owled at him. I finished my breakfast and carried my briefcase. The driver opened the door and I went inside and he drove off. I checked the rear mirror and I saw James jumping and waving.

”Payback time ” I grinned.

Monds Corporation

Michaels Pov

Few minutes later we got to my company. The driver opened the door and I got down from the car. Suddenly, a Ferrari car was speeding towards me.

”Argh!!! I jumped back in fright landed on my butt. The car perfectly swerved right and parked.

The door opened and I saw James and Maya laughing loudly.

”Such a scared baby ”Maya mocked.

”Thats what you get for leaving me behind ” James said sticking out his tongue.

I glared at the both of them before entering my company and my bodyguards followed me. Those two fools are gonna give me an heart attack one day.

Madam Lydias store.

Lovelyns Pov

”Thanks for coming ” I said as the customer left. Then a guy came in.

”Good morning ” I greeted. But he was just staring at my face irritatingly.

”I need some groceries ” he said and dropped the money on the counter not wanting to touch me. I packed the groceries and he immediately went out like he chased.

Well I know hes irritated by my face. I do get that a lot but am used to it.

”Mom! I called but I got no reply. I went inside the store and I saw her lying on the floor. Mom!!!!. I immediately called the ambulance.

”Hello! Please there is an emergency; please hurry up!!! I was already shaking.

”Mom please don leave us ” I cried. The ambulance came and mum was laid on a stretcher. I also entered inside the ambulance and we drove off.

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