” She gets on her knees and puts my son between her breasts, it feels so soft and warm… but they can cover it completely, only going halfway. ”What a nice cock… ” after saying that, she starts sucking on it.

Her mouth is wet and her tongue is licking my cock all over, sending waves of pleasure to it.

Fuck, I never knew you could feel like this… I put my hand on her head and enjoy this feeling…

I feel something is coming, and Georgeta must have noticed too, because she takes my cock deep into her throat, and starts sucking on it with more force.

I hold her head in place, she doesn resist me, but I don think she could free herself even if she tried since shes a commoner.

Im no match for this pleasure and I shot my cum into her throat, and after a moment I let her head go.

She coughs and stands up after a while. ”What are you eating? Ive never seen anyone cum like that before, that was more like a horse than a normal guy… ” She looks at my cock again and realizes its even harder than before. ”Lad… Whats your name? ”

”Octavius. ” Theres no way Im stopping just after this!

The main course is still left!

”Octavius, you
e going to spoil me rotten like that! ” Shes making a brilliant smile, but it has a special charm with her disheveled hair and her mouth dirty with drool and cum. ”You
e a virgin right? thats a tragedy to all the young ladies of the world like myself! ” She undresses without much fanfare.

Her naked body is the definition of soft and warm, Georgeta might not be very fit, but she has some delicious curves..

Oh man, all of the pain and getting scammed were worth it to get to this point!

She sits on top of one of the boxes. ”Huhuhu, Ill teach you some nice tricks ” And spreads her legs…

I gulp.

”I really lucked out today, all of your reactions are so cute! ” She moves her hands towards her crotch. ”This right here its called a pussy, and is the most important place of us young ladies ”

I go closer and start touching it, its puffy and damp…

”Ahnhn! Hmmm, be a little gentler… Yeeeaaahhh, just like that, its a very sensitive place… ” Georgeta is moaning and panting.

While touching her, I notice a small bump, and start gently caressing it.

”hmmmm! Huhu, thats the clit, its also very sensitive… keep going… ”

How entrancing…

”All this foreplay is driving me crazy, listen here, Ill teach you something amazing. ” she gets really close to my face, and whispers something to me… ”Did you get that? ”

”Y-yes! ” I start inserting my fingers deeper into her pussy, its warm and wet… and I can feel her meaty insides twitching.

Be gentle… and I do as Georgeta told me!

”Uuuooohh! ” a clear liquid comes out of her pussy and drenches me in it, thankfully I was already naked, because I don know how I would wash my clothes from that. ”Haah… haah… I told ya! Thats called squirting by the way… ” It seems she felt really good. ”Huhu… Don worry I can still keep going ”

I follow my instincts and line up my cock with her pussy.

”Huhuhu, start gentle, little by little… and keep building momentum ” The barmaid breathes heavily, and she has an expectant look on her face.

I do as she says and I slowly thrust my manhood into her, her insides are wet and tight, but moving inside them is not difficult at all.

After enjoying this wonderful sensation for a second, I start gently thrusting, slowly going deeper and deeper.

Fuck, this is way better than her mouth.

I hit something, and I can go further.

Georgeta bites her lower lip. ”Oh **… thats good… ”

It seems this is as deep as I can go, but theres still some of my cock outside.

I start thrusting faster while violently groping her large tits, and a white liquid comes out of them!

Is that milk?

I move my mouth over her nipple, and start savoring it.

The milk is creamy and sweet, its quite delicious.

”Haanhh! just like that… AAhhhhnnn! try to keep a consistent rhythm… ” Georgeta barely manages to string a sentence while moaning and panting.

I try to maintain a rhythm while pounding her, however, isn this very similar to blacksmithing?

While forging your every strike has a purpose, molding the metal into a desired shape while also having to act fast so as to not lose the heat.

I can shake the thought out of my head, and I start moving according to my deduction.

Moments later Georgeta is already squirting all over me again. ”UUUOOOOHHH!!! I don know how you
e doing it but don stop for the love of anything holy!

My movements are still clumsy, especially when I compare them to when Im smithing, but anyone with any IQ can notice that Georgetas pleasure has multiplied!

”Oh! Octavius! ” Georgeta has begun moving her hips too, in a wild manner, as if her life depended on it ”Octavius! Octavius! ” She barely manages to whimper ”Please don cum insideeEEE! ”

I start pounding her with more confidence.

”Ahhh! Octavius! ” She has completely stopped saying anything making any sense and is just moaning and screaming my name.

At this point I also feel something rising inside me, I bite my lower lip and take my cock out of her, then bring myself to climax using her thighs drenched in love juices.


After a moment, cum shoots out of my cock and I cake Georgetas chest with it.

Fuck thats so hot!

Now this is life!

Everything up to this point was worth it!

I haven had anywhere close to enough though!

”Wait! ” Georgeta sits up. ”What time is it?! ”

Oh **!

I look outside, and its already midday.

I take a deep breath and use to quickly clean myself.

”You want a quick cleaning too? ” I grab my clothes and try to put them on as quickly as I can.

”Yes! ” Georgeta stands up and lifts her arms to the side.

I spray her with some water on her chest and face. Its not really thorough but its enough to wash most of the cum out of them.

I also take another look at Georgeta, shes not the most beautiful woman I know, shes kinda old and chubby, but damn Im really proud of myself for **ing her.

”Huhuhu, taking one last look? You don look like it, but you really are cute until the end. ” Georgeta grabs her underwear and starts dressing herself too. ”Come visit me whenever you hear? Ill get lonely if you don . ”

”Ill be leaving Paprika today, but if Im back, coming here will be one of my priorities. ” I finish dressing, and start to leave the barn.

I really liked this, but I don want to be late!

Even more sex awaits me!

”Ill hold you to that! ” She waves goodbye at me.

* * *

Wait, how did I use ?

Im sure I ran out of elemental energy…


I bumped into someone just as I was leaving the tavern.

”Oh, sorry. ” I look at them.

Its a very lanky man, way taller than anyone I know, his hair is very long too, so much so it covers his eyes. Hes wearing some sort of black and white clothes too, a white shirt with a long-sleeved black buttoned shirt on top, black pants, and a red tie.

Ive never seen clothing like that before.

I move past him…

”Hey! Hey! Be more careful buddy, more careful. ” A short but stocky man reprimands me, hes wearing the same black and white clothes. ”Ill let it pass this time since the two of you opened the door at the same time, but don let me see you slipping again! Never again! ”

I nod, and I start walking away.

”Hey. ” Now the lanky man talks to me, his voice is very deep and commanding.

Do we have to do this now?

I don have much time!

I think.

However, I was already rude to this guy once… so I turn around. ”Yes? Im in a hurry. ”

”Aren you the young master of the clan? ” He sounds bored beyond belief, as if he was talking to a wall.

I got seen through like it was nothing!

Play it cool, play it cool. ”What about it? ”

”I happened to hear about you from someone recently, but from the looks of it, theres not much to see. ” After saying that he starts going into the tavern like he wasn just talking to me.

I feel a chill down my spine, what a weirdo.

But I don have the time for this!

I hurry for the city gates, Im not sure how much time I have left until the caravan leaves!

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