Just Trust Me or Die

The Only One Family I Have

”Alright, everyone! Thats the gameplay tonight. Don forget to Like and Subscribe. Also, don forget to activate notifications so you don miss my next live streaming. See you all in the next gameplay. Have a nice dream and don be scared for tonight everyone hehe~ Goodbye~ ”

Uuuugh… Finally!

Finally, I have finished live streaming tonight! I turned off the camera, took off the rather oversized headset, and immediately threw myself into a chair that was quite comfortable even though it was only made of plastic. Well, I don need that expensive king-like loveseat. My whole body ached because I had been streaming for 4 hours! My hands were still sweating and I kept feeling my heart still pounding as if I wanted to jump out, because of the horror game I was playing.

Yeah, I just streamed a horror game for 4 hours! It was torture! My hands were constantly shaking and sweating! That feeling as if someone was looking at me from around the corner, goosebumps on my head! Also very sad but scary background music that is…..ugh! That game creators must be happy to torture the players!

Also, thats so hard to hold back all those instincts and try to keep smiling, laughing, and relaxing in front of the camera. Even though I am quite used to it after years of doing this, its still quite excruciating. But, it all paid off after I managed to finish that shitty game and get more than 800,000 viewers. Well, people will enjoy watching another human being tormented, especially if the one being tormented is a girl.

My body is still very tired and sore. With laziness, my hands take a water bottle and drink it. While drinking a bottle of the drink I had just endorsed, I lazily looked again at the comments column, only to read their comments and remind myself that they were assholes.

[Lol. Look at her scarred face! So funny!]

[Be careful behind you, honey~]

[What a fcking jumpscare!]

[Sis, can you just play? Why read the story. It doesn matter!]


[Hooooamh… What kind of experiment is this?]

[Haha! You
e screaming too loud sweetie~ So cute~]

[How can you still laugh after being surprised so many times? That makes me imagine you in… Haha just forget it~]

[Hey! Next time wear something more revealing, can you?]

[I agree! Her appearance is always boring. Only her face is seductive.]

[Can you put your social media accounts on the description next time please?]

[Wow! Your gameplay is so cool! No less than male streamers!]

[Please be more attentive to the storyline!]

[Its finally over. You don have to pretend to be sad, you know? That sucks.]

[Sis, do you have a boyfriend?]

”AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! ” I screamed with all my might and threw the water bottle on the floor, ignoring the sound of curses coming from nowhere.

How dare! How dare they! Ive been tormented streaming various horror games for 3 years now, and they still comment like that? Shit, I wish…I wish…..

”Haaaah… ” I breathed many times, trying to calm myself. Yeah! I don care what they say. I don care what they think. The important thing is I get a decent income from here. Even though Ive never used it to spree because there are still things to do.

Things became my initial goal in starting this job.

I looked at the clock, it was past midnight. With a limp, I dragged my feet to the bathroom to quickly take a shower, tidy myself up and go to sleep. ”Damn, its already midnight. I need to quickly get some sleep so I can get up early and get ready for the hospital tomorrow. ”

Uuuugh… I was still throbbing and my skin was still shivering. Looks like I need to look for other games besides horror. But, What game? It will not be easy enough, since this game is the easiest game genre. Horror games are also among many who are interested in watching because there are only a few girl gamers who want to play horror games.

But if I keep pushing it, it will be a pain for me. I have to admit that even though Ive been playing horror games for years, my heart still feels drawn and squeezed ruthlessly when a jerk jumpscare appears suddenly in the middle of my screen! Especially with a sound that can be heard for many kilometers out of my headset. My body still has limits. But… What genres are suitable for me?

Well, I better think about it tomorrow. I just want to take a shower right now.

”Triiiiiing….. ”

As I walked into the bathroom, I heard a notification sound from my smartphone.

Hmm? Who sends messages in the middle of the night? Moreover, the dial card that I used was only replaced last year and I didn tell anyone about my new number at all. Friends? They have long since disappeared into the arms of guys of unclear origin.

Well never mind. At most, its just an advertisement or a missive. I ignored that and started to brush my teeth. Then, I turned on the shower and started an unpleasant bath in the middle of the night. Even though I already took a shower this afternoon, still all this sweat sucks.

After taking a shower, I put on my most comfortable pajamas and threw myself on the bed. I put my head on one of the pillows and pulled a thick blanket to warm myself.

For a few minutes, I haven fallen asleep. I still feel uneasy. Feelings of loneliness, sadness, and emptiness filled my heart. I tried to close my eyes tightly, trying to hold back the useless tears falling onto the mattress.

After a few minutes that seemed like hours, my consciousness began to disappear. I finally fell into a deep sleep, ignoring the new message on my smartphone that was sent a few hours ago.

Not realizing that it was that message that would change my life forever.

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