Just For Love

8. There is no certainly

Princess Cerllynda chose to sit under a shady tree watching the two little girls play. Rana was seen playing and dancing on the water, while Rana was busy flying from tree to tree to catch a bird.

”They are very special children. I suspect if their background is from a respectable family with great abilities, especially the ability of Rana which very few people have, ” muttered Princess Cerllynda.

”Brother Gress is coming! ” Rina exclaimed immediately descending from the air as well as Rana who immediately landed with several fish in his hands.

”You didn get any fish? ” shouted Rana seeing Rina empty handed.

”You know, they fly too fast, ” he replied with a chuckle.

”You two are great, ” said Princess Cerllynda, ruffling their hair. Gressylia was getting closer to their current position. The two little girls immediately ran to get firewood and build a fireplace, while Rana cleaned the fish he caught.

”What are you doing?! ” rebuked Gressylia with sweat all over her body, the sun was hot enough to make her body, which was only wearing a thin cloth, burn.

e just hunting to welcome you home, Brother, ” said Rina, who was busy flipping her grilled fish.

Gressylia just shook her head, actually she really wanted to scold the two sisters for not using their power when there were other people among the three of them. But, he couldn scold them because Princess Cerllynda was here.

”They are great children Gress, I am very impressed with them both, ” said Princess Cerllynda, who seemed to be able to read Gressylias angry face with the actions of her two sisters. Gressylia just smiled awkwardly and washed her face with the lake water.

”By the way, what is the princess coming here for? ” asked Gressylia while sitting not far from where Princess Cerllynda was sitting.

”Im actually having a problem. For some reason, I feel like telling you Gress. ” Princess Cerllynda started the conversation. He really wanted to reveal that he was in love with Gressylia, but it seemed that his words were very difficult to say because of the wide-spread caste system.

”Princess want to tell me? ” Gressylia frowned, apparently she couldn believe that a Crown Princess of Carvandalle wanted to tell her problem to Gressylia who was only a commoner, even she was from the lowest caste.

”Im not joking Gress. My father asked me to choose my future husband from the four men who came to me a few days ago. But- ” Princess Cerllynda hung up on her sentence, her gaze straight on the wide expanse of the lake.

”Then? Who did the Princess choose from among them? ” Gressylia asked enthusiastically. Princess Cerllynda was still silent, she wanted to say she chose Gressylia and didn choose any of the four men.

”I, I want to choose you, Gress! ” Gressylia was taken aback by Princess Cerllyndas words. He couldn believe a woman of honor would choose a man who had no honor at all.

”Don be joking, Princess, my name is not among the four of them, ” said Gressylia, chuckling to dispel her surprise. But, Princess Cerllynda looked very serious.

”Your name is not among the four of them. But your name is in my heart. I like you Gressylia! ”

Princess Cerllynda bravely expressed her feelings to Gressylia, a poor young man from the lowest caste. Of course this would tarnish the honor of the Carvandalle Kingdom for choosing a man like Gressylia.

”Princess, I am just an ordinary man who is poor without wealth and honor. Of course the Princess knows my position in this lowest caste. Im sure there must be among them the best for the Princess, not me, ” replied Gressylia as politely as possible. He didn want to be trapped in a situation like this, he didn want his life to be ruined because he dared to return the love of the princess.

”Don you have any feelings for me Gressylia at all? ” said Princess Cerllynda with teary eyes.

To be honest he also likes Princess Cerllynda, maybe even all the young men like a girl as beautiful as Princess Cerllynda, for them the lowest class of course knows themselves with that feeling and chooses to withdraw, yet there are still many beautiful girls in this Carvandalle.

Gressylia just looked down, she didn dare to look at Princess Cerllyndas face, she felt very embarrassed by this feeling. Princess Cerllynda who saw Gressylia kept looking down began to feel sure that Gressylia had feelings for her. If their eyes met, Princess cerllynda could see the look of admiration and love for Gressylia from those eyes.

”Raise your face and look at me! Don think Im a Crown Princess of Carvandalle so you can see me. This is an order! Do it! ” said Princess Cerllynda who really wanted to see in Gressylias eyes who would answer all her questions and wishes.

Gressylia who received a stern voice full of orders from Princess Cerllynda slowly lifted her face and looked at the beautiful face of Princess Cerllynda who at that time was the most beautiful girl in Carvandalle.

”I know you can read through my eyes, ” whispered Gressylia looking into Princess Cerllyndas beautiful blue eyes. Likewise Princess Cerllynda looked into Gressylias very charming dark black eyes. He smiled slightly when he saw Gressylias gaze full of admiration and love for him.

”Youve found the answer, Princess, ” murmured Gressylia averting her gaze. He hoped that Princess Cerllynda had had enough of peeking at his feelings, nothing more. But her guess was wrong, now Princess Cerllynda hugged Gressylia tightly, as if she didn want to lose Gressylia.

”You love me, its just that you don have the courage and are too shy to say it. I love you Gressylia, ” whispered Princess Cerllynda with her face flushed with embarrassment. Of course a woman will blush when she confesses her feelings to the young man she loves so far.

”Gressylia, marry me, help me with your love, will you let me marry someone I don love? ” Gressylia was silent.

He was confused, very confused. The caste that separates them is vast, however they will never be able to unite forever.

”I beg you Gress, ” Princess Cerllynda whispered, pleading with Gressylia to marry her so that she would not marry the man her father chose.

”Im sorry princess, Im too presumptuous to love you, even if I dare to try to marry you. Im sorry princess, I can . His Majesty King Carlin will definitely not agree. ”

Princess Cerllynda was getting teary, a drop of clear water slid freely down her cheek. He knew that, his father would never approve of this relationship, but either way feelings could never be lied to.

”Ill give it a try. These days Ive been looking for ways to tell dad this. But, I want you to know before my dad. Gress, I beg you to fight for our love. ”

”Forgive me. ” That was all gressylia could say to Princess Cerllynda. He felt ashamed as someone who lowly loved Princess Cerllynda even fought for their love.

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