5 Kingdoms

Chapter 2

the border between Elf and Fae territory. Its path has become my home ” ”I am the shadow of death, ” the kings personal weapon.

Sitting on a branch, ”I was deadly aware of the enemy below. ”

”My breath came in small amounts. ” I was deeply fascinated by the soldiers, the soldiers of the silver king her fathers homeland. but no matter how facinating the fae truly were she had no say in the matter she was to kill all that crossed the warpath. And they somehow knew they were buried in shit, ”the was they tried to make no sound was amusing to me ”.

listening for any signs of life in the trees, to find the beast that lied on the NIghts path, ”but they were never gonna find any signs of life ”

Faries might have good hearing and magic at their disposal, but what elves lag in magic they make up for by senses.

Elves see a lot better and hear better all their senses are overruling the fairies.

But what makes the fae dangerous isn just their magic, it is their resistance and weight.

They were build for war, taller faster stronger. ”a deadly beuty that no other magical creature could ever posed ”.

”Elves are light on their feed, built for blending in with nature ”

They trasured there homeland the earth, is there god. The tree of old gives life to all of tenwye. and with nature on there side they are the perfect spies.

Never making a sound. They are as silent as the wind. ”The Worries, were coming closer to the tree I was in ”

”All the while they were keeping a lookout for enemies ”.

”you know Cal this place gives me the bad kind of chill ”

”oh! shut up you big baby, Kaiden is gonna have our heads if we don do this, ”

”The smaller of the two cal whispered Im telling you theres something eyeing us. ”

”Oh for the love of Talia would you shut it ”.

the faster we get this done the faster we
e out of here he snarled!

”I don like this at all ”

”I snapped out of my fascination and got ready to pounce on them there were directly under me the king assigned the nights path to me because no one else wanted it ” becouse of all the creatures wandering the path,

”and its the safest way for the king to see if Im sitting on my porch like a good little slave. ”

Captured at five years old ” I was brought in to the throne room skinny and frail scared out of my mind ”, the king was a cruel being but even ”I do not know why he didn kill me that day ” he had the blade at my throat but yet he didn kill me instead he called in the assains and told them to groom me into a machine that was worth using. ”I did not disapoint, kirin my mentor was a ruthless man breaking. every bone in my body if I did not do it correctly. ” not a single bone did go unscathed. ”taking the first kill when i was 12 I will never forget the look on the female worriers face when i slid her throut, ” and from that day on she was no longer an novice, she was the kings assaisn

I pounced they didn even saw what was coming for them, as silent as a cat feeds she lanted on the male, and within a second his throat was sliced.

She located the other soldier that had seen his comrad being killed your a female he said flabergasted.

She straigtend with a look of pure calm, what the hell have they done to you he gasped!. She knew what he meant with all the scars running along her body the most prominent one at the eye slicing right down across her cheek.

Rolling her shouldrs back she asked what are you doing here?

”what is it to you he eyed her with a curuious eye your just a littel elven girl he spat with disgust ”. she flashed a set of pearly whites, a girl that just sliced your comrades troat. if ”I were you girl ” I would go back to your city i might let you go then the male said while unsheething his sword across his back. a snort escaped her ”if i were you i would be more concerned for your own life then me fae ”, is that so he said coming closer to her with a predatory gaze sising her up. ” interesting with a speed that took her by surprise he shoved her against the three, on insting she reacted and spun him around so his back was pressed against the three ”what are you lot here for i see more and more around theese days she said with the knife at his throat ”, none of your business he grunted out¨ well then don tell me her knife soon after found its place in the heart of the soldier, it was the same feeling every time. when she saw how the light left their eyes, it was a weird feeling to her she liked killing she was good at it she had a purpose in life but as mutch, as she liked to think she did the right thing,

Comet always came to bide her in the ass

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