5 Kingdoms

Chapter 4

North bowed low

I will not deceive you, your majesty, ” the king hummed you better not assassin ”

ill have steal feather report weekly she said

the king nodded dismissively, very well now get out of my sight half-blood he snarled your magic will come to you when you cross the border of twenye. your beast awaits

she nodded her head in farewell the king dident even give her a second more of attention, general we have matters to disguis ” yes your magesty that we do indeed Shade respontet.

she walked with her head held high out of the throne room her tunic belowing after her.

her feet carried her to the courtyard, were cosmo the thunder lion waited for her

a smile swept over her features when the lion padded up to her his big head nuzzled her side with a happy pure ” Vetus amicus ” she said

Cosmos raised his head so he looked her in the eye thunder strucks chased each other in his striking electric blue eyes.

she led a hand run through his fur a satisfied purr came from cosmo

lets get out of here what you say?

a huff came from the big thunder lion, a grin was spread over her face.

she went over to one of the tack rooms and got what she needed for cosmo the leather was smooth against her fingers when she carried it out to the lion

Okey she huffed she took the round headpiece over his head and connected it with the saddle she connected the leg pieces so his upper body was secure, alright amicus lets get out of here

cosmo knelt down so she got access to get up on his back she swung a leg gracefully over his back and landed in the saddle. she laid her hands around the collar so she could steir the directions and then she took off.

her hair wiped in her face the wind rushed around her ears and the feeling of freedom ran through her body the big beast carried her to the nightshade path her second home.

North herself had never crossed the border because of the king and the army of Faye on the other side

I wonder what will happen, if i fail maybe ill finaly meet my end?

don think you are nothing Stella meus

it speaks a chuckle escaped my lips. I could not see Cosmo but I knew he was rolling his eyes at me

alright all-mighty beast lets get this mission over with shall we?

and what might this mission be?

the king ordered me to find out what the five kings have planned with this weapon of theirs,

so the king fears?

the question took me by surprise I suppose he does but I don think he fears for his people

yes the king has shown time and again that he doesn care much about his people only the ones closet to him does he care about

I snickered yes he only cares about his warlords and the twelve a pang of hurt hit my chest my mother had been one of the twelve but when the king discovered that she was mated to a worrier of fae and had a half-blood child… the king dident take the news very well, rumors said that his cold heart had it set on my mother, but when he found out he became livid, my mother went into hiding with her lover, My farther, after my mothers death, the king closed himself off, only speaking to his advisors and the thirteen after my mother died they replaced her with a young aprentice,

Cosmo senced the mood swing in me, he was aboudt to say something but i cut him off

lets pick up some speed so we will catch up to the border of the five kingdoms with one are we going to?

remebering the worriers on the night path? were going to the silver king. oh thats just great North lets just go to the belly of the bests and lets get eaten cosmo huffed. well im just following orders. but you dont have to cosmo said.

no i dont Cos but you know what happend to my family, for not following orders and elven law.

the memories flashed in front of her like a fire burning its path in the forest


a child so small that it has not yet lived to her fifth name day was being put into the secret cabin of the home the childs mother put the girl down gently with a sad smile the girl did not

understand what was happening, the large male the girl new as her father was not in the home. A sad look crossed her mothers features the girl was told to stay quiet no matter what she might

see or hear she could not come out of hiding.

The mother took the girl, in for a bone-crushing hug and told the girl that she loved her, and she would always watch over her.

The childs mothers

eyes were filled with love for the small child a kiss on the cheek was the last affection the little child got, before the girls mother shut the cabin doors and went to open the front door that was

being pounded on, when the door opened 10 large elven males stood in the door the small child recognized them as the king royal worriers and in between two of the males

were her farther he

was barely alive luxinia Im sorry I failed you, my love, the childs mother let out a strangled cry when one of the worriers slid her fathers throat Nathaniel! no pleas don leave me the childs mother cried

but it was too late. that is what you get when you mate with the other side one of the males snarled. Come now wise, one the king has summoned you to a public council that will

decide what will happen to you he snarled in her face and grabbed the womans delicate wrist and pulled her along the childs mother screamed and beg for them to let her go to her mate that

was slowly dying but her pleas were not heard as she was dragged to a wagon and shoved inside, the small child was shaking in fear but she had promised not to come out tears slid down the childs cheeks and a little cry escaped her lips when she saw the light leave her fathers eyes


The brutal images went through my eyelids the council had been cruel to her mother but they had been far crueler to her with a quick shake on the hed to get rid of the horrible images in her mind she looked beyond the border to the landscape behind were the five kingdoms were shared in piece by the 5 fae kings

hey cos? yeah stella? if i die doing this will you and I still be bonded? a slight pause

yes our souls are bonded together but not like a mate bond tho but yes and if i hear you talking about your death again in that matter I believe I will be forced to knock some sense into that thick scull of yours

hey!! did you just call me heavy. North your stalling ” hmf sorry I said sheepishly ” now stella lets get going on this mission of yours un less you don have the backbone to do it

a growled escaped my lips. backbone well see who doesn have a backbone Cos! lets go the beast laughed at me but moved forward none the less

the exact same moment we stepped into the neutral ground a powerful power went through my body everything became fuzzy in my line of vision. in that short moment a tear of relief came down my cheek i had my powers back, Stella are you okey?

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