Lovelyns Pov

Grrr! Grrr! The alarm blared disrupting my beautiful dream. You might be wondering what I am dreaming about, well I am gonna tell you. In my dream, I saw a prince charming riding a horse and was calling me. Then he came down from the horse and came to me and was about to kiss me but the alarm spoiled the precious moment. Lovelyn!!! My mom shouted downstairs. A minute mom I want to kiss my prince charming, i shouted back in reply. I was dozing off when I felt something cold on my body then I spranged up from the bed.

Lo and behold I saw mom holding a bucket then I checked my body and I was soaked with water. Mom!!!, I cried; not because of the Cold water she poured on my body but because I couldn not finish my dream. Will you get up and go take your bath for Christ sake this is past8!!! Mom shouted. What! did I slept that long. Will you get down, she said; okay mom, I replied and rushed out of my room. Mom can be strict at times but she is the sweetest mother in the world because she has been taking care of us all by herself ever since that my fa….I mean that man she married who left us on our own for money. Well that was 18 years ago. I finished taking my bath and I went downstairs for breakfast. Good morning aunt Lovelyn, my handsome younger brother, Josh

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