5 Kingdoms



”The border between elf and fae ” was no more than a wasteland, The soil, blood red.

Many battles had been fought here. Fae and elven alike!

Many wars had been fought because of the hatred between the kings, they are as ancient as time.

”once the kingdoms were a united front. ”

All 5 kingdoms were at peace with one another, but peace never lasts.

The elven king, Calendir was a powerful being only he and his people served nature to all of its people and, the other kingdoms, they were one with nature. Only those who can not pose truly know how to use it.

Harmony flowed through the kingdoms, every king and queen did there part to make the world flow in order and peace.

But with time.

The Elven-kings heart grew cold as stone.

For an eon, Calendir got poisoned with the power of evil.

The once just and the fair king was no more, the shell of what he once was before,

the king did not wish to share the power of nature with the five kingdoms.

”He that did, not see what he had become, tore the Alliance apart with his greed. ”

The eleven king wanted the power of old, to be his and only his…

The Silver king Arioch, tried to talk some sense into his long lost

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