5 Kingdoms

Chapter 3

A sigh came around the corner ”you know North if you weren such a psychotic bitch I might take you to bed ”, fury poured through my veins.

I let myself put on the mask of the kings assassins, ”well if it isn the captain of the blood elves what do I owe this honor Shade? ” a snarl came from Shade ” you will talk to me with respect you half-blooded bitch. ” is that so? if I remember correctly I outrank you as the kings assassins,

yes, you are the kings lab dog but as much, as you outrank me ”I am pure blood you my dear North are not, ”

”why are you here shade as much as I love your company here I don see why you have come to ruin my watch, ” ” you mean your slaughtering ? ”. he scoffed

”an order from the king you have been requested at the throne room, ”

my blood froze why? shade picked up on her unease and said don

like to be near your master eh?

I have a job to do


yes watch over the nights path, but you see dear North. you are getting reassigned.

”what! I haven gotten out of line I ca. ” ” as much as I like to see you squirm we have to get back to Cress. ” ” the king awaits and he is in a pissy mood. ” ” who knows maybe you get to be a whore he laughed optimistically, ”

”cress is two days travel by foot! ” i complained if the king was angry know it sure as woudent be any better in 2 days, ”well then we better get going arent we assasin? ” shade said

yes genaral she grounded out. she stormed past him but not before seing the satified grin that had formed.

Her mind was already working on every possibility of what she did wrong she never stepped out of line and she always did as told, the three sentences. ran through her head

”you are not allowed to use your magic, ” ” you are my assassins never too question my reign. ” ”and my dear half blood you are a monster, ”

kept running through her head mind

As the travel went on the general become even more pissy then he normally was ”would you hurry up whore ! ” ” whatever do you mean general? ” she grinned, he snarled dont play games with me he snapped, ”I have better things to do then escort a whore across tenwye ”. my someones in a pissy mood ”no ones warming your bed general? ” she teased, wrong thing aprently before she could blink she was lying on the forrest ground with no air in her lungs and shade right up in her face his canine cornor teeth flashing at her ”if you know whats good for you Halfblood you shut your mouth ”. the king should have burnd you on the fire just like your tragorius morther! she snarled dont you dare talk aboudt her! ”why he snarled right back she was a cheap whore who sold her self to a basterd worrier fae. warming his bed she wrote her own death sentence the first time she opend her legs for him he grinned she got what was coming for her ”. he let go of her ”now shut the ** up and walk we have a few hours of daylight left lets go. ”

Dusk arrived sooner then she would have liked and she sure as hell werent happy aboudt the general at her side. He stoped in his tracked making her bump into him witch earned her a snarl ”watch it! ” well if you didn stop in the middle of the path I wouldn walk into you she snapped back. ”if you want to keep going and be eaten by night crawlers be my guest he grunted! ”

”Theres a cave right ahead go start a fire ill be back he said ” while walking away. shade dident arrive before dark had settled in,

he was out, well his loss the fire was going strong it kept her warm, in the autumm cold. Winter would arrive soon. a rustling sound came from the darkness behind her. red eyes stared back at her in the tree tops Night crawlers, The dark scavengers. They were a creature of old, with time they had become every childs worst nightmare, the legends says that they patrol the forrest of tenwye trying to return home to zilphysis. but they are unworthy, to return home to there ancestors. the eyes blinked curios at her, a sound came from behind her.

Her knifes was in her hands in a seacond ready to kill what ever lurked in the bushes. taking a whiff of the air the sent of the general came rushing toward her.

”put those down before you poke an eye out, he grunted ” where the hell have you been?

”hunting ” and indeed on his shoulder were hanging two rabits.

a perfect shot to the head. right throu there eyes.

the black arrow was what the eleves called him, he never missed his mark never.

”A true war god, at the age of fourteen he became general and led the third battle against the silver king, he led the elves to victory and brought victory to his king and honor to the blood elves his own kin ”

He swore are you an imbecile? ”what? ” ”why is your weapons out on display he snarled ” you could have attracted the stovchers, He looked at her ready for an answer like she was a simple a meer foot soldier giving a report for a bad sparring he had lost, ”I had other thinks on my mind she said looking him in the eye she woudent be intimidated. ”

you could have let them right here! I said nothing just stared at him

he grunted ”you should use your mind halfblood or you wont survive long out here ” ” what is it to you dont even like me i snapped back ”

”I might not like you but I won report back to the king what was your cause of death he said aloof ” he wasent even looking at me he had placed himself at the wall tying up the rabits in there feed skining them.

”I have survived well on my own i grounded out ”.

No he said the smell of rabbit filled the woods ”you have only survived becouse the king have wanted you to. ”

” I eyed him down as he went for the fire to cook the rabits, General shade was, young in age but the way he carried himself, was the same as an elf that had lived for 500 years. ”

His skin was golden brown, Growing up in the northern part of tenwye, were it was always night and with the trees covering the sky, the Night elfs, along with the wooden Elf and blood elfs, were all in an aliance to the Elven king, having there own lands within the kings land, eatch race of elf hav a Lord of there land reporting to the king, ”

”Shade was a Blood elf, the red markings on his arms and the red lin starting from his eyebrow down to his colour bone gave it away, the Blood elfs practised the Art of Hunting, growing up in a kin were hunting is a learning curv, no wonder the General was called the Black arrow, ”

Ember eyes looked at her ” you done eyeing me, he sneered ”

” No actually i was just getting startet, ”

” pure disgust came of the genral face ”

”how did you manged to get your hair so dark you washed it in a mud pit? ”

” you know i woudent talk when your own hair is as grey as a witch covens, ”

”my hair is not grey its silver, ”

”the general studied me, the eyes of molten flames, stared right into me, the smell of something burning filled the cave, Shade swore, taking the rabit meet that were set a blaze he swung it around the to put it out, ”

” I grined were i that beutiful that you had to burn the food, he looked flabergastet You, your so, im so what? genral? a frustratet growl came form him, a chuckel left my lips,

Saving the rabit meat he could he cut it op and made a plate for himself, if you want food take it your self im not serving you,

”Now eat up we are moving out at first light i would prefer to be at the citadel at dusk tomorrow. ”


Morning came mutch faster then i would hav liked,

as we headed toward Cress the city of old. we arrived at the city before dusk even tho her hood was over her head she could feel the disgust coming off the elves, the whispers, and gossip.

her attention went to a small child playing in a puddle, a female jumped around with the slim toddler presumably the mother,

I wonder what my childhood would have been like if I had a mothers affection, she scanned the felines face, she had a slim build and flowers woven into her hair, a wooden elv,

she didn understand the carefreeness of how the feline played with her child, all races of the elves were aware of the conflict with the fae

but they didn seem bothered at all, her eyes locked with the female and the carefreeness and happiness vanished from her face, she picked up her child and hurried alongside an ally through the streets with a brisk pace the child made an annoyed sound as his mother took him away.

she took in the city with her eyes the city of old was a city that had its location in the treas it wove beautiful in and out with the big trees.

of all the citys in tenwye

cress was the one she was the most fund of

She liked the way the city was structured it had a connection with the earth every bit of nature had a purpose to this city mostly wood elves had a resident here the blood elves lived on the ground in Nytalhil the city of wisdom

the night elves lived in a section of this land where it was always night. she loved Eel Tirion the city of dreams, her birth mother had been a night elv,

One of the thirteen, they are the wisest among the elves and to the king Calendir Syldithas,

they are a great asset to him in this war

Myithaes was a sight to be held on it own the city of wind the wind elves although a little reserved were kind to her they were just like her different they had white wings and more fae like features but elves non the less

Shade huffed a satisfying sound,

”what? ” oh nothing he hummed as we reached the castle gates

The elves their stood guard greeted shade and made no small chat all business then

she thought she didn like not knowing why she was summoned to the king she was only near the king when she had her monthly reports.

They walked along the castle walls,

when the familiar oak doors were before her she couldn help but shift the weight to the other leg,

”skittish arr ya ” shade teased

”Don worry assassin if it makes you feel better I don like the gaze his majesty gives me either, ”

the words were somewhat comfortable, she let the mask of the cruel assassins slid over her body, her head held high she met the king gaze and gave him a grin she stopped three feet away from the throne and knelt down,

”your majesty, she said you have summoned me, ”

rise he said

I have summoned you here assassin because of the progression in this war, she looked up rather confused she looked at shade but he gave nothing away the king noticed it and he continued the four kingdoms have grown tired of this tuck of war

there have been talk of a weapon so great it can destroy kingdoms like their magic wasent enought the king snarled,

”your majesty i dont follow why am I, here, ” the king gave her a bored look

havent the general already told you?, her brows t drew together in annoyance

he has told me I am being reasigend, your majesty. I see the king said indeed you are your going to the fae kingdom your being have annoyed me all my life if you didn have elv blood in you, you would be dead in a heartbeat.

but you also have fae blood in you, your going to spy on the kingdoms, figure out what they
e planning,

yes your majesty but won they register my elv blood?

no they won because North im canceling the spell I have on your magic

you are to glamour your self as a fae a cruel smile overtook the kings futures and if any fae get in your way kill em

im having your beast released from its change to accompany you,

when do i leave?

a bored look took over the king as he said

Now ¨

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