Key to my heart

Leave me alone!

”Are you sure of what you just told me ” Morgan said in a very cold voice. ”Yes, Im sure. He almost kissed her ”. Jessica replied coolly. Morgan paced around angrily. All of a sudden, she stormed out of the class and went towards the garden where Candy was with her friends. On getting there, She rushed towards Candy and gave her a hot slap on her cheeks.

Candy was shocked and flared up instantly ”What did I do, why would you slap me like that? ” Candy asked her angrily. There was fire in her eyes. ”Oh! You dare open that gutter you call a mouth to ask me that after you almost kissed my boyfriend ” Morgan said breathlessly.

Candy froze, she was shocked and was about to leave the place when Morgan stopped her. That provoked Candy and she gave Morgan a kick on the leg and was about to return the slap when a cold voice stopped her midway ”Stop right there! ”.


I was passing the garden when I noticed a crowd and decided to find out what was happening. I was surprised to see that Morgan slapped Candy cause of me and Candy was about to reiterate when I intervened. I stopped her and moved over to M

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