ack long sleeved top. She put it on and luckily it fit beautifully

At least something Bryce got her finally helped. She was sure the October heat would kill her in that top but it was worth it. She walked back to her bed and picked up the trouser. She managed to get it to her knees but it didn go further than that. She took it off in frastration and picked a skirt instead. The skirt was tight and it restricted her movements to some extent. She took a pair of black heels and went to look at herself in the mirror. Her reflection looked back at her, expressing the sadness and loneliness she felt. She didn like the feeling so she started encouraging herself.

You don need a man to support you. You
e beautiful and you don need someone to say it to you to know. You
e a sexy lady and you don need mum to agree with you. You
e….all you need.

Ann smiled and placed her hands under her breasts and lifted them for the fleshy part of it to show slightly through her top. She left them drop and then turned to look at her back side. Her buttocks felt heavy when she held them and she smiled again and then frowned.

What if they think Im a prostitute? she thought.

She cried inwardly and started regretting not buying clothes for the interview after her weight gain; when she had money. She put on a thin layer of make-up and packed her make-up kit just in case she needed it earlier. Her phone was still in the bathroom but she thought she had packed it so she left without it.

Ann walked out of her apartment stealthily to avoid her landlord who she owed rentals for two months. Before, Bryce used to pay the rent for her but now that they were no longer together, he stopped helping her out.

The least he could do is help his childhood friend. she said to herself as she tiptoed down the flight of stairs.

Once she was out of the rundown building, she started walking faster because she was going to be late for the interview if she continued walking like a snail. She turned to an alley and a mad man sitting there whistled at her. She turned to the shabby man and waved while smiling.

”Morning Andy. How you doing? ” she greeted the man.

Andy smiled shyly and blew her a kiss as good luck because he knew where she was headed all dolled up.

”Good luck, honey. I need to start getting paid as well, you know. ” he said smiling at her.

There were times she doubted Andy was crazy. He spoke too coherently to be mad and when he spoke she could feel love and care engulf her. She was grateful for the man because he really seemed to care about her.

”Thanks Andy. Just pray for me and for the people who will be interviewing me. ” she said handing Andy some chocolate.

He smiled at her and drew a cross infront of her like a priest would do.

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