5 Kingdoms

Chapter 7

Sat in the cave, with a small fire going to keep them warm, and the sound of Cos puring, there were a calming to the place she now sat in, the memories that she had seen, had they been caused by that shadow figure? and, what did it mean when it mentioned its siblings had planned her future, all of it seamed off , cause North was already marked as the kings ward and assasins, this task that she was asigned, it all semed like a deathsentence.

The magic stured ind within that place deep within her, the king had taken it away the day she arived at the palace, it was strange to hav the magic of old within her, looking at her scared hands, after she had shapeshiftet into a fae, her hands were now slimer, her eyesight had become sharper, and her ears smaller, not like her elven features given to her bye her mothers heritage, Elven ears were slimer but longer, then fae its a sign of status in the elven kin, the longer your ears are the more power you hold. being a half breed between the two races had given nothing but trouble for North, how she whished, her mother and farther had been either fae or elf, instead of the outcome she got, the crinckeling of the fire, made North jump, and just for a moment she was back at that moment

The cheering of a crowd could be heard in the distence, The littel girl was runing, towards the sound trying to find her mother, confused bye all of the comotion, made, she came to the center of the city, never had she been to this big of a city, all she had ever known were her house in the forest on the far border of tenwye, now standing in the city Square, she was at the heart of the cheering and shouts of the elven folk the littel girl was confuesd but as

the sight of her mother screaming as the flames rose above her while she were tied to th pillar, and

The crowd cheering when she stoped screaming and had taken her last breath now the traitor had left there lands, the Thirteen looking away,

when the Thirteen became the twelve, the soldiers holding the Girl screaming for her mother , trying to push away the guards, she wil never forget that day, neither can she the burning mark on her shoulder is proof of that, the king had seen her trying to fight through the guards, and decided to teach her a lesson, the branding stick of the elven symbol was, burned into her right shoulder blade forever marked as the kings possion,

The storm outside had quiet down before the sunlights first rays had toutch the cave walls, North were op on her feet she neaded to get to Niross, lying within the silver kingdom, her farthers homeland, Cos wake up, her companion stirred, but made no signs of getting up from the cave floor, Cos we hav to get moving while we hav the daylight on our side, the massiv thunderlion opend one eye a electrik blue eye looked back at her, with a yawn the lion rose, and strecthed out his body, You know ” Stella your a real grumpy pants in the morning, shut up cosmo or should i say Comet she said, a growel came from cosmos mouth, Norths mouth came into a smile well seem like i ruffeld your fur there cos ” The eyeroll she got in return were proof of that, packing up the gear and stumping out the fire, they set out of the cave ready to, make this journey to Niross

”Why in the spirits name, did you hav to pick the hottest god damn route of alle the path we could hav taken you chose the scourthing sands, why in Ethilios name Cos grumbled ”

Hey! it wasent like i picked it, we agreed on it together, so dont give me all the blame here,

” you see any one other then you i can blame for my burning paws and carrying you on my back docent make it mutch better, ”

Pff you big baby, hold on a second, reatching down in the saddle bag i grabbed the map over Ethilios, on the bottem of the map, were the elven kingdom Tenwye, and all its citys Cress, the capital, were drawn in on the map by the tree of old, the source of magic, the same magic dweling within her, the cause of this whole war, tracing her hands on the tree of old, looking up the map were, the line drawn on the map showing the border of the Elven lands, and the wastelands, she and cos, had crossed to get to salifremdal, the city of gold, bye looking at the map it would apear, North were at the outer corner of the city the cave cos had carried her to, were at the out skirts of the city,

on the map not to far away from the capital were a small Harbor village, the humans stil used it for trading goods, Sandvale Harbor

” i think i found something there a small harbor port a littel further away from this city, ”

”We might be able to get onboard on of the merchant ships that are going to Niross, beter then 2 week traveling trip on foot,

”And besides im starving we might be able to find a tavern there aswell, ”

Cosmo huffed in agreement how far?

” atleast a day bye horse, ”

Well then lets get over there anything but this burning sand.


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