Lovelyns Pov

I yawned for the upteenth time. It was already evening and there were no customers. Mom I am hungry!, I pouted at my mom giving her my best puppy eyes. How many times do you want to eat today? Mom scowled at me. I wanna eat a thousand time, I replied. Then go and eat it in your dream;mom said. Mom!!! then I started shedding crocodile tears so as to get her attention but an iron lady will always be an iron lady. Mom gave deaf hears to my pleas. Mom was not lying when she said I love food. And I was not joking when I said I can eat a thousand times. Lovelyn attend to the customer!!, mom shouted. Aye aye captain;I saluted and ran off to attend to the customer.

Michael Pov

I was typing on my laptop very fast so as to conclude the remaining work. Then I checked the time; it was almost 6:00. Time to go home, I said and packed my laptop. James came in and collected the files. Boss, you really need a secretary, James said. I don need any secretary you can handle all the works. But the work will be too much, James pouted which doesn fit him. Do you want to be fired? I asked. No boss, I will do all the works and I will be very hard-working; James said rushing his words. I chuckled and left the office while he followed me. James is like a brother to me. I remembered the time I met him; that was Eight years ago.


It was raining heavily. I was coming back from school that day in my dads car, then I saw him drenched in the rain with no shelter. His clothes were soaked and he was shivering. So I told my driver to pick him. We took him home and I introduced him to my mom and dad. So we started attending the same school till we graduated from the University. He and my sister are the only ones who understands me better.

(Flashback ends)

I turned around and I saw James bending to pick a file that fell down. As he was about to pick the file, he slipped and fell flat on the ground. I laughed when I saw his red face then I took a picture of him. Michael!!!!!! He screamed. I speedily entered inside the car. He came inside the car and he was still fuming. Then I decided to taunt him. Handsome James, sweet James; I taunted him and started tickling him. Stop it, he said amidst laughter. I also laughed. I will get my payback, he said and I chuckled. The driver started the car immediately and drove off.

Few minutes later

We reached my mansion and the driver packed the car in the garage. James and I got down from the car and all the maids rushed out and greeted us. I did not reply and I kept a Stern face as I walked inside the mansion. James was winking at them while some of them were blushing. Bunch of fools; I muttered before stepping inside. Holy shit!!! I screamed when I saw a figure sitting on the chair. James immediately came inside. The figure slowly turned around and it was…..Maya. What are you doing here Maya? I asked. Can I visit my arrogant brother again. Well Maya is my annoying but loving sister. Whats up James, Maya greeted and they did their secret handshake. I just rolled my eyes. You should have at least call me. Why do I have to call you, you are my brother for Christ sake and we are related by blood. No I thought we were related by WINE. I said emphasizing on the wine. What!!!! Maya screamed. James was already rolling on the floor with laughter. I will kill you today Michael!!!! Maya shouted and jumped on the couch. I quickly run upstairs and lock my room before she kills me. Michael come outside before I break down that door!!!!Maya screamed. I sighed and fell on the bed. No more rest in this house as long as Maya is around. I was about to sleep when I heard the window opening. Before I could say jack, Maya was standing in front of me smirking. James save me!!!!! I screamed as Maya chased me around the house. James was laughing while eating popcorn. I will get back at him later but let me escape from this maniac I call my sister.

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