Monds Corporation

Michaels Pov

I was already dozing off when my office door opened. Maya came inside giggling. Oh God! I did not sleep last night because of her and now shes here to disturb me again.

”Michael, you are dozing already. You should probably rest, because you look tired ” she said.

I scoffed. She ruined my sleep and now shes telling me to rest.

”Why don you have a secretary? ” She asked.

”I don need one besides James is here to do the work ”.

”But still, you need a secretary to get your schedule; don worry, I know what to do ” Maya said.

”Don do anything foo…. ” I could not complete my statement before she zoomed out of my office. Save me lord.

Mayas Pov

Michael is really stubborn. I traveled all the way from Australia down to New York to visit him. You all might be wondering why I trouble him so much. I love to frustrate him but that doesn mean I don love him. I love him so much. After moms death, he was so affected than I was. He was the closest mum. James and I were the only ones he would always talk to. He doesn like talking to Dad. He blames dad for moms death. I got to James office and I knocked on the door.

”Come in ” he replied.

I entered inside his office and I saw him typing on his laptop.

”Amaya! What brings you here? ” He asked.

”Michael doesn have a secretary and its affecting him ”

”Yes he doesn have a secretary cause he said he does not need one ” James replied.

”I am going to hire a secretary for him. James put out a post for secretary. Candidates should come for the interview tomorrow ” I said and smirked.

Lovelyns Pov

We rushed inside the hospital and mom was taken to the emergency ward.

Mom!!!! I cried.

You are not allowed to go inside; a nurse said and I sat outside the emergency ward. Lord please save my mom; I prayed silently while sobbing.

Cynthia, my best friend rushed into the hospital.

”Lovelyn!! She called worriedly and hugged me.

”I came as fast as I could when I when I got your call ”.

”Cynthia, is mom gonna die? ” I asked.

”No! Not at all; shes gonna be alright ” Cynthia said.

Thirty minutes later

The emergency ward opened and I quickly stood up.

”Are you her daughter? ” The doctor asked.

”Yes I am ” I replied.

”Follow me ” the doctor said. We entered inside the doctors office and I sat down.

”We attended to her already and she is out of danger ” the doctor said and I breathed in relief.

”But her heart is failing and she needs to undergo surgery. The surgery will cost 500,000 dollars ” the doctor concluded. I felt my head spinning at what the doctor said.

”50,000 dol….lars ” I stuttered. ”Yes and we need to perform the surgery as fast as possible; so you need to pay the money so as to commence the surgery, excuse me ” the doctor said.

I sat on the floor and I cried my eyes out.

”Mom why!!!!! Shes been suffering silently and I could not do anything. I finally regained myself left the doctors office.

”What did the doctor say? ” Cynthia asked.

”The doctor said shes gonna undergo a surgery and it will cost 500,000 dollars ” I said and Cynthia gasped.

”500,000 dollars! Thats too much ” Cynthia said.

Then I went to mums ward. She smiled lightly when I came in.

”Mom, why didn you tell us about the heart problem? ” I asked.

”Lovelyn, I don want to bother you and your brother about my problem and besides I am fine ” mum replied.

”But we are your children and your problem is also our problem so you should have told us. I will go home and cook for you ”. I said and hugged her.

Cynthia left already because she has to resume her work. Shes a writer and shes doing her internship at a publishing company. I left the hospital and boarded a cab. I brought out my phone and I was surfing the web. Then I saw a job post. I wanted to scroll up and ignore it but the companys name caught my attention. ”Secretary needed @ MONDS CORPORATION. Candidates are to come for the interview tomorrow morning ”. I read and my joy knew no bounds. Yes!! I will be able to pay for moms surgery; I said happily.

Few minutes later

The cab arrived at our house. I paid the cab driver and went inside. Its almost afternoon. I entered inside the kitchen and prepared porridge for mom. Then I packed it inside a lunch box. I hurried back to the hospital and entered mums ward.

”Mom!! I greeted excitedly.

”My sweet angel is happy, may I know why; mum replied.

”Guess what mum….. I found a job at my dream company and I will go for the interview tomorrow morning!!!

”Thats great news! I hope you will be employed ” mum replied.

I fed mum till she was full. ”Time to head back home ” I said. I have to prepare for tomorrows interview.

”Okay sweetheart, I wish you the best ” mum said. ”Bye mum! I said and left the hospital. Time to prepare for the interview. Monds Corporation, here I come.

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