5 Kingdoms

Chapter 4

looked calm for a change.

the girl let out a raw and pounced on her farther but being the general for the silver king he never let his guard down. he pinned his laughing daughter under him know where are your manners north you don scare your farther like that he chuckled dad you
e no fun.

huh! how dare you tell me Im no fun, but its true! you told me to never tell lies you cheeky thing he grunted and rolled on his back I guess I did say that her farther had a glint in his eyes. a gush of wind came rushing for the girl she squealed in delight her fathers magic was so much like her own the spirits had gifted her the gift of nature before the girl could react her dad was chasing her through the meadow with the magic right at her tail.

Magic the thing that were the cause of this whole war flowed through her veins welcoming her back home. the nature calling to her telling her the seecrets of the earth, looking back to the border of tenwye. North exhaled getting used to having the magic flowing through her. all that her farther had showed her before he died was all gonna get handy now

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