I didn sleep well at all…

I spent too much time working on an app yesterday, and I even forgot to do my homework.


I put on my school uniform and grab my backpack to leave for school, its not too far so I can just walk there.

My name is Taro Yamada, Im just an average highschool boy, a complete non-entity.

If I had to say one thing that makes me unique…

I can think of anything…

”Yo! ” Someone with a familiar voice approaches me. ”Yamada, wait for me! ”

I turn around and see Mitsuo, he has obvious bags under his eyes, and horrible posture, making him look shorter than me even though hes slightly taller than me, his hair is completely overgrown too, he looks like he hasn taken a haircut in ages.

Hes the biggest gamer I know, he always plays female characters and ogles them, so hes also the second biggest pervert I know.

”Wow, you barely woke up on time today! ”

”Ah shut up, raid released a new clan boss yesterday, I was busy grinding to beat it, and I couldn even do it! Its complete bullshit! ” He raged and stomped on the floor.

We continued our way through school until we saw something nasty.

Takehiko and his two cronies were bullying Makoto, a daily occurrence…

Takehiko is a huge guy, hes had to repeat the year two times by now, and even then hes bigger than most adults by a lot, he looks like he could punch a brick wall in half.

Meanwhile Makoto is a big loner, he barely talks to anyone, hes constantly bullied and tends to cry a lot, a pitiful guy, but I don want to get involved, so we speed past Takehiko before he notices us.

It doesn take us long to reach school after that.

We enter the classroom, but we still have some time before class actually starts.

My seat is right next to a window so I get a nice amount of sunlight and a good view of the baseball field.

Mitsuo sits next to me, and begins playing raid on his phone.

I also take out my phone, but it has no battery…

I can believe I forgot to charge it!

In front of me is Kyo, whos also hunched over and looking at something on her phone while making a creepy laugh.

Kyo is completely pale, almost like a corpse, her hair is long and unkempt, and her uniform is all wrinkly

Shes a big loner, and often gets bullied too, but I don think shes as pitiful as Makoto, since Ive had the misfortune of seeing whats on her phone, she likes to look at little boys, though its mostly cartoons.

Still, its creepy as hell, and Kyo is the biggest pervert I know.

”Hey! you can come into the classroom like that! ” I hear the class rep raise her voice.

A familiar back and forward begins…

”Ah, its fine its fine, Im doing the world a favor. ” The gyaru girl smugly flaunts her large cleavage with her unbuttoned uniform that shows almost everything. ”Everyone loves big fat tits! So Im making everyones day more bearable! ”

”Our school is not a place you can come in looking like a cheap slut! ” The class rep instantly bites back. ”There will be consequences if you keep disrupting public morals like that! ” She gives a cold glare to the gyaru and her group of friends, all dressed in a similar way.

Our class rep is called Okura, while the gyaru is Natsumi.

e constantly fighting, and class always begins with a screaming match between the two of them.

Okura always dresses very modestly, her black hair is neat and well groomed, and shes never shown any bits of extra skin she doesn have to, even while wearing a skirt.

Natsumi on the other hand bleaches her hair so its blonde, tans her skin to a bronze color, and wears her uniform in a revealing way, always showing some amount of cleavage, her skirt is always a little high too.

Natsumi and her group of friends always dress in a similar way, and they also bully Makoto and Kyo constantly, extort money from guys, and just get into shady stuff constantly, theres even a rumor the smoke weed, but no one knows for sure.

Mitsuo swears on his life that both Natsumi and Okura have the same build, being similarly busty and tall, Ive had to listen endlessly how Okuras breasts are slightly bigger or that Natsumis butt is bigger.

Personally I don care, I just want the two of them to shut up, their screaming matches are one of the most annoying things in school by far.

I look around and see Yumiko sitting next to Kyo assembling a clock. Shes short and has her hair in twintails, and shes always playing around with some mechanical trinket.

There was one time Natsume reported her to the principal saying she was making a bomb, and by the end both of them got a week of suspension.


The bell sounds, and everyone sits down as the teacher enters the classroom, though Natsumi and Okura are still glaring at each other.

Miss Aki is very down to earth and everyone likes her, shes also very short, many of the students are taller than her, shes our mathematics teacher.

Its quite a boring class really, most math is simply nonsense as far as I see it, and in an ideal world Id just have the computer do it.

As Miss Aki starts writing some formulas on the whiteboard, I look out of the window and into the baseball field.


Theres a truck driving towards the classroom!

How did it get there?!

That doesn matter, I have to run!

Im paralized, like a fly in a spiders web!

The truck gets closer and closer…

* * *

Where am I?

I look around and Im some sort of black void.

Theres about 2 dozen lights above me, and theres a weird circle as a floor, its like some sort of church window? Im not sure, but it looks so complicated that my head hurts just from looking at it.

After a moment a beautiful woman with massive white wings, like those of an angel, appeared in front of me.

Its difficult to express how beautiful she was, no one else Ive seen even comes close, including internet pictures and idols, but at the same time it was extremely hard to keep any of her features in my mind, every time I thought I saw her eye color or the length of her hair it would instantly slip out of my memory, I just knew it was beautiful.

Then, after what felt like an instant and an eternity at the same time, she smiled at me. ”Unfortunate soul, you have met an untimely end. ” Her wings start covering the void, ”You may know me as Nemach, goddess of knowledge, the world of Arcadia is in grave danger, and I have chosen you to protect it, will you accept my plea? ”

”Of course I will! ” To think such a thing would happen to me, Im so lucky!

”Thats wonderful. ” The smile of the goddess becomes even warmer, and a mote of light comes out of her chest, after a second it transforms into a deck of cards, and it begins shuffling itself. ”The great demon king is going to be born in this era, and I am powerless to stop it, as I cannot act directly, so I implore you, you must defeat the demon king. ”

After she said that the deck of cards stopped shuffling itself, so I drew a card.

”Great fortune will always follow you, when you are thirsty there will be water, and whenever you
e hungry there will be food, whatever you need you will not lack. Use this blessing to your utmost advantage to defeat evil. ” The card turns into a mote of light, and enters my chest. ”I will enter into a slumber soon, but I will always be with you. ”

I feel warm, but also very light, as if I had lost everything that was weighing me down.

”Your task is great, but you will be greater, and the next time we meet we will be victorious over evil. ”

The instant she said that, the circle below us shrunk until it disappeared, and I fell into the void.

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