5 Kingdoms

Chapter 5

et her parade down.

With one swift kick to the girls stomach, the girl was on the ground, your weak piss pot, and you are supposed to be the kings Assasins the girl was herself she remembered this lesson.

Norths small body was heaving for air, you lack coordination you will never be able to kill anybody if you don put yourself together,

the Master of Assasins looked at the pathetic excuse of an apprentice that he had gotten himself.

Follow me pisspot, the girl stumbled to her feet knowing full well that punishment was coming her way.

With blood dripping out of her mouth, they went through the tunnel system that the Assasins use to get around in the capital, they took a sharp left turn through one of the tunnels, her master climbed gracefully op the wall of the city expecting his apprentice to follow behind him.

North didn want to get into more trouble than she already was in so she bit through the pain of her aching limbs and climbed the wall, everything ached the poor girls fingertips had rifts in them if she were to fall. The girl would fall into her death

Reaching the top of the wall her masters cold stare went right through her, come along know we are nearly at mount tisdril regret poured through the girl she did not know what was coming for her, the mountain was known for its deathly steep climb, that didn matter to an Assasin they knew where to step and where not to.

The climb was steep Norths body was tiring out, she had to go on or she would fall to her death. with very calculating steps she placed her arms and feet on the most sturdy places she could following the rout of her master, stopping to catch her breath for a minute, was a big mistake

the crack she had her feet cramped in was wet from the mountain well that ran through the city and supplied the city. Losing her footing she was dangling by pure strength now, she had to find a way to get her footing back quickly her Master looked at his struggling apprentice but this was a learning lesson she needs to learn. That would be her biggest key for survival.

With panic running through her body she needed to find her footing and she needed to find it now, she could see a crack a little further above she needed to get up there in order to get her footing back, with the adrenalin she assembled the courage to make the leap.

Grabbing the surface with her fingertips she used her body strength to pull her up, with her footing in the place, she was now safely secured on the mountainside, Looking up she saw her master looking at her, Look alive piss pot we got a long way to go.

Reaching the top of the mountain North was exhausted, her body was shaking, The view was beautiful it gave access to see all of tenwye and beyond that the border to Ethilios. The air was so much thinner op there but she felt calm despite the fact that her whole body was shaking she could stay op there forever, her view was blocked by Master, the stern look of her mentor was enough for her to look away again.

This pisspot will be the first of many lessons of this kind now fight me she didn hesitate, it was a hand to hand combat, she wanted to do good, she knew at that moment that she would do whatever the cost to be a good Assasin she had promised her mother to live and so she would.

The fighting lessons lasted for the remaining of the day when dusk started to appear, her Master decided to end the lesson for today,

now pisspot you have one more lesson for today North nodded but her mentor didn give more information than that,

what is it she asked curiously? we have to get down, she nodded unsure of where this was going he mentioned her to follow her so she did.

A little further down the mountain, there was a cliff with a rushing waterfall storming underneath. Jump! wha? I said jump thats and order this is the last lesson you need to learn for today, she nodded now jump! and so she did she made her first-ever Leap of faith, falling toward the crushing deep, but before she could hit the water.

North woke up with a jolt of sweat covering her body, the actions of the day came rushing towards her the shadowy figure,

her falling into darkness. North? you okay, turning she saw the thunder lion lying beside her they were in a cave, yeah Im good she said panting the memory still fresh in her mind.

Electrik eyes studying her trying to see beyond her soul, happy with the statement and the feelings he found within the girl. were are we Cos?

we are safe he answered a storm is coming.

North had a feeling he wasn just talking about the weather.

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